One Step Closer to Becoming Maid Guy

Last night I was trying to print some notes for an open-book final when my printer unexpectedly started beeping at me. It refused to print my black & white notes because its color ink cartridges were supposedly empty. This confused me for several reasons:

  • Why am I out of color ink? I never print anything in color (because I’m not a pedophile).
  • Why would the printer care about color ink if I’m only printing in black and white?
  • If the color cartridges are empty, WHY DO I STILL SEE INK IN THEM?

I hate printers. Yes, I know I hate everything, but I REALLY fucking hate printers. One of these days I’m going to go Office Space on mine.



I tried reconfiguring my print options and printer settings. Nothing worked. What was I going to do? I had to print my notes for a final exam only hours away. Was I going to give up? Would I choose the manly path of Maid Guy or the crybaby path of Eli Manning?

I searched around the internet and found a quick fix:

Is there any problem duct tape can’t solve? With duct tape covering the window into the cartridge, the printer couldn’t detect it was running low on ink.

Baka-Raptor: 1, Printer: 0.

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  1. Maid Guy wouldn’t post about this on his anime blog. Maid Guy wouldn’t have an anime blog on which to post this.

    You’re still MADA MADA!!

    I am a pedophile.

  2. @RogerOskaner: They could’ve at least tried…

    @keke: KUKUKU

    @double: April (the next MTAC). Though I’m currently debating whether I should put it off a year so I can crossplay as Athena. I realized that as I’m never going to look any more feminine than I do now. If I don’t do it soon, I may never be able to pull it off.


  3. Aha, another Eli Manning entry. I wish I was qualified to hand out a Maid Guy Badge.

    P.S. My Lions are about to make history. I need four beers to just watch the games now. If only Kogarashi was the coach, and started at every position.

  4. Is there any problem duct tape can’t solve? Of course not… It’s enough with saying that it’s an invaluable tool for a kidnapper, and we all know that any problem can be solved with violence, right? That’s why flying shoes are cutting edge.

    By the way, at least Eli knows a match can end in a tie, doesn´t he?

  5. @A Day Without Me – Maybe it would shut him up for five minutes, but anyone could do that. Besides, the CBS would still be present. Duct tape =/= gene therapy, unless used by Chuck Norris.

  6. What does it say when you bash Eli and he’s still doing a decent enough job to have the Giants where they are? :/

    And Office Space is awesome. Especially that latter scene. 😀

  7. @ TheBigN: Plaxico Burress shot himself in the leg at the end of November. The Giants havent won a game all month. Essentially, a player who is dumb enough to shoot himself in the crotch carries more weight than Eli Manning. Hrmmmm…

  8. @Z & i love baka-raptor!: I have determined that “Z” and “i love baka-raptor!” are the same person. Get thee to a unitary identity.

    @Michael: Get thee to a nunnery.

    @Joe: The Detroit Lionesses may have a chance if they can stop blowing 4th quarter leads and scrambling out of the back of their own end zone. The Saints screw up at critical moments (though not as much as the Lions), and the Packers are on a losing streak (though not as bad as the Lions).

    @amalek: Yeah, but he doesn’t want to play five full quarters, so he throws game-losing interceptions. He tried so hard in the Super Bowl. Brett Favre beat him to it in the NFC Championship game.

    @Omisyth: How did your male enhancement solicitation get through my spam filter?

    @Eroshiyda & Day: Maybe the tape could fix up his Amani. That might shut him up.

    @jcpenguin: Touché

    @Drenoss: But if DEfreeze voice is like Freeze voice, it’ll wear off in half an hour.

    @TheBigN: It says Eli sucks.

    @Praz: Don’t forget the recent injuries to the O-line and Brandon Jacobs. Long story short, Eli sucks.

  9. @Baka: God, I hope one of them blows it and the Lions aren’t the worst team of all time in Professional football. Just please God don’t let us waste our draft picks.

    Though I think it says something that the Lions have played 5 quarterbacks, an NFL record, one of whom was retired when the season started, and I still wouldn’t want Eli. That would just be kicking us while we’re down.

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