Five Manly Anime OP/EDs

Warning: First of all, this is a blatant filler post (I’m still on hiatus). Secondly, these are simply “Five Manly” themes, not “The Five Manliest” or “The Five Best” themes. If you want to bitch about an omission, keep it short & sweet (i.e. a link to the video and explain your pick through my “Nothing is manlier than ______” format). In fact, I won’t approve any suggestion-related comments that are too bitchy (i.e. any comment that doesn’t stick to my exact format). Finally, I only put up five because I don’t expect anyone to watch more than five videos in a single post, and these were the first five that came to mind.

Under Star (Hajime no Ippo OP)


Nothing is manlier than Boxing.

Get Wild (City Hunter ED)


Nothing is manlier than Ryo’s pose at 0:12 (-0:57).

Song of Power (Eyeshield 21 ED)


Nothing is manlier than a Song of Power (and a woman doing your laundry).

Alastia (Mnemosyne OP)


Nothing is manlier than a sadistic immortal lesbian voiced by Mamiko Noto.

Wild Rock (Saiyuki Reload OP)


Nothing is manlier than that 4-measure intro (used in Talk-A-Raptor 01).


IKnight is the clear winner here. I was blown away after 5 seconds:


52 people love sucking up to me


    LOL jks, I like Saiyuki Reload but my favourite “manly” OP is actually Bleach and Naruto ones, even though I don’t watch them any more ๐Ÿ˜€

    I am a dumbass who can’t follow the rules. LOL jks. ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Where’s the Kamen no Maid Guy ending song? That was the best and manliest song I ever heard in the anime world so far.

    I am a dumbass who can’t follow the rules, which is really a shame, because Baka-Raptor agrees that the Maid Guy ED is the best and manliest song I ever heard in the anime world so far.

  3. Objection! I wasn’t being a flamer.

    That was constructive criticism. Reinstate my comment, you Censorship-Raptor, you!

    Not only am I a dumbass who can’t follow the rules, but I’m also a flamer, and I like eating goat shit.

  4. When I think of manly songs I think of this band, it’s called “Cannibal Corpse” and one of their songs is called “[url=]I Cum Blood[/url].”

    I hope that worked.

    I am a dumbass who not only can’t follow the rules but can’t get past Baka-Raptor’s spam filter.

  5. I think my comment got eaten or something.

    I was going to say that when I think of manly songs I think of “I Cum Blood” by this band Cannibal Corpse.

    The title complements the “music” quite well.

    I am a genius for finally sneaking past Baka-Raptor’s spam filter. But I’m still a dumbass who can’t follow the rules.

  6. Oh wow, a fellow Eyeshield 21 fan? You’re now my best friend.

    Although I gave up on the anime a long time ago, I’m still closely following the manga, which has been swell, to say the least. Never heard of Song of Power, but I did like that insert song Be Survivor.

  7. @Nagato: I know you’re manlier than that.

    @Shin: You are a most reasonable man, definitely not a dumbass who can’t follow the rules. However, if you’d tried linking to Be Survivor, calling it manly, or being a bitchy flamer-troll like lolikit…

  8. Maybe I’m just queer? (:

    Well, it sure sound a whole lot “manlier” than Dang Dang or even the two OPs before it.

    Anyway, try this on for size, it’s an OP theme for a Sentai parody in Bamboo Blade:

    I inadvertently followed the rules for the last comment. Now I’m pretending to be a dumbass for attention.

  9. I think the second ed from Yakitate!! Japan might be the most manly one I have seen.
    Or at least the manliest thrusting.

    For more on why I’m a dumbass, see Comments 1-18.

  10. Nothing is manlier than hip-thrusting.

    (I can’t believe I almost forgot this one. Good thing I remembered on my own, without anybody else’s help whatsoever.)

  11. Nothing is manlier than drinking steak juices.

    Oh shit…that’s not anime or an OP/ED! Guess I’m a MAN who refuses to follow your bitchy rules. Cross me out, do it.

  12. Of the 5 OP/ED you have listed, I have only seen one of their respective animes. My manilness has been seriously threatened. Im going to watch every one of these shows one by one while eating basil chicken mixed with beef jerky and simultaneously doing upside down one handed pushups.

  13. @Nagato: It’s almost as if I planned this all out.

    @notdotq of the rebellion ยป Trolling across Space-time markets; also, lolikit pikchur: I accept your apology.

    @Praz: Or you could watch Maid Guy…

  14. That horrifying yet sepulchral truth of the periphery demographic was still safely buried under miles of ocean, lying dead and dreaming, awaiting the time when the stars were right; for some foolish marketing explorer to carelessly stumble into its endless vaults in search of riches.
    The producers, having been mercifully ignorant of this stygian, carious artefact, were content to market to normal groups, like humans would. For a time, things were pure; they brought us lasting beauty.
    Rock was popular, jPop a distant nightmare, nobody realized that people actually fapped to magical girl anime, and most importantly the meaning of manhood was still a question on everybody’s mind.
    When did we forget?

  15. Shit. There goes that verbosity again. And it took me this long to realize it, too.

  16. SDF Macross because nothing is manlier than the man-beast Makoto Fujiwara who sings it, apparently it’s too manly even to stay on youtube. enjoy some other somewhat manly version, at least the planes and robots are still manly.

    I am a dumbass who can’t follow the rules, and my dumbassery will surely be remembered for generations to come as the legendary dumbass who screwed up despite 30 previous warnings.

  17. Otou-san. What you just said, is, more or less, “nothing is manlier than a montage of a skinny teenage loser who somehow stumbled into a transforming mecha burning up all the animation budget.”
    You ALSO dissed Ichiro Mizuki.
    Ignoring that legendary missight, have you nothing to say for yourself?

  18. I’m supposed to be researching masculinity for a school project. Thankfully, Baka-Raptor has done the hardest work for me: Figuring out how Anime can express my thesis better.

  19. IKnight!! wow…I haven’t seen that in such a long time…I definitely thought that was the manliest op when I was younger…

  20. Actually, Saiyuki one looks a bit on gay side( unless you count manly = 4 men or more!).
    But then again, from manga to anime, it was expected. Looks like a yaoi op, except there are no flowers.

    A shame, the manga was nice enough…. (and still, the covers had flowers on them).

  21. Nothing is manlier than declaring you’re a man.
    But, it certainly would be manlier if it were actually an OP/ED.

  22. […] Actually, the longest break I’ve ever taken lasted only two weeks, and that was three years ago when I had to leave the country. I’ve only declared hiatus once since then. It lasted one month and witnessed seven posts, including original artwork and video blogging. Only one of those was truly a bullshit filler post. […]

  23. city hunter. (period) because we all know that there is no manlier (or noble) a task as trying to get some well-deserved mokkori

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