Shadow of the Colossus: Death List & Unbiased Review

Deaths #1-3: The First Colossus

These were legitimate “experimental deaths” because I had no clue what could kill me, nor did I have any clue what I was doing.

Death #4: The Waterfall

On the way to the fifth colossus, I swam down a waterfall, marking the first time in the history of the universe that a fictional character was killed by a waterfall.

Deaths #5-6: The Eighth Colossus

This bitch colossus was too scared to fight me head-on, so it tried poisoning me with its pussy mist. It worked. The mist drains your life bar without visibly affecting your character, so you don’t realize you’re being killed until you’re already dead.

Death #7: The Eleventh Colossus

“I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!”

Death #8: The Fifteenth Colossus

I approached the edge of a cliff. An invisible guard rail kept me from falling off.

I tried to jump off the cliff. Didn’t work.

I tried to roll off the cliff. Didn’t work.

A colossus stomped on the ground. I ingloriously plummeted to my death.

Deaths #9-19: The Bridge of Sighs

This goddamn bridge was by far the deadliest boss in the game. I’m sure it killed me more than 11 times, but for Death List purposes, anything that kills me more than 10 times gets recorded as 11 deaths.

Death #20: The Sixteenth Colossus

It looked cooler in the game

Yet another gravity-related death: its rapid-fire energy blast knocked me off a cliff.

Three things that sucked:

1. The Hints for the Twelfth Colossus

Although some of the battle strategies took me up to two hours to figure out, I was proud of myself for not having to resort to a strategy guide to defeat any of the first eleven colossi. Granted, I relied on the game’s built-in hints quite often, but those hints were the good kind: helpful without completely giving away the strategy. All was well until I fought the twelfth colossus.  I climbed onto its back only to get the following message:

What the hell is that supposed to mean? “Do something else?” Thanks a lot, mysterious spirits. The second hint was even worse:

Cross to higher ground

Higher ground than the colossus I’m standing on? There isn’t any, except for the cliffs and bridge in the background. So I spent about two hours running around the map trying to “cross to higher ground.” Finally I gave up and looked at a strategy guide.

Apparently I was supposed to get on top of those little stone gazebos (which by my calculations was lower ground). I thought about doing that before receiving the hint, but I had no idea how to get on top. My only option was to jump from the colossus, which was nowhere near the gazebos. The strategy guide told me that I could steer the colossus toward a gazebo my smacking the crap on its head. How the hell was I supposed to figure that out?

After this battle, I got lazy and resorted to strategy guides twice more.

  • The Fifteenth Colossus (to locate its special area)
  • The Sixteenth Colossus (to find out what to do once I got on its second hand)

2. Holes

Fourteen of my Twenty deaths were hole-related. I’m sick of holes. They’ve been my worse enemies since I started playing video games (Super Mario Brothers). If I never see another hole, I will die a happy man.

3. Agro (Battles 1-8)

The stupid horse couldn’t do anything right.

Three things that rocked:

1. The Colossi

Badass. Every single one of them. Even the worthless ones (I’m looking at you, Colossus #4).

2. Changing the Title

The game’s original title was Wanda and the Colossus.

3. Agro (Battles 9-16)

I love Agro. He saved my ass so many times.

As usual, I shall take recommendations for my next PS2 game. I want to do an RPG this time around. Based on previous recommendations and my subsequent research, I’m leaning towards Odin Sphere.

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  1. I haven’t played enough Odin Sphere. I need to do that some time. I’d suggest Persona 3, but I think it’s too similar to the wrong kind of anime for you.

    Shadow of the Colossus is a bitchin game, one of my all-time favorites. My favorite battle was easily the flying dragon thing. I’ve never seen anything more epic than that. I was freaking out the whole time like ‘I can’t believe this is happening!!!” I can’t wait for the ps3 spiritual sequel!

    Also I had to call you on this

    >>so you don’t realize you’re being killed until you’re already dead.
    >>you’re already dead.

  2. Odin Sphere is a very good game but it’s frustratingly difficult with some characters. Also there’s a lot of framerate issues in the Japanese and US releases (which were fixed for the European release so it’s possibly one of the only times that PAL gamers got a superior version of a Japanese game)

  3. The dragon colossus (number 5, I think) is simply one of my all time favorite gaming moments. Like digitalboy says, I was beyond overjoyed, exclaiming my amazement aloud as I was experiencing it. At that moment, so many games died in my eyes. They all failed so hard where Shadow of the Colossus succeeded so wildly.

    I have to warn you about Odin Sphere though. Artistically brilliant, with solid story and characters, a few gameplay dynamics completely ruined the game for me. An attack bar limits how many attacks you can chain off, making you have to run around in circles waiting for it to recharge as enemies chase you down. The way items and inventory are set up, you will most likely spend more time managing that than actually playing the game — I’m not even joking.

    I wanted to love Odin Sphere so very badly. I dropped the game and picked it up later multiple times. No matter how serious I got about finishing the game, I never even finished the first character’s story. Maybe you’ll be able to get past all of that, but I couldn’t.

    I’m not sure what games you’ve played and which you haven’t… there isn’t a MyAnimeList for games, is there? I recommend Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter. Certainly a unique RPG, I found all of its minor quirks refreshing. I will note, your mileage may vary. A lot of people had issues with it, but I found it to be one of the most refreshing, original, and fun RPGs I’ve ever played. Does it have to be PS2? Vagrant Story for the PS1 is a strong contender for my favorite video game all time, any genre. And finally, Persona 3 is extraordinarily likable despite weak execution in a number of places. The overall feel of the game overrides its issues, which is probably the way most people feel about Odin Sphere. Mileage may vary, yadda yadda yadda.

  4. @Digitalboy: You *are* already dead. It has to be four words, or the statement itself won’t be “death”, and it will lack that extra level of finality.

    Honestly didn’t know anyone’s actually died at that bridge. Is your analogue stick incapable of tilting fully?
    Something my sister noticed on the Wall Shadow: Crouching activates the wanderer’s mutant regenerative factor, evidently. Marvelous and intuitive game design at work.
    Almost as marvelous as the design for the fearsome hole-peeking llama-thing Colossus. But they got a free pass for that one, because Gaius, immediately before it, was right badass.

  5. Woah no mention of the OST, where you playing the game with earplugs to not notice how unbelievably good the music is :P?
    I mean each Colossi’s battles has those Epic orchestras that accentuate the gigantic nature of this game. I really can’t get enough of the Opened Way (The one that plays when you face the first Colossi).

    Except for not mentioning the OST, good job the review! Greatest game on the PS2 next to God of War I & II.

  6. Tales of the Abyss.
    Storyline is solid (if somehow wussy), characters are ok (Luke gets an interesting evolution, and Jade is the first FABULOUS character the heterosexual man I am has enjoyed), the world you’re thrown at is amazing (I dunno, I just had so much fun discovering this world’s strange laws of fonic physics), but the best thing about this game is his addicting gameplay. In fact, this game is meant to be played in Hard Mode. It’s almost erotic how some battles are fucking astonishing : yes, I’m looking at you, Sword Dancer.

  7. I hear a lot about Persona 3, but I think Persona 4 is a much better game – it got right all the things that 3 messed up, specifically the fact that in 3 you were unable to control your own party and had to rely on the AI settings. Being able to have your allies cast heal when you actually need them to, and stop using worthless debuffs, is enough to make 3 barely worth playing anymore.

    I also like the story much better in 4; it leaves most of the angsty BS out of it, and the main character is a much less manipulative person. In 3, you need to tell people exactly what they want to hear in order to progress in the perfect way, but in 4 you can speak as you like and find a way to succeed. Most of the side characters are likable and interesting in 4, and it’s an all-around better experience.

  8. 🙂 I’m glad you liked the game.
    For me, it was just the mood that really made the biggest impression:
    The atmosphere of loneliness, the powerlessness you feel as you ride across great fields and only to be faced with an almost unfathomable beast of gargantuan size, and then after you struggle so hard to overcome the frightful beast, you get raped by shadow tentacles.

    Odin Sphere is fun, if not repetitive. The micromanagement of items become tedious if you are a meticulous game player, but if you go through it with skill and balls and only some thoughts of upgrading your health and charges, you’ll be fine. The biggest impression left by the game is from the art style. And all the hentai doujins I found of the females.

    I’ve already listed out a library of games a PS2 owner should have in his library in your review of FFXII. But by far, Persona 3 and 4 should be at the top of your list.

    And oh btw, the same dev team made ICO, so you may want to check it out.

  9. Again… i know it is not a ps2 game , but i recommend playing final fantasy vii , i know you’ve already played it , but … it is really worth a replay 😀

    And remember … final fantasy vii is even more famous than naruto … putting a baddas review of it could possibilly bring more fans to your site !!!

    Or just post a review of chrono trigger anyway !

    Chrono Trigger Kiss Ass !

  10. Sixteenth colossus kicked my ass multiple times, but I never died (on it), just sat down like a pussy with amazing kneeling health regenaration powers.

    Game needs a successor from the same company, so fucking awesome.

    I’m still “playing” Odin’s Sphere, but some advice: try to level up your chracters once your done with each storyline or the final one will kick your ass. I tried it not doing that and got my ass kicked. Then I got a 360.

  11. @Micheal – You know, I could never beat the first fucking dungeon in Breath of Fire 5 =_= ended up selling it

    @jiff – I haven’t played P4 yet out of embarassment of not beating 3 yet, but if what you say it true, sounds very worthy. a note to BR, they are all singular stories not really connected.

  12. I have a copy of this game which is ignored by me. No, havent played it yet. Dont find it interesting. I tried playing it, NO, this is not a good game for me. I cant get out in just the first stage. Damn that desert thingey, so wide, I cant get out. And the horse is so annoying, I want to kill it.

  13. If I didn’t have fingers that work more like toes, I’d so love to play this game. Err, btw, is there an option to change your character’s clothes? From those images it looks like the designers knew nothing could look more badass than the colossi they didn’t even try…

  14. issa-sa – the game is heavily steeped in lore, religion, and customs of the characters, so the clothes being that way are an absolute must.

    kairu – could you fail harder?

  15. Colossus #8: You’re already dead!
    Baka-Raptor: Ah, fuck.

    And yeah, banzai for agro bosses. Defeating unsuspecting monsters isn’t true victory. Just ask the poring I just killed a while ago. He never asked me to kill him!

  16. @issa => the only excuse to change any characters clothes in anygame is if it makes the character STRONGER, adding more skills, strength , stamina … etc … motivations to “design” and “fashion” are not aceptable… if you want these , with no offense , go find a barbie game instead 😉

    @kairu => persona sucks ! up to this day i never got to finish any persona “series” games , because they start strong (until you really know it) … but i give up after they “force” you to spend 90% of game time fighting monsters in dungeons… c’mon even super mario in a dungeon is more fun to play!

    @digital => earlier breath of fire games kicked ass ! But up to this date…there is not a single rpg that has not pissed me off with “infinite”/”countless” battles and almost no story connecting them… Persona and Breath of Fire series are a prof how rpg’s can be boooooooooooooring.

    Note to everyone => go grab a copy of Chrono Trigger if you already haven’t ! 😉

    Why i love Chrono Trigger Best :

    * It’s the best paced RPG ever, i only fight with monsters i want, because i can see them, and actually can evade them !
    * It’s a story centric game, it means that , there is more story than monster battles 😉 … or even if you’re in a dungeon..there’s a good reason to you be there , and characters keep interacting with each other , and the environment.
    * It has dinosaurs , it even has a shrine/castle dedicated to all their glory and might… kick ass!
    * You can time travel … and this is even more kick ass than dinosaurs … if only i could kick that stupid robo out of my party and bring some dinosaurs through the time tunnel to other eras… 🙁
    * Eras in the game interact with each other… so if you make that stupid robo revive an entire forest that has been riped out (at least some good use of that robo) and come back 400 years later … you will have an entire forest flourished !
    * There’re several endings…
    * After you beat the game, you can play it again, but keep your items and experience level… that means you can trully enjoy the game again (Best Replay Level Ever), because enemy fights are just breeze, and you don’t have to stick to fighting… only enjoy the story 😉
    * There’re combo techs ! Combo techs kick ass ! if a character has ice magic and the other has fire magic… why note combine these two atacks to do a fire/ice based magic ? and if two characters combo are not enough ? why not combine a bolt atack that other character has and make a devastating fire/ice/bolt based magic ? The possibilites are endless… (actually there’re, but Chrono Trigger Battle System Still Kick Ass !)
    * There’re lot’s of side quests, that are optionally to the game…
    * There’s the Zeal Kingdom and The Black Omem… Magic Based Advanced Technology kick ass !
    * And even if you’re not sattisfied ? you can chalenge the final boss any time you want in the game (of course you’ll get beaten if your level and skills are useless …)

    Still not convinced you all ??? Read from Baka-Raptor himself :

    Let us all start a new campaign to take baka raptor out of his bed and instead of him posting another “An unbiased review of…” another crappy game, make him post “A baddas review of the best game ever…” and that would be, without doubt… Chrono Trigger.

  17. And before anyone says … ironically , squaresoft lauched a few years latter Chrono Trigger sequel: “Chorno Cross” and up to this date it is one of the worst games ever made in my oppinion. It has no connection to the first game at all (despite that they’re “supposed” to be in the same world and just a few years latter in the Chrono Trigger “Present” Era , and the first word “Chrono” is equal) … Chrono Cross is a total failure… i putted so much feeling hoping that it would be much more BADDASS than his predecessor… but even the 3D graphics and CG scenes couldn’t make it even close to Chrono Trigger… One of the biggest things that sucked was the fact that you could have more than 30 characters to choose from (would be awesome wouldn’t it ?) but they messed it up, “forcing” you to just choose two to put in your party, (as the main character could not be taken off until late in the plot) … and in fact … you would just end the game with the same characters that you got from the beggining … Final Fantasy Tactics managed to this, by letting you put more characters in your battle party.

  18. @digitalboy, Michael, Shirachi, NegativeZero, jiff & korosora: Here’s why I’m reluctant to play Persona: its from the same series as Nocturne, which I dropped. The story was cool, but there was too much bitch work. The dungeons were too long, party organization was a pain the ass, and winning critical battles turned on how well you could exploit the battle system. If the Personas are like that, I’d rather try something new. If Odin Sphere really does involve a lot of bitch work, I’ll probably be happier with another game. Your thoughts?

    @digitalboy: My favorite battle was tenth colossus (the sandworm thing). Riding on Agro while shooting backwards into its eyes was my “holy shit this game rules” moment.

    @Windspirit, Inuhanyou, NegativeZero: Will consider those titles

    @LJ: At first I died on the bridge because I wasn’t riding Agro. After that I died because of the camera angle. Once you get on the bridge with Agro, the camera switches to a side angle. At that point I instinctively treated the game like a side-scroller (hitting right to go forward instead of up to go forward). It slowed me down enough for the crumbling bridge to catch up to me.

    @Drenoss: OST? I was too busy running for my life to notice it. Also, I’m pretty much set on playing God of War after my next RPG.

    @Omisyth: Most the colossi were like that: they didn’t kill me, yet they had me running for my life and hiding like a pussy. It’s great game design: you don’t die much but death is always on your mind.

    @Kairu: The horse is useless for the first eight battles. After that, you’ll love him.

    @issa-sa: see Laguna’s response (comment 20)

    @Rakuen: I have no clue what a poring is. And I guess never will. It’s already dead.

    @Laguna-20: I’ll do it someday, but my highest priority classic game review is Crystalis, simply because nobody knows about it. For now, just watch this over and over again:

    @Laguna-21: Chrono Cross wasn’t a total failure; it had an awesome soundtrack (so did Chrono Trigger).

  19. @ Baka-Raptor

    Persona 3 is far superior to Nocturne, in my humble opinion. Nocturne was too utterly random in just about everything. Dungeon corridors randomly reset me back to where I started. Skill progression randomness literally had me losing the “heal” skill every time, until I no longer had heal at all. There were good concepts in Nocturne, but I hated that game’s execution. Needless to say, I didn’t get all that far.

    Persona 3 lets you choose how you want to play. Bored of the dungeon? Screw around with your friends after school instead. Annoyed with them? Go play in the dungeon. How far you push either of them is pretty much up to you. Personally, I blazed through each dungeon segment (avoiding enemies and practically “running” through them) over the course of one to three “game days” and spent the rest of the month on social links. If you don’t care to do either, you can quite literally sleep the game away in game. You might be kind of weak going into the monthly boss fights, but what real man doesn’t stare down a challenge like that! Just keep a few saves a few days or so apart just in case…

    @ Laguna Loire

    Earlier Breath of Fire games are completely different beasts from V: Dragon Quarter. They might as well be different series altogether. V is more like a tactical S-RPG, but with battles and segments laid out like a dungeon crawl (think Diablo). Then there’s that dragon meter: use your dragon form and the number goes down (or up, I can’t remember). When it hits its end, game over, and you have to restart the whole game (but you get to keep certain items and experience). It sounds brutal, but that along with the lack of any heal magic and few and far between healing items make for one hell of a tense atmosphere. It felt a little like another Capcom game: Resident Evil. Damn, I love Dragon Quarter.

  20. I’ve played Chrono Trigger on an emulator, though I only got maybe 10 or so hours into it (this seems to be a trend for me) it was fun, but it was also nothing all that special. There’s a reason I don’t play many video games anymore – the story. Most video game plots are just cliche anime plots made longer. I like games that can provide me with something beyond the story. For instance, I love Persona for the style and setting – I love Shadow Hearts Covenant for the odd cahracters and battle system (BR if you haven’t played Shadow Hearts Covenant, there’s your next game. It’s got no bitch work and is a ton of fun, though the dungeons are very linear and kind of lame, but not hard or long.) Considering that I don’t even like plot-based anime, it’s no surprise I’d ignore a plot-based story you have to work for >_>

    Micheal I would have loved to play Dragon quarter if i knew how. The game gives you like no toturial or introdcution to waht’s going on and no story at the beginning to get you interested. It’s like ‘here, play’ and I’m like ‘um, how?’

  21. @ Baka-Raptor : And can you play a game for the soundtrack alone ? Someone there mentioned God of War, it is far much supperior than these “bitch work” rpgs those guys suggested… and it is really an awesome game, a decent action-plataform-kick-everyone-ass game… and plus it features greek mythology… greek mythology kick ass !

    There is a lot of “fan-art” based games out there that i’m expecting to be launched …but they do not !

    One of these is Star Fox : Shadows of Lylat.

    @ Michael : “bitch work” is what best resumes these rpg’s … but what we’re discussing is actually if they’re fun to play ? Diablo 2 kicked ass because it was really fun for you to build a large army of foes (if you’re playing with the necromancer, for instance) and then beat everyone that was in your way … but diferently , those “bitch work” rpg’s doesn’t focus on the fun itself… and they piss me off !

    Final Fantasy VII , Chrono Trigger , Final Fantasy Tactics , Ogre Battle Tactics , Xenogears … these are fine examples of how battles in rpg can be fun and you’ll actually enjoy them.

    @ DigitalBoy : You don’t need to play games just for the story alone ! There’re several games that are just “casual” and very fun ! One example of these is the mario party franchise or others like wii sports that even your mother can play with you … and man … just the fact of remember the scene , it makes me laugh 😉 but still… there are many other games ! Persona style is reaaaaaaly great, but i tend to keep away from anygame that inspires the “bitch work”… c’mon… games are supposed to be fun , and not a pain in the ass …

    Super Mario in a dungeon is a classic example of this.

  22. make no mistake, I know video games. I used to be a HUGE gamer. I love me an action game, but I don’t do replays. Once I beat a game, it’ll be years before I touch it again and i beat them usually in one night.

    I am an RPG guy. I own just about every major RPG release in the past console generation and most in the current one. I just got tired of the repetitive stories. and I play games primarily for story because, well, that’s what interests me. As mentioned, I enjoy action games but they are over too easily.

    Mario Party and wiifsports are the shittiest kinds of games IMO . They have no substance in game or story. Boring, futile shit.

    These days the only games i really play are first person shooters and fighting games. I can pick it up, kill a fuckload of dudes (and with skill, not just button mashing like fucking Synasty Warriors) and then put it down with no obligations.

    BR, God of War is an excellent game, but it’s even shorter than Shadow of the Colossus… my total time was 5 hours and 30 minutes or so (though I suspect deaths were excluded.) The second game sucked ass, though, IMO. I’ll never understand how it got reviewed so highly.

  23. @ DigitalBoy : Well… first, if you can’t face “replays” it’ll be hard for you to have a girlfriend and actually enjoy “replaying” with her… tehheheeheh … but seriously , there’re some games that are worth playing it twice or more … or am i just a romantic guy that is loyal to the things i love ??? Well… I think i am not the only one that is “enloved” with Chrono Trigger … tehehehe

    Check this out :

    Second, Mario Party and other “casual” games are boring ? yes … but only if you play them alone ! C’mon ?! Don’t you have friends ? These genre of games are perfect to call two or more friends at your house to make some mess ! Lots of laugh ! See !? They’re so stupid , but you can actually enjoy them , and with friends they level up to 300% more fun…”beleive it !”

    Third, you’re right…i only seek rpgs with depth… ‘cuz i don’t have much time to play , and i don’t want to spend my time watching a crap anime or playing a crap game… that’s why i always come here to see what baka-raptor has to say of one before watching it, because baka-raptor has some good taste … And that’s exactually why i tend to keep away from that “bitch works” games…

    PS: Don’t be afraid to reply your comments with the “at”/”@” keyword… Learned from Baka-Raptor HimSelf 😉

    @ Baka-Raptor: Yes , God of War is kinda short… but it’s sequel is reasonable… and it’s replay value is very high… and one of the main reasons that’ll want to beat the game again, but except this time , in the hardest possible dificulty 😀

  24. @Laguna: Nah, neither my friends nor I would want to play Mario PArty – we’re all huge nerds who would much rather hook up two Xbox 360s to two TVs, system link them, and take 4 players online lol. Or, like we did most of last week, play the shit out of Street Fighter 4 and then compete in a local tournament.

    And yeah, you are DEFINITELY not the only Chrono Trigger fan – I used to hang out on and the people there pretty much always considered CT the greatest RPG ever. Like, indisputably.

    also, I can’t imagine playing GoW on harder difficulties myself since the game kicked the living shit out of me on the lowest. actually though, this is one of the only games I’ve actually tried to replay. Got about halfway through a second time.

  25. @Baka-Raptor: Apparently, Ragnarok Online still exists. A poring is like the most non-agro monster around, and it’s like the game’s mascot. Too bad. It died.

  26. @ Laguna Loire

    I’ve got to say, quite a lot of casual games are boring no matter how many friends (even of the non-gamer variety) you have. Their shallowness falls flat. Some party games are far superior to others. Plus, Wii Sports has to be the antithesis of having fun. Real tennis and real bowling are sports that are hardly difficult to get people together for, and they provide infinitely more fun than their nerfed game versions. But, to each his own.

    @ digitalboy

    Yeah, Dragon Quarter doesn’t exactly ease you in, much like another game I recommended, Vagrant Story. But once you get past their learning curves, those to games are purely excellent.

    @ everyone who says God of War is great

    I never got this. Sure, it looks pretty. The atmosphere (Greek gods, I believe) was very well done. But the gameplay is simply too shallow. Push ‘square’ to win. Ninja Gaiden and Devil May Cry flat out destroy God of War in terms of depth, challenge, replayability… everything really. Since we’re talking PS2 here, if you get around to another action game Baka-Raptor, I recommend Devil May Cry 3, which is still my favorite swordplay action game of all time. The way you can quick-switch out weapons allows for limitless combo possibilities. The first short level is simply a room in which you fight spawning enemies. The combat is so fun, I could literally replay that room for hours just trying out random combos and setups. It’s that good.

  27. @micheal – hm. Well, I personally can’t play Ninja Gaiden because it is WAY too fucking hard for me. However, I have played the Devil May Cry games. I think you could be right about DMC3 being better than God of War. However, I’ll say that GoW’s fun is beyond the execution of the fighting – part of it is in the inanely visceral abilities, the incredibly well-thought-out puzzles (unlike the frustrating ones in DMC games) and the excellent story and cinematic feel. I’d certainly say DMC3 is both a better combat game and far more replayable, but GoW is more of a ‘wow, that was great’ feeling IMO. And for me, as someone who doesn’t really replay games anyway, that means a bit more.

  28. Putting a nice discussion here guys 😉 Even if it is about video-games and not girls … ahahahha … but hey !!! can’t help if we’re all otakus, and we spend hours playing and watching animes in the free-time… hahaha …at least i try to hang out with a girl or two in the month … >:)

    @ Digital Boy and Michael (the one who needs a potion)

    The good thing these “casual” games are that anyone can play them, right out of the box … and that’s the strategy… imagine yourself inviting a girl to come to your house … and then she’ll ask “But Laguna ?! What will we be doing in your house ?” , if you’re a pussy you’d call her to study… if you’re not a pussy you’d rather call her to have sex … but as i’m not any of these two … why not call her to play ?! yeah… and then she’ll ask “But Laguna ?! What games are we gonna play ?” … this is the key point… if you’re gonna to play resident evil , god of war , or any other game that doesn’t make her confortable… well … you’ll miss the chance … but any of these “casual” games are perfect !!! Nintendo i love you !
    This strategy worked last week with a single game : mario kart , man… it couldn’t be easier to seduce a girl … after she’s confortable with the fact of being alone with you in your room … laughing … smiling … well … the rest was a piece of cake 😉

    But Anyway…

    @ Michael , of course that real life sports are much more fun than video games sport … but hey !!! like i wrote before, anyone can play “tennis” , with a controller, rather than with a racket … and not anyone has an athletic body to play american fotball… and that’s the point … as with teams … they’re hard to gather , but in soccer or american footbal games you can have a full fledge team to play against your friends… and the fun is not made by the game alone, of course … think about the friendship , the laughs , the mess in the room , your mom yelling at you to pull down the tv volume that you never do it anyway, your sister bringing her hottie friends to come watch you guys playing… the possibilities of fun are endless…

    @ Digital Boy, It took me a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time to finish god of war in the hardest possible dificulty… the first boss fight that appeared took me a thousand of deaths, just two hits and a half and i was done for… but after the first boss fight you’ll understand that it’s not about pusshing square infite times… but you have to “time it” these infinite times, or you’ll get beaten easily…

    @ Michael , But Hey !!! God of war is not just pusshing SQUARE, you can comb it with TRIANGLE sometimes… hahaha ! 😀
    And That’s why i’m reluctant to give away my snes… if i want a time alone , playing a decent game… there’s no better than a snes rpg (Did i mentioned Chrono Trigger) … Vagrant Story in my humble opinion => “Bitch Work” … Ragnarok ?!?!? I hate Massive Online Multiplayer Games… there’s no STORY , just clubs and swords flying around your head , and then you realise… fuck i’m done for… it’s the same for diablo online… it sucks… I got tired of “leveling up” in rpg games… from now on i’ll only play rpg games that makes me fight less and enjoy their story more…

    Phew…i’ve writen too much for the day 😀

  29. I second Tales of the Abyss, surprisingly strong characters and enjoyable gameplay.

    Looking forward to the Crystalis review!

  30. I cried manly tears when Agro sacrificed its life for you; Took his existence as a means of getting around the place until that very cutscene when I realized how much he meant to me 。・゚・ (ノД`) ・゚・。

    The flying colossus was my favorite if only because of the exhilaration involved.

    Unless you can run Odin Sphere off a HDD, I wouldn’t bother with it. The lag’s very annoying.

  31. Not only did I cry manly tears when Agro sacrificed his life for me, but in the heat of the moment, I actually jumped with him and had to redo the trip to Malus…

    This game is that good.

  32. Where’d you purchase this? I’ve been looking for this gamd ever since I read this about 3 months ago.

  33. hey, why don´t you try ICO.. is a previous game, from the same creative team and it takes place some time later in the storyline…
    i haven´t played it yet, but it´s gonna be my next…
    i don´t like the “square square square u´re dead.. next” kind of games.. like god of war, ninja gaiden (must say the xbox360 one was pretty cool thou, but mostly beacause of the slashing).. i even have some boring times with prince of persia (two thrones and warrior within)… but this ones have some “thinking time” that makes them good enough..
    and that´s what i like the most in a game… a good story, a story that makes you think, feel and leaves some kind of message.. and that you really have to concentrate on the game to move on… not just pressing buttons to clear a room and get the door open while you chat with a friend…
    and if it´s complicated, even better.. if you have to try out many times and then you get frustrated and tired and you turn the game off and you try to sleep but you cant because you keep thinking about how the f*ck you gonna move on, even better…
    in SotC, i got stuck two or three times, and i beated it in just 10 gaming hours, about 2 real days… but i had to turned it off, go do something else and then come back and try again…
    this is, no doubt, the best game i ever played… many times left me with my mouth wide open out of “amaziness”..
    like i read over there, many “holy shit this game rules” moments…
    sooo… i think i´m gonna try crono trigger (yeah, you sold it)later on…

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