Japanese School Swimsuits are Hideous

No wonder Galatea slashed her eyes and got to a nunnery

Me in 2001: Why are they having nosebleeds?

Me in 2006: Why are they bleeding out of anything but their eyes after seeing that ugly swimsuit?

Me in 2011: It’s funny because otaku have stupid fetishes.

It’d be easy enough to bash the fetishization of Japanese school swimsuits as pedophilic, but there’s no need to go there. Sukumizu are just plain ugly for women of all ages.

Do Not Want

The standard one-piece swimsuit is the baseline for judging all female swimwear. It’s simple, functional, commonplace, and looks good on women who look good. Any swimsuit worth fetishizing needs,¬†at the very least, to have more appeal than the one-piece.

The Japanese school swimsuit = the standard one-piece swimsuit + an ugly ass crotch curtain

What’s the point of this? To make you swim slower? To shield Japanese sensibilities from the immodesty of the outer hip? To ward off tentacles? (If so, it’s doing a terrible job.)

You might have an excuse for fetishizing Japanese school swimsuits if you attended a Japanese school and regularly saw these abominations in action. The swimsuits would fall under the rule that any uniform from your everyday life can be fetishized no matter how ugly it is.

You did not attend a Japanese school. Get bent.

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