Political Commentary under the Guise of Anime Blogging: Part I

John McCain: Sellout

I wish I could sell out as pitifully as John McCain. In the 2000 Republican primary, George W. Bush raped McCain ten times per second with every dirty trick in the book. Now McCain slurps Bush’s miniscule neocon dick whenever the evangelical base questions his “conservatism.”

Sarah Palin: Bitch

First she lied about supporting the Bridge to Nowhere. Then she lied about being a Steelers fan. Talk about lipstick on a pig…

Barack Obama: Inexperienced

Blassreiter captured Barack Obama’s essence perfectly: he’s the kind of liberal pussy who would engage in diplomatic negotiations with foreign leaders before invading a sovereign nation. Grow some balls. We don’t need Germany’s permission to invade Germany.

Joe Biden: Invisible

I applaud Obama for throwing that arrogant pig-slut Hillary Clinton out on the street, but Joe Biden for VP? Good luck getting anyone to care.

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