Dissecting the K-ON Ending

I shall start with a base score of zero. Every time I see something I like, I’ll add a point. Every time I see something I don’t like, I’ll subtract a point.

Score (S) Meaning
S > 5 Love it
5 >= S >= 2 Like it
2 > S > -2 Indifferent
-2 >= S >=-5 Dislike it
-5 > S Hate it

1. Lyrics

Where have I heard those lyrics before? -1

Now for the Japanese lyrics (translations taken from subtitles):

If there’s a shortcut, it’s the best route

Inconsistent lyrics. Whatever happened to not being lazy? -1

However, I approve of laziness. +1

Crap, I broke a nail!

Great, another song about nails. -1

I’ll fix it with glue.

Manly. +1

What’s important is to take good care of yourself

It’s true. +1

If you can’t love yourself, then you can’t love someone else

Big deal. -1

Skilled hawks hide their talons

Hawks kick ass. +1

Current Score: 0

2. Fashion

Sleek. +1

Earrings don’t match the dress. -1

Yui and Mio’s dresses make them look pregnant. -2

Current Score: -2

3. Animation

The scene where they explode is hot +1


Yui, Tsumugi, and Ritsu: Too mechanical (contrast their movement, especially Yui’s, with Mio’s movement in the above scene). -1

The bunny: -1 for pedophilia, +1 for comedy

Current Score: -3

4. Music

Instruments: Typical pop beat that’s catchy at first and will inevitably irritate me after two weeks. Currently Day 12. +1

Vocals: Solid +1

Current Score: -1

5. Timing

Consistent at 22:20. +1

FINAL GRADE: 0 (Indifferent)

Overall, the song is pretty good, the animation sucks, and I’ll never want to see this ending again in approximately three days. My old karui ongaku band was far superior:

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