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August 2020: Making Moves

How do you make a move on a girl? Don’t do anything you see in KanoKari. Or do all of it, I guess. Check out my new Red Pill Analysis episodic reviews, in which I examine which romantic/sexual developments in […]

Nine Years, Sixteen Reviews

I Can’t Understand What My Husband Is Saying: 00:14 Zankyou no Terror: 1:06 Unlimited Blade Works (S1): 2:13 Terra Formars: 3:05 Sword Art Online II: 3:38 Psycho-Pass 2: 4:02 Akame ga Kill: 4:21 Aldnoah.Zero (Season 1): 4:44 No Game No […]

How to Navigate Comiket

Step 1: Coincidentally walk through Akihabara two weeks before Comiket Not only will this remind you that Comiket exists, it’ll give you an opportunity to buy the Comiket catalog, which is essential if your goal isn’t to wander around cluelessly. […]

Competent Mastery in Fate/Zero

**Spoilers for Fate/Zero and Fate/Stay Night** Masters in Fate/Stay Night Name Gender Competent? Emiya Shirou Male Matou Shinji Male Souichirou Kuzuki Male Kotomine Kirei Male Tohsaka Rin Female Ilyasviel von Einsbern Female Caster Female Masters in Fate/Zero Name Gender Competent? […]

Japanese School Swimsuits are Hideous

No wonder Galatea slashed her eyes and got to a nunnery Me in 2001: Why are they having nosebleeds? Me in 2006: Why are they bleeding out of anything but their eyes after seeing that ugly swimsuit? Me in 2011: […]

Fate/stay night Death List

Fate: 1. Quit the Holy Grail War Given my extensive Choose You Own Adventure experience, I didn’t expect to ever die, so I impulsively picked the game’s most obvious wrong answer just to experience one of those BAD ENDs I’ve […]

What ever happened to standards?

When I first watched Full Metal Alchemist, Roy Mustang’s “sexiness” cracked me up. If you haven’t seen the show, here’s the gag: all the ladies would fall head over heels for him even though he looks generic enough to be […]

The Perfect Way to End a Series

Step 1: Get Somebody Pregnant Pregnancy = Closure. There’s no question that pregnancy can’t answer: Did X and Y ever get together? Did X and Y ever patch up their stormy relationship? Did Y die without an heir? Who’s the […]