Fate/stay night Death List


1. Quit the Holy Grail War

Given my extensive Choose You Own Adventure experience, I didn’t expect to ever die, so I impulsively picked the game’s most obvious wrong answer just to experience one of those BAD ENDs I’ve heard so much about. Dying turned out to be pretty cool, so I intentionally did it 10 more times throughout the game.

2. Sucked up to Ilya

Relax, the game said she’s 18+

If you could save your life by lying to a little girl, why wouldn’t you? I’m not Shirou. I’m not trying to be a hero. I just wanted to get out of there before I got raped.

Also, it was totally unclear that Ilya meant Servant servant. I thought she meant metaphor servant, or at least literal servant.

3. Spent the last night with Saber

I thought spending time with Saber would get her to accept my sheath. She didn’t do it literally or metaphorically.

Unlimited Blade Works:

1. Jumped down the stairs

I distinctly remembered a stairs-jumping scene from the anime. Upon further review, the stairs-jumping scene came shortly after this non-stairs-jumping scene I was supposed to choose. I must’ve forgotten about it because it didn’t feature an awkward upskirt shot.

Relax, the game said she’s 18+

2. Asked Issei about Caster

Cheapest death in the game. You know what it’s called when you strip a guy naked to get information out of him and then decide not to ask him any questions? Homosexuality.

3. Chose to protect Saber over Tohsaka

If she didn’t want to get her ass kicked, she should’ve brought Archer along. Serves her right for yelling at me earlier in the arc for not having my servant with me at all times.

4. Went to the church a little early

Right before you’re asked if you want to go to the church, there’s an interlude showing everything capable of killing you gathering there. You’re also in a half-dead from a previous battle. It seemed so wrong it had to be right.

Heavens Feel:

1. Randomly killed by Ilya

Taiga’s dojo was actually helpful for once. I had no idea that comically running away from Tohsaka a few days earlier would get me killed by Ilya. No regrets though; Tohsaka’s death note was hilarious.

2. Chose to be Tohsaka’s slave

I should’ve known it would kill me.

3. Attacked Rider

Relax, the game said she’s 18+

Funny, I could’ve sworn that Rider was ordered not to kill me. Instead of attacking Rider, I was supposed to pull Tohsaka’s hand, which is a stupid shitty option only marginally more exciting than wearing goggles.

4. Tried to kill Sakura

I was a pussy and wouldn’t take off the shroud. By this point in the game, I should’ve known that the logical choice never beats the moral choice.

5. Saved Saber

The logical choice beat the moral choice.

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  1. I can basically check all of these on my Death List.
    I was especially annoyed by the jumping the stairs death aswell the one by Ilya since I never seen those coming.
    Im amazed how much my choices resemble the Raptors Choices 😛

    Maybe theres an unknown gentic link between dinosuars and blowfishes

  2. Yeah. I too am playing through Fate/stay night, and I am intentionally trying to rack up all the possible deaths in the game.

    Two days ago I accidentally erased my game and had to reinstall it and play the whole thing over again from the beginning. I skipped almost everything except the Tiger Dojos. Flippin’ hilarious. No comic line will ever beat the “Cute and Pop genocide of love.”

    I haven’t gotten through Heaven’s Feel yet, but I’ve heard it will leave you depressed for days, so I’m putting it off ’til after Christmas.

    And, yes, Ilya is actually 26, though mentally she’s still underage, so it’s still illegal. Saber’s in her seventies, sustained by the magic of Excalibur. Rin, maybe. Sakura? No. *Sigh*

    • Dying has never been so fun. The game’s sense of humor in general surprised me. A lot of the gags I thought to be original to the anime or to the fandom turned out to be adapted straight from the source.

      Heavens Feel is by far the most dramatic of the three routes, but at least you have a happy ending to look forward to, sort of.

    • If you haven’t seen the anime, a lot of the correct choices would seem unbelievably wrong. Wandering down the church staircase of death, for example, falls under the category of so wrong it had to be right.

  3. I just love a good dating sim. If you notice, a lot of the games have it so if you only pick the top or bottom choices, it’ll be the best or worst ending. Weird logic I know, but it’s Whatever.I wish I could truly appreciate this post…but I haven’t even seen fate stay night…let alone played the game 🙁 I am playing a couple others however. And I’ll be throwing in my 2 cents as well :p

  4. I got those dead ends too. Some of them were totally impossible to predict though.

    How am I supposed to know that my BFF was mind-controlled by some sexy MILF-magician, and would kill me when I tried doing sexually ambiguous things to him?
    How am I supposed to know that when the German albino-loli said she would make me her “Servant” would suck out my soul and place it in a doll, instead of some hot legal loli S/M action?

    • You make an excellent point about Caster being a sexy MILF-magician. It’s a shame we only got to see her face once.

      Playing captive worked for Shizuru in Mai Otome. Why wouldn’t it work for Shirou in Fate/stay night?

  5. I know because of the handy dandy flowchart that came with the translation patch. I’d post it if I could figure out how.

  6. This was an entertaining read, but I can’t tell if your placement of the last two points is intentionally or unintentionally meaningful. I’m leaning toward the former 😛

  7. Hey Baka-Raptor, altough I never comment, I’m an regular reader of your blog, personally I think you’re near to a deity, and really respect your point of view, that’s why I was really surprised when you said that killing Sakura was a logical choice, WTF!, you were going to kill the only badass-psychotic-nymphomaniac-well endowed-traumatized character in the game?. are you serious?, what kind of logic is that? the only flaw in Sakura is that she’s not a lesbian, I think what was missing in Heaven’s Feel is a lesbian scene of Sakura and the most hot thing in Fate/Stay Night: Rider.

    By the way I also was killed in most of the choices you did, the eyes of Issei when he becomes controlled by caster really give me the creeps…

    • Scene with Sakura and Rider?
      Look no further my good my good man, for I have just the product for you!
      I present to you, Fate Hollow Atraxia 😉
      For the mere sum of … you can have it today :D…

      Anyways…getting back to the post… i completely agree with death first and last deaths in UBW, apparently i have an obsession with jumping down stairs…

      • @Katze: When Tohsaka’s training you and asks you if you’re willing to take off the shroud, you have to say yes. If you do, you’ll get to choose whether you want to kill or save Sakura. If you say no, you’ll automatically try to kill her (and Rider will kill you first, Dead End).The “logical” choice is refusing to take off the shroud, because loosening it even a tiny bit drove you insane the night before. The strange thing about that choice is that Rin expresses approval no matter what you pick.

        @Winterblade: I’ve seen spoilers. Glorious, non-pedophilic spoilers.

  8. I actually just finished this one. It was my first VN. And it was awesome. I’m doing all of the Tiger Dojos now since I didn’t get many outside of HF and a couple of cheap ones like Issei in UBW. I wish you had emphasized how awesome the game was though. The Tiger Dojos were comical, as they were meant to be. But not the whole game. It was epic.

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