Asu no Yoichi: Best Harem Anime Ever

Glo the Legend recently described Asu no Yoichi as having “no god damn fucking cons.” Should you trust him? I can’t think of a reason not to, seeing as how he wrote a 100% truthful post about my trip to England.

Calling Asu no Yoichi the BEST HAREM ANIME EVER may seem heretical—until you actually take a moment to consider the competition. Try to name a better harem series. Come on, try. If you can’t, at least answer me this: what harem series would you not rate in the 6.0-7.9 range? I can only think of Guardian Hearts (a generous 4) and Shuffle, which gets an 8 for being the only harem I know of with a yandere (the second best character type in anime, #1 being the lesbian yandere).

Asu no Yoichi falls within the basic confines of the Harem genre. Failed confessions and misunderstandings drive the show. The male lead’s sexual ineptitude allows loser otaku to relate to him. The female characters cover all three bases of the female personality.

So if Asu no Yoichi follows the same formula as every other harem, what makes it any better? Good jokes and good characters. It’s that simple. Believe it or not, the genre and premise of a show don’t predetermine its quality, as the it is what it is crowd would have you believe.

[P]lease stop telling me that x show should be granted immunity from my analysis because it is what it is.  No duh a show is what it is, I’d be kind of bewildered if it wasn’t and I’m sure the fabric of space and time would rip apart from the resulting contradiction of realities, but more importantly and since I digress I’ll just say that it’s kind of beside the point.  A show being something doesn’t necessarily mean I find it entirely good at being that something . . . .Kaioshin Sama

Some harem series—get this—can actually be better than others! Similarly, a group-of-girls slice-of-life anime can be horrendous (even for a group-of-girls slice-of-life anime) due to crappy jokes and terrible/poorly utilized characters.

Better Characters:

Better Jokes:

I’ve heard quite a few bloggers describe Asu no Yoichi as Love Hina + Rurouni Kenshin. Here’s why: Kenshin and Yoichi both carry swords. Brilliant analysis. Here’s my take:

Asu no Yoichi = (Love Hina + Full Metal Panic) / 2

Firstly, division by two is absolutely necessary. Secondly, Sousuke Sagara has much more to do with Yoichi than Kenshin. Sousuke and Yoichi are both fighters who are clueless about the urban lifestyle they’re forced into. Hilarity ensues.

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  1. I’m going to have to completely diasgree with you. Perhaps it’s because you have never seen the show but Asu no Yoichi is basically a vastly crappier version of Ranma 1/2, without the sex-changing antics.

    Ranma 1/2 is of course the best harem anime of all time even if it does fit into many other genres.

  2. @ Epi: I think I see a typo with your comment…I think you meant to say:

    Asu no Yoichi is vastly improved version of Ranma 1/2.

    I can’t see you possibly meaning anything different.

  3. Wow. The best harem anime of all time? That’s a bold statement sir. Makes me kind of curious. I’ve always given that to Love Hina ( the manga not the shitty anime)but maybe that’s because it was my first and hit my at an impressionable age. And the thought of Sousuke as the main character in a harem series is awesome.

    @Epi: Ranma1/2 started out good but like all of Rumiko Takahashi’s works, its goes on waaaay too long past the point of me caring what happens next. I never even finished it

  4. Ranma anime was terrible but the manga is far superior to Asu. As for best harem anime, I don’t think so, and the latter half of the show was just pure bad. It depends on how strictly you define harem and I’ve found that the best harem tend to stay in manga, like the manga version of Suzuka and Ranma. Anime adaptations don’t do them justice. Anyway the nature of the genre, especially for anime, is such that best harem anime ever is equivalent to smartest retard on the planet with down syndrome.

  5. Firstly, Full Metal Panic Fumoffu is better than both Love Hina and Asu no Yoichi put together divided by two. Secondly, I didn’t see the similarities between Sousuke and Yoichi, good call.

    Still, Asu no Yoichi is very under appreciated.

    • @ j.valdez makes no sense full metal panic is better than love hina and asu no Yoichi puyt together AND DEVIDED BY TWO which mean that it is not as goo as them whole and not devided but still added

  6. Ah, so other than for getting interviews, fan art can also serve as motivation for Baka-Raptor to say good thing about a show of your choosing. Interesting…

  7. @Epi, Glo the Legend, Laguna: I must thank Ranma 1/2 for helping get me into anime. It was there in .rm format when my old computer couldn’t play .avi files. With that said, by my current standards, Ranma 1/2 would get the ~~. I wouldn’t have to think twice about it.

    @thekungfukid: Manga. Bah. Who reads manga. Everyone says the manga harems are superior: Love Hina, Ichigo 100%, To Love-Ru, etc…. For the purposes of this post, I’m only considering anime.

    @tj han: Manga. Bah. Who reads manga. The last few episodes of Asu no Yoichi were admittedly quite cheesy, which always seems to happen when a lighthearted show suddenly tries to go serious. Regardless, the comedy from the first 2/3 of the series was more than enough to make it my favorite. You’re supposedly a comedian. Don’t tell me you weren’t impressed.

    @j.valdez: Yes, Fumoffu is better. If only it were a harem…

    @TJ: Correct. There are many incentives for drawing me fan art. Too many to count. It’s probably just easier to draw me something and wait for your reward(s).

    @Michael|Low on Hit Points: Be flabbergasted. Be very flabbergasted. Two weeks ago I rewatched this show with my brother. That’s how much I like it. Is my claim that the show has good jokes not enough for you? Are good jokes so common in anime that you need something more to be satisfied? No harem anime has consistently succeeded in making me laugh other than Asu no Yoichi (and that’s laugh-with humor, not laugh-at humor). It’s not even close. Don’t believe me? Check my list. Tell me if I’ve seen something better.

  8. Hey, I think Kanon was a lot bet

    But really, I thought of FMP the minute I read the summary, and I ultimately couldn’t enjoy Asu no Yoichi to its full extent because I kept saying “damn it, Fumoffu was so much better.”

  9. Aha! I must then withdraw my previous comment in light of now understanding what you were getting at. Not knowing what you were rating the harems on (I assumed more than just comedy), I immediately thought of certain works regarded as having better executed drama and other elements. However, if comedy is your soul judging factor (which it seems to be), and understanding that what makes us laugh varies so very much person to person, I can come to accept your opinion.

    Personally, I judge harems more for drama and less for comedy. Thus Key works and ef, plus a few others, would most likely come ahead (judging from what I’ve seen about Asu no Yoichi). I disagree with you on what makes a good harem then, but I will not begrudge you your opinion anymore, now that I better understand where are differences lie.

    To be a bit more fair to readers, I do think this article would be better titled “Asu no Yoichi: Funniest Harem Anime Ever.” I imagine less misunderstandings would ensue.

  10. “Manga. Bah. Who reads manga. The last few episodes of Asu no Yoichi were admittedly quite cheesy, which always seems to happen when a lighthearted show suddenly tries to go serious. Regardless, the comedy from the first 2/3 of the series was more than enough to make it my favorite. You’re supposedly a comedian. Don’t tell me you weren’t impressed.£

    That’s why I watched Asu no Youichi up to episode 8 and then dumped it. It was getting into ‘angsty ending’ mode. It was cool before that though.

  11. @Michael: You are strtching the definition of harem anime wider than BR is, I think. Harem is usually meant to ONLY describe comedy. Also, ef is in no fucking way a harem, what in the fuck gave you that idea? Where are all the fucking bitches chasing one guy? Do you even know what ‘harem’ means?

  12. I’m not really a fan of harem so . . . no matter how strong or sensible this argument may be . . . I can’t be convinced to continue watching this series >_>;;; hehehe ^^;

  13. Good God ‘yall, Baka-Raptor found a harem anime he likes? Maybe he’ll start watching anime MOVIES like The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, a film so surprisingly free of pedophilia it shocked me/moved me at the same time.

    Will give Asu no Yoichi a watch once my bandwidth cap resets. Because you know… Australia and all that.

  14. i have not watched this show… or ramna or pretty much anything said in this comments because i have steered away from this genre generally… however you have peaked my interest in asu no yoichi… because all the ladies go crazy for my sugar lumps

  15. Personally this Harem concept is new to me but to see if understand it, would Peach Girl be considered an harem anime.

  16. @Baka – I think the ‘first’ shows always have that problem. Love Hina was the first modern anime I’ve watched and got me into this, and I still can’t figure out if it was a great show or if I’m looking at it with rose-coloured glasses. That said, I still think that Asu no Yoichi is one of the most formulaic and bland shows I’ve managed not to finish in a while. There’s nothing necessarily BAD about it, there’s just nothing really good about it, comedy included.

    I think it also matters on definition. For instance I think ‘Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru’ was vastly better but I’m not sure if that qualifies as harem to the strict definition.

  17. @ digitalboy

    Yeah yeah yeah. It was late, I was tired, blah blah blah. ef slipped in there, as Key works shifted my mind over to visual novel adaptation. So sue me.

    Harem only implies comedy and thus dramatic works don’t count? That’s it! I’m done talking genres. Every time the subject of classification comes up, people take issue more with that then whether I praise or bash said show. I’d rather be blasted on my opinion than be nit-picked to death on the details. Ugh.

  18. I don’t know if I would say Asu no Yoichi is the best harem anime ever because I don’t often watch the genre but I did really like it and hope there’ll be a second season.

  19. @fangzhao: I don’t consider Kanon a harem. As far as I could tell, only two of the girls (cousin girl and sad girl in snow) had a palpable romantic interest in the male lead.

    @digitalboy: I can’t picture Asu no Yoichi, or any anime for that matter, dethroning Kanokon in your mind.

    @Michael|LoHP: What? People watch harem anime for reasons other than comedy? This is poll-worthy. Anyway, now I know why you thought I was trolling. Apparently we have very different definitions of the harem genre. I have a very narrow definition: at least three girls simultaneously liking the same guy, wherein the competition for the guy’s affection and the guy’s attempt to get with the one of the girls are the two focal points of the show. It doesn’t have to be a comedy, though it usually is. I don’t consider the Key stuff harem. Instead of the show focusing on the competition for love, the shows take a pick-a-girl-and-follow-her-route approach. Many of the routes are not directly about establishing a relationship, and one-on-one arcs kind of defeat the simultaneity requirement.

    @Kairu: You said the same thing about Queen’s Blade. Why do you hate women?

    @moridin81: ‘£’?

    @Zantetsu: I thought Mugi as Jagi was quite comical.

    @digitalboy: Now now digitalboy, no need for profanity.

    @Sapphire Pyro: Come on, broader your horizons. I’m not into BL, but I watch Hetalia.

    @Asperger’s: What? Free of pedophilia? Why didn’t you say so earlier! Truth be told, it’s been on my list for a while, but lack the commitment/eye strength to watch movies right now.

    @OBALLER: Harem anime are generally worth avoiding. Asu no Yoichi is not, though as much as I like it, it’s nothing compared to that video.

    @Omisyth: Forced drama blows. But Clannad’s forced comedy was even worse.

    @Kyoin: Not a chance. Momo is a rational, sensible woman. As such, she has no place in a harem anime.

    @Epi: Based on the title, I’m guessing it is. I’ll watch it just to make sure.

    @Michael|LoHP: Don’t mind digitalboy, he’s very sensitive about ef.

    @steelbound: Then I’ll say it for you: Asu no Yoichi is the best harem anime ever.

  20. Now that I think about it, if you’re looking for a good harem comedy, then you should enjoy Hayate no Gotoku. It has a blend of both situational and reference gags, for whatever is your preference. Plus, it’s narrated by Norio Wakamoto! And that’s just too damn awesome.

  21. Rave reviews intriguing. Must investigate further. Maybe provide review on mythical blog.
    Funny you should post that very image.
    In an effort to determine how systematized Hara’s character design was, through standard artwork searching,something troublesome was noticed.
    Touhou- and KyoAni-based parodies of said artwork are more numerous than the actual artwork itself. Cultural osmosis is a bitch, but…
    Nonplussed, but determined to discover the depths of the problem, I looked deeper. “More recent series could prove resistant to this problem. Have decided upon JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. Must investigate further,” I said aloud, for want of vocal exercise at four AM.
    It was even worse, by some accounts. If the unsuccessful-art-style-aping, unfunny parody had taken up a third of the artwork results, then slimmed, “bishi-ized” yaoi took up the second third.
    This world is rotten.
    Attept to justify late comment: Starting to draw again. Query: Have you a suggestion/request?

  22. @digitalboy:”The main character has a hot middle school sister!” Only a true pedophile would pick up on that lol. On another note , Baka Raptor has inspired to start a blog of my own. I figure I’ll get around to it about the time I get around to finishing cowboy bebop….which should be some time in the next 10 years.

  23. I had tried (well, I did watch the first episode) and . . . I admit it had been pretty funny . . . however, it’s just not my type o_O

    or maybe I should’ve given it another chance. Hhhmmmm . . .

  24. The anime was kind of vague to me since I watched that some time ago that I can’t remember what was his’ reason on getting to the Dojo, quite so-so, bored and meh. Yeah, I agree it divides by two and you forgot to multiply to 0.5.

  25. in completely unrelated news… the penguins did not sign Hal Gill and Rob Scuderi… there goes one of the best defensive pairings in the nhl… and Scuderi is prolly the most underrated player in the league… he blocked like 20 shots a game for us in the playoffs… gay

  26. @Michael|LoHP: The only thing stopping me from watching Hayate is the presumed inferiority of a combat butler relative to a maid guy.

    @LJ: You can never go wrong drawing me, but you’ve already done that well enough. How about some Golgo?

    @digitalboy: That doesn’t necessarily mean she was sexualized. Please tell me she wasn’t.

    @moridin84: No excuses. I installed a five-minute correction window so you could go back and fix your mistakes.

    @Snark: Then all the moe fanatics would be tempted to whatever they do the release their anger (crying into their pillows while listening to Cagayake Girls?)

    @Rakuen: Kill you for free? I only take hit requests for $3 million.

    @thekungfukid: If I have any one piece of advice to give you, it’s this: make sure you pick a good blog name. You don’t want to get stuck with something stupid like Baka-Raptor.

    @Sapphire Pyro: Fine, go back to watching Oz and Gil being gay for each other. I will too.

    @tflops: What’s the .5 for, being half as long?

    @OBALLER: We certainly didn’t win the finals with offense…

    I don’t know how Fleury manages to get so out of position so often.

    @Day: That’s because military bases have something called intelligence.

    @Tangelax: That’s only half of it. The full name is Bad Ass Kick Ass Rapacious Avenging Pernicious Time-travelling Omnislashing Raptor.

  27. I will admit Yoichi is an amazing anime, but if I can watch a series and completely forget about it after watching another, it means it’s not the best. I’m gonna say Nagasarete Airantou is a very good harem anime, but nothing will compare to Love Hina. I think Love Hina was the most famous and most popular and will be the most popular until another harem anime can come along and smack you in the face leaving you either speachless wanting more, or crying from laughing to hard.

  28. Ranma 1/2 was really good no matter what any of you say.
    I just watched it in the summer, and by far one of my favorite animes,
    not just harem animes.
    half of you probably couldn’t get over the outdated graphics
    and didn’t take into consideration that this one came out before all those,
    so it set the standards.

    it’s a classic, and it’s the bomb-diggity. what else is there more to say?


    .. oh. that.

  29. look at it this way, they are all good. yes? will we all come to some kind of agreement? no. however who says there can only be one best? so let me ask this, is it possable that 2 or more things can be #1? yes. you have to step back, compare the two, and ask what are the things you hated and liked about it together as a group to figure out the answer. even if that means that you come up with 2 #1’s.

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