Love Conquers All

Good evening. I am Kenshiro, ass-kicking practitioner extraordinaire. Having fought countless villains throughout my travels, I’ve learned that nobody is truly evil, for we all have love in our hearts.


So he kidnapped my girlfriend. That can only tell me one thing: he has great taste in women. Nobody who loves Yuria could possibly be evil.


Enslaving thousands of children to build a pyramid isn’t the worst thing in the world. It’s not like he enslaved everyone. And he only did it out of love for his master. I could only dream of having a heart so big.


Yuda may be a serial rapist, (It’s unclear whether Yuda actually raped the women he abducted. He was ambiguously gay; maybe he just got them to do his makeup.) but it’s not like I’ve never raped anyone…


We can’t blame Kaioh for being the personification of evil. Sure, his reign of terror devastated an entire continent. But that was his fate! It’s not like he wanted to drown his puppy. He couldn’t help it!

Random Henchman

This jerk had it coming. Attack me, will you? He’s clearly incapable of love.

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