Shion no Ou = Hikaru no Go + Murder

Aside from murder, there are a few additional differences between Shion no Ou and Hikaru no Go that I left out of the title:

I don’t get why some people insist the shows are substantially different. They’re just like the pedophiles who think that Mamiko Noto sounds unusually mature in Mnemosyne. No, becoming a sadistic immortal lesbian hasn’t changed her voice a bit. So what? Uniqueness is overrated. What’s wrong with reusing the same reliable building blocks?

Well developed minor characters
Simultaneous subplots
Unforeseeable plot twists
Comical victimization
Recurring random character(s)
Badass mid-episode transitions
Soundtrack by Yuki Kajiura
Frequently updated intro/ending visuals
Fade into intro/ending
Catchy dance sequence
Themes of Hatred/Suffering/Revenge
Hilarious ambiguously gay dude
Stylish visual effects
Tournament Competition
Graphic violence
A character vaguely resembling myself
Failed confessions
Amusing facial distortions
Pimp in a white suit
Disheveled journalist/photographer
Soft-spoken girl voiced by Mamiko Noto
Time Travel
Catch phrases
Guy who never says anything
Girl who never says anything

Mute characters kick ass. Shion lost her ability to speak as a child, leaving her to express herself only through crappy sketches and amusing facial distortions.

Suspect is hatless! Repeat, hatless!

Shion tracks down her parents’ murderer by playing Shougi. How, you ask? I have no clue.

4 Replies to “Shion no Ou = Hikaru no Go + Murder”

  1. Me too. It’s only got 4 eps to go, so waiting it out might be your best option. Then again, the subbing is lightning fast compared to Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei and Eyeshield 21. Aria is also pretty slow these days.

  2. I think it’s one of the most underrated (and underwatched) shows for 2007/8. It’s been interesting to see how things progress, and I’m kinda surprised that I’m still very interested in wondering what happens next as everything begins to fit together.

    I still want to punch Satoru in the face though. 😛

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