One Step Closer to Becoming Maid Guy

Last night I was trying to print some notes for an open-book final when my printer unexpectedly started beeping at me. It refused to print my black & white notes because its color ink cartridges were supposedly empty. This confused me for several reasons:

  • Why am I out of color ink? I never print anything in color (because I’m not a pedophile).
  • Why would the printer care about color ink if I’m only printing in black and white?
  • If the color cartridges are empty, WHY DO I STILL SEE INK IN THEM?

I hate printers. Yes, I know I hate everything, but I REALLY fucking hate printers. One of these days I’m going to go Office Space on mine.



I tried reconfiguring my print options and printer settings. Nothing worked. What was I going to do? I had to print my notes for a final exam only hours away. Was I going to give up? Would I choose the manly path of Maid Guy or the crybaby path of Eli Manning?

I searched around the internet and found a quick fix:

Is there any problem duct tape can’t solve? With duct tape covering the window into the cartridge, the printer couldn’t detect it was running low on ink.

Baka-Raptor: 1, Printer: 0.

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