Political Commentary under the Guise of Anime Blogging: Part I

John McCain: Sellout

I wish I could sell out as pitifully as John McCain. In the 2000 Republican primary, George W. Bush raped McCain ten times per second with every dirty trick in the book. Now McCain slurps Bush’s miniscule neocon dick whenever the evangelical base questions his “conservatism.”

Sarah Palin: Bitch

First she lied about supporting the Bridge to Nowhere. Then she lied about being a Steelers fan. Talk about lipstick on a pig…

Barack Obama: Inexperienced

Blassreiter captured Barack Obama’s essence perfectly: he’s the kind of liberal pussy who would engage in diplomatic negotiations with foreign leaders before invading a sovereign nation. Grow some balls. We don’t need Germany’s permission to invade Germany.

Joe Biden: Invisible

I applaud Obama for throwing that arrogant pig-slut Hillary Clinton out on the street, but Joe Biden for VP? Good luck getting anyone to care.

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  1. I remember my first vote… only this past Saturday, for local council elections. Not as big as the American Presidential Elections, but at least Clover Moore, mayor of Sydney, got reelected. She was the one who continued funding for the Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, reorganised the bus routes to stop taking an annoying turnoff which made my bus arrive at an inconvenient location, and made Sydney a happening place to be.

    As for the American candidates, I don’t know enough about it apart from slight support I had for Obama even though I couldn’t legally vote in American elections.

  2. Haha that was great. Not enough people bring up the fact that McCain is using that tactics that he himself was on the other end of when he was running against bush in 2000. Truly is a shame. I used to really like McCain not so much anymore.

  3. Joe Biden is a crazy man, he’s probably been told to stay out of the spotlight as much as possible lest he come on Fox News to demonstrate 10 rapes per second on Ann Coulter while eating Shaun Hannity’s parents just when the Dems are up in the polls. Nobody wants that.

    Speaking of which, did anyone watch the conventions and think “Go! To! DNC! Go! To! DNC!” I sincerely hope it was just me.

  4. @LJ: Jonathan “The Impaler” Sharkey? Hell yeah!

    @biankita: You’ll find out in Part II. And my parallels are indeed great if I do say so myself.

    @Asperger’s: Obama is the consensus amongst the rest of the world. It’s amazing how that can be turned into a political liability. In any case, you’re a good man for taking part in local elections. US voter turnout barely hits 50% for national elections. Nobody cares about local elections, and in many ways, that’s where your vote counts the most.

    @digitalboy: I’m not gay! I’ll just vote for him in 2020…

    @TheBigN: I’m not surprised. As a Washington insider, you’re out of touch with the common American.

    @Patz: Personality-wise, I still find McCain much more bearable than Romney, Giuliani, and the rest of the Republican field (except Ron Paul of course). He would’ve been a good president in 2000 (for a mainstream candidate). But the way he’s had to embrace Bush-style rhetoric and policy this time around…I guess it just proves that pandering and mudslinging do better in the polls than honesty and principle.

    @otou-san: I was thinking the exact same thing.

  5. @FFVIIKnight: Politics may actually be less dirty these days with a constant media focus on anything a candidate says (except Joe Biden). Old-timers just like to glorify the past. And it could be worse. I guarantee a Hillary vs. Romney election would have 10x the mudslinging that’s going on right now.

    @digitalboy: But my vote doesn’t matter!

    @Bors: It’s been done by the man himself:

    @Hoshi: Even if you dislike politics, you need to suck it up and stand up to the government’s 20,000 national debt rapes per second!

  6. Good thing I’m still an underage, still not getting the confusion and responsibility to vote… I just hate politics… Oh wait, I don’t like being underage either XD!

  7. I too, live in Maryland. Why did our state give up land for politicians?

    I wonder if American politicians will try winning us with GAR instead of mudslinging and tactful speeches…

  8. @wtfbbq: Fine, Hillary Clinton is now an arrogant hog-whore.

    @kanzeon: Enjoy it while you can. Treat yourself to something that doesn’t cost full price until you turn 18.

    @TheBigN: Overwhelming advantage? Germany was being overrun by superhuman demoniacs! But instead of doing anything, Obama had tea & crumpets with his multinational delegation. What would be do if demoniacs attacked in real life? Give them free health care? And don’t think you can debunk your Washington insider label just by claiming you don’t live in DC. If you want to prove you’re an common American, you need to shake some hands, kiss some babies, grow some prize tomatoes for the state fair, and stage a photo-op with some steel workers.

    @FFVIIKnight: Because all those useless southern states bitched about the capitol being in New York. And you don’t get more GAR than The Governator:

  9. I would totally write you in for president, except my absentee ballot will probably get ‘lost in the mail’ again… stupid govt. run postal service…

  10. Not voting Obama is taking the pussy way out. Voting for someone who isn’t going to win just to voice yourself is bullshit, someone needs your vote even if it’s to prevent someone else from being president because no matter how you look at it the country is shit and someone needs to fix it and Mccain won’t – even if obama fails, at least he’ll do SOMETHING. Pessimistic indecisive fucks are no help. DONT BE A SHINJI.

  11. If Baka-Raptor were a president ? what the hell of a country could america be turned of to ?
    I wonder why the united states never changed his bilateral party view and oppened for more interesting parties such as the regressive party instead ?

  12. Roflmao! “We don’t need Germany’s permission to invade Germany!” Ah, Baka-Raptor, you’re such an original! XD

    As far as politics go, no matter what happens the country is doomed. I agree with you about republicans and democrats and find the whole process of election immature and self-satisfying. It’s basically and overblown popularity contest, so I have no real opinion on it.

    I am however glad that Hilary didn’t make. Man, when that time the month rolled around, if someone said one wrong thing to her she’d push the big read button and the world would explode! >.<

    (I’d push the big read button just because it’s a big read button that you’re not supposed to push…one of 200 reasons I’m not allowed in the White House) ^.^

  13. @Praz: I’d totally mail you a cake, except it’ll probably get ‘lost in the mail’ again… stupid govt. run postal service…

    @digitalboy: What if I don’t want the government to do SOMETHING? What if I just want the government to stop screwing around and back the fuck off? Then who should I vote for?

    @Laguna: The Democrat and Republican parties team up to keep third parties out of the spotlight. First, they enact terrible ballot access laws. Dems and Repubs automatically get put on ballots but third parties either need to collect thousands of signatures or pay a huge fee. Dems and Repubs arrange nationally televised debates that exclude third party candidates. They even get taxpayer money to fund their campaigns, conventions, and debates! But the worst problem is the media. Owners of major media outlets typically have a political bias. They don’t want to publicize third party candidates because they feel that third parties might “steal” votes from their preferred candidates. For example, a Republican-favoring media outlet will bash Democrats but won’t even mention third parties because that would give at least them recognition. For third parties, even bad attention is better than no attention. I could go on and on…

    @amayalee: “Popularity contest” is exactly right. My hatred of Hillary goes back to 2000 when she carpetbagged up to New York for the sole purpose of running for Senate. And people actually voted for her. How can you vote for a New York Senator who never lived in New York?

  14. @Baka-Raptor : Isnt the media negleting the sense of democracy ? where all know and unknow parties would have to coexist and debate about diferent ideas ? What made capitalism strong was the fierce competitors and the open market to small and big industries coexist and fight themselfs, this give us consumers more technology, cheeper and efficient products…(best for us)If policts were done in the same bases we voters and citizens would gain much from their fighting in the congress, as the best ideas would made their way to please us. BUT THIS DOESN’T HAPPEN ! All that we gainned from government was through protests ! The womens rights and the black people rights in the us and in most part of the world was gained through revolts against the country, but if it were more seriously and devoted polictics they would already have done that for us without the need for us to rise against them…i guess that what media and the bigs parties does about third parties is just about that…they want to remain in power and not let new and sofisticated ideas comes into them….this is a classic example of conservadorism…

  15. Is it wrong for me to find pigs with lipsticks attractive? I was rooting for Obama before, but now that you’ve compared the old white guy to Krauser…

  16. @RunningKid: I’m surprised nobody else covered it. Other bloggers were all over John Omaha.

    @digitalboy: You’ve been watching a little too much World Destruction.

    @Laguna: Since when was the media about democracy? It’s about money. If you follow the money, you’ll see why the two major parties stay in power. Everyone has a pet issue, whether it’s health care, gun rights, labor reforms, etc…. These people pool their money together and form organizations like the NRA, AFL-CIO, etc…. Then these organizations have to sponsor a candidate. They can’t afford to waste their money on a candidate who won’t get elected, so they end up picking the mainstream candidate who’s least opposed to their views. The two main parties end up getting all the money. That’s the “free market” of politics.

    @The Sojourner: Those geishas kind of look like Krauser.

    @Shin: It’s wrong for most people, but not for you.

  17. @ Baka-Raptor: you’re half right, you have to follow the money, but it goes higher than you think and there’s also the matter of POWER. No voting is gonna change the situation, no president is gonna speak the truth (well one did that and got shot by a “magic bullet”), you are being robbed of your constitutional rights and it’s only gonna stop by extreme measures (think 1775).

  18. biden is all about censorship on the internet…dude has not got my vote

    obama is inexperienced and one of the greatest propaganda artists since hitler, but no one seems to care since its a message not of hate, but of hope…might/might not get my vote

    mccain is a thousand year old warhawk that sucked a thousand years of dicks most likely wont get my vote

    palin is well…shes a conniving cunt that only deserves to sit on my dick and make me sammiches

    this election has no winner…

  19. Both parties are corrupt true conservatism is dead in this country. I disagree Palin was more conservative than McCain. This world is turnining into a fusion of Ghost in the Shell and Gundam 00 to find analogues to our direct future. The underlaying disinfrancisment of people who believe in limited government,lower taxes across the board,social freedom, against both secular and religious statists makes me wonder if an organization like celestial being is truly needed against terrorists corrupt democracies,big business, and tyrants of a religious or secular nature. The dissatisfaction is going to blow things over if the elitists aren’t careful.

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