Spirits: Who Cares?

One of the better characters on H2O is Hotaru, a delightful ghost girl. She’s slutty, mischievous, etc…, everything you want in a ghost. There’s just one problem: everyone refers to her as a spirit.

She’s not a spirit; she’s a ghost. Get it right. Ghosts rock my soul. Spirits sock my roll. Even the evilest spirits don’t hold a candle to the most ambiguously gay ghosts.

Ghosts: The apparition of a dead person, especially one believed to appear in bodily likeness to living persons or to haunt former habitats

Spirits: An incorporeal but ubiquitous, non-quantifiable substance or energy present individually in all living things (even the definition is boring)

Long story short, ghosts are dead and haunt the living. They vengefully defy the laws of the afterlife to stir chaos in the human world. Spirits, on the other hand, don’t have to contribute anything. They don’t have to haunt anyone. They don’t have to be tragic ethereal manifestations of the deceased. They only exist to screw around and waste our time.

Apparently some people like spirits. That’s because they’re hippies. Why else would Mushishi be so popular? The Sore Feet Song? Put on some shoes and get a job. While you’re at it, quit dancing to fake Indian music (which is almost as shitty as the real thing).

Why can’t spirits be more like ghosts, haunting children and eating their food?

Speaking of eating other people’s food, I wish I still had some of my brother’s birthday cake. Oh wait, there’s some right here.

This cake is magical. So much better than my cherry pie. I’ve eaten all that in 5 days and still haven’t put on a single pound. I’m so satisfied that I won’t even make an effort to tie this paragraph back to the rest of the article. Mmmm…cake…

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  1. That cake might be undead. Any quality food becomes haunted after 5 days. After 10 days, it develops its own culture and language. Before you notice, it’ll be gone after enabling itself to move around and evolving into a life form more intelligent than an average anime blogger(which is quite easy. My nudiustertian lunch is far more intelligent). Of course, You are not an average anime blogger, so no offence.

    That cake may have already intoxicated your mind with sugar(with a half-life similar to the half-life of uranium).

    Seriously, eat that cake already, get sick, and forget about it. A good cake is inedible after two days!

    Or don’t do it! That bloody cake may not yet be in its gastronomical zenith.

  2. Baka-Raptor: sometimes you have a bit too high expectations of anime. I clearly understand the difference between ghosts and spirits (and how the former ones kick the latter ones’ asses), but to an average anime otaku/casual anime watcher, both are the same in that they both sound spooky/”mysterious”, and both describe something not of this world. They don’t give a shit about the difference between the two. If they did, there’d be more accent on that matter in all anime that incorporates these terms.

    You have a very reasonable (for an anime watcher) sight on things in anime, but there are few like you. Anime producers aim for a wider audience, sadly. If they did aim it at a narrower group, there’d perhaps be more high-Q anime series.

  3. I hate all Indian music as a matter of principle. My parents shoved Indian music down my throat when I was growing up, and even a few seconds of it still bugs the hell out of me. Even if Yuki Kajiura composed fake Indian music, I’d still hate it. The same rule applies to Indian food, Indian movies, and Indian women.

  4. The forest spirit in Mononoke-hime became an embodiment of decay, causing fairly fatal cases of death to anything it touched, which was everything.
    It was definately hippie-ish.
    And it wasn’t passive/peaceful in the least.


  5. Wikipedia on the Forest Spirit:

    “As he walks, flowers bloom up at his feet though they quickly wither and die.”

    Not a hippie? Sounds like Flower Power to me.

    “When Eboshi shoots off his head, he becomes a raging god of death and his starry appearance changes to a dark tar-like liquid that kills anything it touches.”

    Where were all its badass powers when its head was getting shot off? Besides, shooting off the spirit’s head kind of killed it, upgrading it from a hippie spirit to a menacing ghost-spirit. Any spirit, no matter how cool, would be cooler in ghost form.

    Ghosts > Ghost-Spirits > Spirits

    Therefore, Fujiwara no Sai would still kick its ass. After committing suicide, Sai possessed a Go board for thousands of years and haunted little boys. Could he get any cooler?

  6. I said DEFINATELY hippie-ish.
    Hence my confusion that it was capable of actually killing shit despite its somewhat flowery status. I was, plainly put, somewhat shocked that it didn’t attempt to bribe Lady Eboshi with some driftwood sculptures or hemp bracelets, like ordinary hippies do at gunpoint. But you appear to have cleared this matter up. Ghost-spirits indeed. (What’s the point where the chain of dying ends? Or is there? Will we end up killing dead zombie ghosts eventually?)

    Also, yes he could.
    He could have choked himself to death. Or beheaded himself with a razor. Drowning is for depressed housewives and mafia informants.

  7. what about the Ghost in Asura Cryin’ that one didn’t suck epicly due to the fact he woke up with her cleavage in his face in every episode now thats a way to wake up

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