New Year’s Resolutions: 2009

1. Start using a Rich Site Summary Reader

2. Create a My Anime List Account

I currently keep track of all the anime I’ve watched in a file called C:anime.txt. It’s undeniably manly but highly inconvenient when I don’t have access to my computer for two weeks.

3. Respond to e-mail

If you’ve ever e-mailed me, chances are I’ve either failed to respond or put off responding for no good reason. Think I’m a jerk? You don’t know the half of it. This is an actual Facebook message I received from an old classmate I haven’t seen in over 15 years:

It’s been a long time. In first grade you taught me how to tie my shoe. I still have trouble with it, but I get better everyday. Anyhow, I can’t be too specific with this message. I don’t remember much from back then and we don’t know much of each other since. So I’m going to end now. If you remember me, write back let me know how you’re doing. If you don’t then you can just think of me of some very strange person who writes messages to strangers. If you’re wondering what prompted me to write, our mothers met in Walt Whitman mall yesterday and attempted to arrange a meeting. It’s cool with me let me know what you think. My cell is xxx-xxx-xxx. In case you’re wondering…I haven’t turned out to be one of those freak kids. I don’t dress up in women’s clothing in my spare time, I don’t beat up little kids, I don’t steal, or get high with elderly women. So you have nothing to fear. Anyhow hope to hear from you, give me a call when you get a chance.

The message was sent on December 19, 2005. I still haven’t responded.

4. Watch Gantz

The greatest anime ever made.

5. _______________

I’ll pick one (or more) from the comments.

Final Evaluation: New Year’s Resoluations 2008

Last year I posted four resolutions and gave them each a mid-year evaluation. Here’s how they turned out:

1. Play more Video Games

As resolved, I beat Kingdom Hearts II and Final Fantasy XII – and did so with four months to spare. I rule.

Status: Complete

2. Make more references to heretofore underrepresented anime

I just don’t care anymore.

Status: Dropped

3. Watch Evangelion

I watched the TV series and even blogged a few episodes for the hell of it (1 2 3 4 5-6).

Status: Complete

4. Learn to Draw

I haven’t drawn any crappy sketches since Athena’s Revenge (unless my masterful Kaiba artwork counts). However, I managed something almost as impressive as learning to draw: getting other people to draw for me.

I may revive this resolution next year. Right now I haven’t found a job, and I have no intention of burdening society with another unemployed artist.

Status: Suspended

25 people love sucking up to me

  1. I got one of those emails the other month. I responded with the length of my hair, the number of cows that had to die to complete my wardrobe, and the total number of knives I carry with me everywhere.

    I didn’t mention that they were culinary implements, or that I was going to donate my locks to cancer patients.
    I think I’ve started being a dick on general principle.

    For what it’s worth, I’d say being lazy is better.

  2. Gantz. Lot of people hate the anime for fucking up the manga. Gantz has pussy protagonist who remains pussy through end, which changes from manga at like ep 18. In manga, pussy protagonist goes on to become one of the manlies men this side of Guts.

    however, I dropped Gantz in 4 eps because it had the worst fucking animation I’ve ever seen in an anime, and episode 4(maybe 3?) was one of the singular worst eps of anime I’ve ever seen.

  3. It’s my birthday and I’m getting birthday facebook happies from people I haven’t talked to in two years. I finally know how you must feel about being contacted by randoms you don’t remember.

    By the way, I’m learning to draw and I could probably draw something for you if I had enough time. I wouldn’t ask any money for it, since it would take a while.

  4. That’s right, Aizen. Gantz is nowhere near as awesome as the Abridged series made by hbi2k.

    It’s simply hilarious.

    Oh well, the manga is also worth seeing – since it has an actual continuation. The anime series ended with the worst filler ending ever.

  5. “I currently keep track of all the anime I’ve watched in a file called C:anime.txt.”

    U R HARDCORE. and yes, you owe it to yourself to get a better RSS Reader as well as a MAL 😛

  6. I’ll keep this short and sweet…

    LOL at Baka-Raptor. If and when you setup a MAL account, we will have all sorts of hot, sexy wall exchanges.

  7. @lolikitsune: Yes, I’m serious. Right now I only check anime blog updates via Anime Nano. Awesome site, but it has a few shortcomings. First, it blocks posts with the word “fuck,” so I can never tell when a guy like digitalboy updates. Also, it doesn’t list every blog Information Storage and Sharing Site I read, such as Eye Sedso, the least pedophilic website created in the past 2.8 years.

    @Aizen: Don’t forget the pussy-licking dog.

    @LJ: I can only begin to imagine how many knives you’ve hidden in your trench coat.

    @Omisyth: I should censor you for talking smack about Bka-Raptor.

    @digitalboy & Coaxen: Duly noted, I’ll check out the manga, but I’m still watching the anime, the true subject of the greatest review in the universe.

    @Asperger’s: A few years ago I removed my birthday from my Facebook profile so nobody would send me bullshit birthday small talk. As for the picture, draw it whenever you’re ready. If it rocks, I’ll acknowledge it as a picture of myself. If it sucks, I’ll acknowledge it as a picture of you.

    @usagijen: A better RSS Reader? It would be my first! Why doesn’t anyone believe me?

    @Yamcha: What? Wall exchanges? Don’t tell me MAL is some sort of social networking site where I’m expected to socially interact. I might break this resolution sooner than expected.

    @lelangir: Perfect, now you’ll never bitch about my failure to respond to your e-mails ever again.

  8. Haven’t worn the duster in months, to be honest. And the biker jacket can’t carry anything much larger than a wallet. I prefer the middle ground, myself.
    But enough about that.
    You now have a Below-Knee Amputation-Raptor to complete your cast.

  9. Hmm…why not meet some new people? It might be fun 😛
    Also…I am impressed that you were able to keep your resolutions…maybe cause they are realistic?
    Anyways, good luck on your 2009 resolutions.

  10. I demand credit for helping you keep Resolution #1 of 2008. Why? I have not played a single video game since DMC 3. As such, your time spent yelling significantly decreased as your time spent playing significantly increased, causing the playing/yelling ratio to approach infinity (as well as the number of rapes/second). I kick ass.

  11. Baka-Raptor, I have a New Year’s resolution for you: be less pedophilic and be more like Maid Guy.

    Oh, and write more blogs about Strawberry Panic, because I’m seriously considering boycotting anything with a penis at this point (thanks to you, I might add).

    Holy shit, I just gave you three resolutions to choose from.

  12. 5. Attempt to become.. no, screw that. BECOME the new Krauser!!
    ..and we all know that bassists are the greatest, so Jagi-sama is wayyyy cooler.

  13. @Random Person: Thank you! I do my best to keep my resoluations.

    @LJ: Not Bundeskriminalamt-Raptor? He’s a detective just like you and Monster’s Inspector Lunge.

    @Riceisnice: People suck, that’s why.

    @Praz: First you want your cake. Then you want credit. Everything’s always about you.

    @Glo the Legend: That would impress me too. I don’t usually like thinking when I watch anime.

    @Eroshiyda: Nice to know I’m opening doors for the anti-penis crowd. Maybe I’ll do another SP post if I read the light novel. How could I pass up “the first ever yuri light novel in North America!”

    @Hoshi: I’ll have to be Krauser V, Krauser-tan was already selected to become Krauser IV.

  14. A new year’s resolution for you baka-raptor :

    5. stop bitching around and post an (at least one) anime review.

  15. Watch Evangelion— that’s one ’09 resolution I still haven’t started since my player cracked. Fucking player…

    Another one is to check my mail maybe at least once in a blue moon. I missed an after-new-year party with biankita and the other flip folks. T.T

  16. Gantz was good.. you should def finish it.

    @digitalboy: Its wierd how you can make judgements about the end of Gantz if you dropped it at episode 4… The main character is a pussy at first… but then he becomes a massive Badass

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