Tytania: Good Old-Fashioned Space Pornography

Anyone who calls Tytania a “Space Opera” obviously hates the show. Nobody wants to watch a space opera. Opera is about fat women cosplaying as vikings, which contributes nothing to society, unlike pornography. Pornography relieves people’s sexual tension so that in real life they can act without thinking sex-first. This enables them to look past people’s appearances to see them for what they truly are: idiots.

Pornography > Opera

Adding “Space” to both terms preserves the inequality:

Space Pornography > Space Opera

“Space” acts like a positive constant. It won’t necessarily make pornography better, but it certainly can’t make pornography worse than opera. Some terms would, such as “Fat Viking Lady.” The term “Fat Viking Lady” acts as a negative constant, requiring us to flip the sign of the inequality.

Fat Viking Lady Pornography < Fat Viking Lady Opera

Therefore, Tytania is Space Pornography, not Space Opera. However, that doesn’t mean it’s perfect. My biggest complaint is that there’s too much moé.

All the character designs in Tytania are moéified with respect to their Legend of the Galactic Heroes counterparts. I praised LotGH for not having any male characters with hair drooping over their eyes (how the hell are you supposed to fight when you can’t see?). Tytania screwed it up all over the place, starting with the main character.

This guy occasionally speaks in a mildly pedophilic tone because he has the same voice actor as Sergay Wáng. I’ve been able to overlook it because he’s a lazy badass. You can too. Watch Tytania.

Oh, and don’t come bitching to me about how all the politics in the show is complicated:

  1. It isn’t
  2. You already tolerate a lot of shit that’s even more complicated

Politics = REAL motivation. There’s a concrete explanation for every action taken. If you can handle anime with metaphors, psychoanalysis, and all that other speculative bullshit, you can handle politics.

UPDATE: Tytania is getting more pornographic by the episode.

Slutty girl gets slutty tentacle rape

Moé girl gets moé tentacle rape

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