Tytania 09: The Moé Adventures of Moé Princess

Princess Lydia

Princess Lydia

From Elbing Kingdom

I’m looking for him

I’m going to Tytania


This episode is basically about Moé Princess running away from her guardian, but instead of getting scolded, everyone gives her ice cream. Now I want to be a princess.

How childish!

How childish!

Moé Princess, have you been taking fasion advice from Natsuki?

Tytania’s attempt at moé is the kind I can stomach. Moé Princess is cute without being useless, stupid, helpless, sexualized, emo, or otherwise pedophilic. If Krauser-tan doesn’t win SaiMoe, I hope Lydia does.

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  1. That last picture makes her look like she works at Moe’s Tavern. I guess with this character the viewers got moe than they bargained for. Moe than you can handle, Baka-Raptor…

    (OK I’ll stop with the puns, I deserve PUNishment)

  2. Shin says:

    I’m not one to discriminate between lolis of different shows, so Lydia has my love as well. About the non-pedophilic part, I would agree if they only showed her, but when interacting with the adults of the show, her petite stature becomes somewhat apparent (*´Д`)ハァハァ

  3. Baka-Raptor says:

    @Asperger’s: That’s why I always use the ‘é’ when I say moé. Moe looks too much like Moe.

    @Shin: Same goes for Excalibur.

    @Hyunk: I know, until more Golgo 13 comes out, I have nothing to write about either.

  4. Shin says:

    Is there some sort of conspiracy going on or is Hyunk’s comment written in invisible ink because I can’t seem to see it 😮

  5. Baka-Raptor says:

    @Shin: I didn’t censor it. Trust me, I didn’t even know it was possible to have a textless comment.

  6. Hyunk says:

    I wanted to insert the picture from Devil May Cry where Dante is eating a Sundae but it seems I ain’t allowed to use <img tags.

  7. Rakuen says:

    Princess Lydia~ Princess Lydia~ From Elbing Kingdom~ I’m looking for him~ I’m going to Tytania~
    Let’s sing everyone!

    Nah, nevermind.

  8. Panther says:

    Lydia is so <3. One of the few lolies I actually like. Moe. HHHHNNNNGGGHHHH

  9. otou-san says:

    I know, until more Golgo 13 comes out, I have nothing to write about either.

    Hear, hear. But don’t you watch Kurozuka or something?

  10. Hyunk says:

    But, thanks to you I started to watch LotGH and it is awesome.

  11. nililn says:

    @otou-san, if Baka-Raptor actually watch Kurozuka, then it would not be much to ask him for an objective analysis between it and Mugen no Juunin (or whatever else it may relate to), I guess

  12. jcpenguin says:

    Moe princess is mooooooe. <3

  13. I almost died of shock when I saw the word moe while browsing Baka-Raptor.

  14. RogerOskaner says:

    I was dreading it at first whan I heard that episode was Silly Loli Adventures in Space, but then I was watching it, I thought hey, they is actually pretty good! And she’s a pretty good character!
    I guess anime can still surprise me, even when it comes to lolis.

  15. Epi says:

    This episode was pure Moe! But yeah the episode turned out to be pretty good, and totally not what I expected.

  16. Baka-Raptor says:

    @Hyunk: Indeed, nobody’s more moé than Dante.

    @Rakuen: Here we go!!

    @Panther, RogerOskaner & Epi: Tytania is the exception to the rule. In any other show, Lydia would be 5 years younger, cry about everything, carry a magical baton, get caught changing into her panties, speak at a maximum rate of 5 words per minute, and end every sentence with some nonsensical phrase like ~nano.

    @otou-san & nililn: I haven’t seen either of those yet. I’ll start when I get through Hokuto no Ken (currently about 65 episodes in).

    @jcpenguin: I can’t believe it took 13 comments for someone to say that.

    @The Sojourner: YOU WA SHOCK!

  17. LJ says:

    The way I see it, there are good concessions, and then there are bad concessions. I’d say a good one would be changing SPESS WURFARE to be more visually interesting, even if the writer is sacrificing some of his (painfully classical) original principles, (Like using TROOP formations in 3D space,) or updating the archetype cast to be more subversive of modern character types.
    A bad one would be fundamentally altering the way characters are treated to appease a modern fanbase that doesn’t really know what it wants.
    Bravo, Ishiguro. You’ve still got it.

    Aside: Footnotes are a manly and efficient way to get your thoughts out without breaking flow. They’ve worked for textbooks, they work for Dave Barry, and I dare be sworn, if I could figure out at least their alt codes, I’d make them work for me until their fingers broke.

  18. DrMaeno says:

    Hell if it is well written Moe can be tolerable .

  19. Baka-Raptor says:

    @LJ: Tytania is an amusing mix of contemporary and classic (e.g. contrast the intro and ending sequences). It’s a bit awkward here and there, but on the whole I like what it’s done.

    I’m down with footnotes so far, but I won’t commit to them just yet. Colbert’s book was full of footnotes; it got really annoying after about 20 pages.

    @DrMaeno: Hence my tolerance of Lydia and Krauser-tan.

  20. […] Dukes, and my favourite example of this is the chain of decisions surrounding Lydia, ‘the Moe Princess‘. Tytania doesn’t fit Lydia, though I imagine she would say it’s the other way […]

  21. […] Moé Princess saves the day! Or she gets half a minute of screen time for no apparent reason, I forget […]

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