Talk-A-Raptor 01: The Swooping Descent of the Dark Emissary!

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Don’t expect me to update for about a week. I’ve got a writing assignment to work on (which it’s almost as lame as Michael’s “I didn’t update because I was reading” excuse). Deal with it. This video is worth at least five written posts. If you’re bored, just keep rewatching the video; you’ll find new meaning in it every time.


Why did I add the “Talk-A-Raptor 01: ” to the title? Look at these stats:

  • This page has been viewed 280 times
  • The video has been viewed 141 times (approximately a 50% view rate)
  • According to YouTube, only 76 clicks are from this page (approximately a 27% view rate)
  • I’m assuming everyone who’s seen it once has rewatched it. (Who wouldn’t?)
  • I’ve watched it at least 30 times

It seems that most of you are too lazy to watch the video. Either that, or you don’t trust me (see Nagato’s comment). Well here’s another video for you to watch.


26 people love sucking up to me

  1. Ummm.. I seem to have noticed that at exactly 4 minutes and 43 seconds, Tidus’s hand was a very distinct olive green, yet at exactly 52.63852 seconds, we can CLEARLY see that his hand is now BLACK! HA-HA!! Heh, what, are we expected to believe that he has some magical color changing hand?? Heh, I sure hope someone got FIRED for that one, he he!!

  2. @Praz: The front of his glove is black, while the back of his glove is olive green (which side do you think is the front?). You’ve got a long way to go before your powers of deduction match Detective LJ’s.

    @Kabitzin: Blooper reel? I don’t make mistakes. Or if I do, I’m too lazy to do retakes.

    @Cameron: Easy on the spoilers…my unparalleled mastery of web design cautions me that any visitors who bothered watching the video probably scanned the rest of the page first.

  3. Write a good one you hear! Make it so epic that its worth not being here posting epic blog posts!

  4. I hate assignments. Until just yesterday, I was working on a group project with 4 more folks, to create a ship. While the theme itself is interesting, all that small stuff and precision etc. makes me go MAD. Assignments suck.

  5. Hey raptor-kun, you gonna make a farewell post about Aria? :p The last ep was subbed today and is in the intrawebz.

  6. @keke: You don’t want me to spoil my upcoming posts, do you? There’s a reason why I didn’t title this post “Talk-A-Raptor 01: Watch a video of me!”: I like surprises. But yes, I’ll probably write something, eventually…

  7. Heya Baka-Raptor. ::waves::

    I saw that video on YouTube when a friend, (the same friend from the first time) gave me the link. So yay! ‘Cos, y’know, I’m immortalised now, and, I like your snark.

  8. Heya Shi-koi,

    You’re welcome. Perhaps I should even be thanking you. After all, you’re the only one who’s sent me an actual e-mail since I added comments to this site two months ago.

  9. You put Lucky Food Talk at the beginning to discourage impatient viewers from watching, didn’t you? I was about to just dismiss the entire video as troll, then had the sense to fast-forward.

    Also, Baka-Raptor introduces new revolutionary video blogging to anime blogosphere? lols

  10. wow a lot of ppl are like “oh gl with your epic homework!”

    oh well, videos, fun, one less scroll for me into a good blog to read.

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