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In case you’re curious, the opening pic is from a Haruhi doujin about a dinosaur that makes itself at home in Mikuru’s cleavage.

If you don’t want to find this doujin, don’t click on any of these links.

Onto the point of the post: I read the Haruhi light novel. Here’s how it happened:

  • I was at a bookstore
  • Haruhi was the only light novel there
  • $8.99

Conclusion: The Anime is exactly like the Light Novel

Before the part-time philosophers get on my case about the inevitable role of directorial discretion or the impossibility of two things ever being exactly the same, no, you’re wrong. The anime is exactly like the light novel. 100%. Except without that out-of-order episode idiocy. With that said, the rest of my comments shouldn’t surprise you.

Three Things That Rocked:

Three Things That Sucked:

  • Even less artwork than Strawberry Panic
  • Too much pedophilia
  • 75 pages before we find out that an SOS Brigade member isn’t a normal human

A few more thoughts:

  • Sarcastic mental asides work better in book format
  • Dialogue and rape work better in video format
  • I finally know why Haruhi stopped changing her hair every day
  • Kyon’s initial distaste for Koizumi is more noticeable in the book
  • Given the last sentence of the epilogue, I’m curious how the series continues…

Overall, it’s a solid read, though I’d probably enjoy it more if it hadn’t been spoiled by the anime (assuming I wouldn’t drop it before page 76). I’d also enjoy the book more in Choose Your Own Adventure format. Holy shit that would rule. I demand royalties if it ever comes out.

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  1. “I finally know why Haruhi stopped changing her hair every day”

    I am really curious about that…Please visit my site and spoil me please… 🙂

  2. @animekritik: i agree with everything you said. this is a first. also, this doujinshi is begging to be scanlated.

    @IcyStorm: Get thee to a piracy.

    @Toonleap: It’s nothing too spoilerific. The day after Kyon pointed out that Haruhi changed hairstyles every day, she stopped and cut her hair. When Kyon asked about it, Haruhi replied, “None of your business.”

  3. I found the novel insatiably boring because it was the same as the show. The show had images, directing, and the out-of-order episodes, which were the best things about the show.

  4. I would point out the the novel chapters and volumes were originally printed out-of-order. So the out-of-order episodes just follow the same theme.

  5. @Shin: I shall tag it: improvement, overdue, and justice.

    @digitalboy: The episodes being out-of-order was the most ruinous gimmicky bullshit I’ve ever seen in an anime. I considered dropping the show because I was so bored during the stretch of filler. My brother actually did drop the show for that very reason. Also, you know why the anime was the same as the book? Because the directing was more conservative than Rush Limbaugh.

    @Akira: At least the out-of-order stuff didn’t kick in until after the first novel, which makes it slightly less dumb. It’s nice to have some idea who the characters are and why we should care about them before sending them on random filler adventures.

  6. Wheeeere is Crystalis part II ?

    Or are you with this “episodes out of order” stuff on your posts too ? 😛

  7. @Baka-raptor : LOL, at least that !

    i forgot to mention, that mini T-REX on Mikuru’s breasts is just awesome !

  8. Choose Your Own Adventure Book – all Pen&Paper-RPG elements = visual novel – multimedia

    So you want a Haruhi visual novel? Or shoot craps with Haruhi?

  9. Ah, choose your own adventure…
    Just like this:

    The light novel has one important(at least for me) advantage over the anime. You can read it during a boring lecture and not look like an absolute idiot.

    Oh, and I found the doujin extremely disappointing as it was one of these doujins that don’t feature an abundance of nudity.

  10. I AM reading a post about Haruhi.
    Tell me: Why am I reading a post about Haruhi? Well, other than because you wrote it, and I am magically bound to do so?

  11. @Kairu: Dinosaurs make everything better. That’s why it’s on the checklist.

    @Ikki: I suppose a visual novel would work too, as long as there are ways to cheat (I always cheat when I read Choose Your Own Adventure books).

    @bakaneko: (1) Nagaru Tanigawa’s bank account; (2) Because I’m not a pedophile.

    @MasterCJ: There are certainly worse environments for a raptor to grow up.

    @Coaxen: Sorry for not living up to my reputation as the Most Pornographic Anime Blog.

    @LJ: Believe it or not, many of my readers actually like Haruhi (I’ll prove this with a poll). Some have even been complaining about the lack or Haruhi as much as you’ve been complaining about the lack of Hokuto.

    @Glo the Legend: Time travel makes everything better. That’s why it’s on the checklist.

  12. I rather much enjoy Haruhi, but if you don’t like it don’t feel compelled to blog about it. Unless of course dinosaurs are featured in one of the new arcs.

  13. pshah, the episodes being out of order was half the show for me. And there was no filler – every single episode comes straight from one of the books, but you are dead the fuck wrong about the directing. Scenes like Yuki’s explanation of her origin were directing fucking masterpieces or, lets see, the first episode or the band scene, both landmark animation accomplishments….

  14. That’s why I want to go between Mikuru’s boobs– I might turn into a dinosaur too. Oh wait. What?

    Yeah, tambourine f*ckery is badass yeah!
    I tried to read the light novel, and it made more sense especially the island murder mystery chapter. Too bad I can’t be satisfied with Kyon’s facepalms with the light novel, I WANT TO SEE IT! That’s why I always have a Kyon facepalm put up the wall, so any time there is a facepalm moment, I just had to look at that image on the wall. My wall rocks.

  15. @digitalboy: Filler can be written. Ask Rumiko Takahashi. All I remember about that animation during Nagato’s scene is that it was annoying. It’s hard enough to understand Nagato talking a mile a minute without all that flash and glitter on the screen.

    @The Sojourner: Congratulations.

    @Rakuen: Yes, adult Mikuru. Otherwise you’re a pedophile.

  16. @digitalboy: You’re wrong, episode 9 (out of order) “Someday in the Rain” is a filler episode. It’s good filler though.

    And Baka-Raptor, you should really read the Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya. It manages to be awesome, even without dinosaurs and pimps in white suits.

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