100 More Reasons to Vote for Baka-Raptor

Need a reason to vote for me? I’ve already given you 100. Not enough? Have 100 more:

Oops, guess I got carried away again and gave you 111 instead of 100.

I wanted to save this post for a future match, but it would be rude to hold back while Kabitzin and his minions have been campaigning their asses off. While I’ve been passively watching the votes roll in, the writers for Sea Slugs! Anime Blog have been pulling hair and kicking shins to scrap every last vote they can find. I had no idea this six-man team was so determined to beat my lone, half-blind self. Now I’m honor-bound to return their feelings.

I will not tell you to vote for me. I will not tell you to campaign for me. I will not tell you to monitor the poll until it closes on Sunday, June 20 at 13:00 GMT (8AM U.S. Eastern Standard Time). I only ask that you do three things:

Visit their blog.

Visit my blog.

Then vote.

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75 people love sucking up to me

  1. Michael says:

    I can’t believe you’re down by 30 votes! I voted for you again at our school.

  2. Salsk says:

    B-but, I already voted…


  3. kluxorious says:

    I can only cranked up one more vote for you. I’ll get on my family pc tomorrow.

  4. Hell's Vault says:

    Love how you have to moderate your comments. The true sign of a man who lacks genital augmentation.

  5. That picture of the loli princess from Tytania eating cake and drinking tea reminds me too much of a certain show. No wonder Tytania was crap.

  6. digital boy says:

    …I have been reading you for far too fucking long, and re-reading you far too often. Anyway check your fucking baka-raptor@baka-raptor.com email god damnit.

  7. Scamp says:

    Sticking the poll on your own posts probably shouldn’t be allowed. Then again, I never made a rule that it wasn’t allowed so eh, fair game I guess.

    *has lost total control of this tourney and stopped even pretending I have a certain degree of control*

  8. dood says:

    I voted from a far
    I voted from a car
    I voted from a box
    I voted with a fox
    I voted from here and there
    I voted from everywhere

    I voted Baka-Raptor.

  9. Bring back the Eli Manning Sucks blog. Then we’ll talk.

  10. OneDollar says:


  11. chikorita157 says:

    Time to take out the smartphone, use the 3G and vote for Baka-raptor again… A Genius plan. :p

  12. Hana says:

    If they can make half-and-half pizza then they really should do quarter-and-quarter-and-quarter-and-quarter cake, I stared at that pic for far too long. Then I voted for you cos you have more food porn. Good luck!

  13. mefloraine says:

    Ha, I can’t believe I actually looked at all of those instead of tl;dr-ing it.
    …tl;dl? Too long; didn’t look?

  14. digital boy says:

    Well I tried promoting you on facebook and twitter, but I’m not sure it helped at all. Wish I could help more, but my social-fu is weak – most of the people I know have the same IP adress lol.

    • Baka-Raptor says:

      If your social-fu is weak, mine is flaccid. On the bright side, I can take satisfaction in knowing that I got all my votes from people who actually read my blog.

  15. Kairu says:

    Everything is getting better every picture I saw when I scroll except I saw this:
    “Higurashi is a bad show for meanies”
    I STOPPED SCROLLING. FUCK IT. IM NOT GONNA VOTE FOR YO- Oh wait, I already did days ago. >_<

  16. Fai D Fluorite says:

    Nice campaigning!!

  17. Kabitzin says:

    Oops, guess I got carried away again and gave you 111 instead of 100.

    Yet more proof that Baka-Raptor cannot count.

  18. Zwein says:

    I voted for you.
    Your blog is so awesome, I just have the time to type a “b” in the adress bar of my browser and BANG!
    It suggest me Baka-raptor.com, and baka-raptor.com only! Isn’t that awesome! That surely prove something! (probably the fact that I don’t browse other website that starts with a “b”)

  19. Gunstray says:

    So now I hate to fuwking resort to beating 30 more people so I could vote on their PC, and I still have to go to court in 4:00 for the other 20 I just beaten up earlier.

  20. Canne says:

    six people doing a very aggressive campaigning against one half-blind person. Now that’s cruelty!

  21. Robert Weizer says:

    You like the Arizona Cardinals? I could probably get on twitter and sucker Darnell Dockett into getting voters if I link the Eli Manning Sucks blog.

    • Baka-Raptor says:

      I’m a huge Kurt Warner fan. It’s a shame he’s gone. I’m still pissed New York never took him seriously. Leinart appeared on a commercial with the Mannings, so I hate him by association.

      I like the receiving corps. They’re still be strong even with Boldin gone.

      The Cardinals defense sucks. They’re just good enough at best and Swiss cheese at worst. I don’t know whether to blame the players or the coordinators.

      The Eli Manning Sucks blog got a little too popular. That’s a major reason I stopped updating. If I ever get thousands of hits a day again, it’ll be for anime.

  22. ~xxx says:

    are you sure that you are not a victim of (Filipino language)”dagdag-bawas?”(“Vote shaving” in english))

    • Baka-Raptor says:

      I doubt it. I know from prior stats that I have about 300 regular/semi-regular readers. Throw in a few blogger votes and a few votes from out-of-blog campaigning and I’m right where I should be. I’m shocked that so few bloggers are able to match it, especially considering my horrendous search engine visibility.

      Anyway, Sea Slugs has six people campaigning like they’ll all die in a flaming plan wreck if the don’t win, so I can’t say I’m shocked they reached 400, even though their previous polls have all petered out around 250.

      • ~xxx says:

        i THINK, THEY HAD PULL AN ALL-NIGHTER in order to trample you down and bend to their…(hands?)

        But, you are still fighting a good fight, Good luck.! and let them decide who will victor this match.

  23. Zantetsu says:

    Even if you lose out to these whatsits you’re not really losing out on much. If you consider ratios, a single handicapped person managed to gather more than triple the votes of half a dozen team which is trying too hard per person.

  24. I’ve been campaigning for you off-line and i manange to get at most 12 people to vote for you, summing at least my 10 desperate votes in different devices/ip addresses, 22 votes is my very limit. I could spend the whole saturday campaigning but i am throwing the towel already. I didn’t want to say this but unless you use your secret weapon now, i think that this time, my dear raptor, you’re gonna lose.

    • Baka-Raptor says:

      I probably should’ve taken these guys seriously from the get-go. I didn’t count on them more than doubling their previous vote tally. I certainly didn’t think they’d force me to use this post AND a Talk-A-Raptor. Oh well. I have 299 other readers. They’re not as crazy as you, but they can finish what you started.

  25. Shiro, Long Tail's says:

    The Dinofootbal image presents such a completely absurd situation I’m genuinely interested in where it came from.

    You can also create the exact situation in Scribblenauts, bonus points!

  26. chinlamp says:

    Well, my vote ties you with them at 499 apiece. Sorry, best I can do.

    Love your site by the way, been reading it for the last year but never commented.

  27. Zwein says:

    Baka-Raptor doesn’t call for help unlike those from from SS!AB. He just stare at danger and roars toward it so the danger will shit itself. That’s how manly he is.

  28. Shin says:

    Even though you hate all things paedophilic, I reserved a vote out of my 2 shots for you in case things go to shit(since I’m hoping for a draw, as we’d able to see more of this)

  29. Michael says:

    Found a way to vote for you about five times, but that was the best I could do. My condolences.

  30. Kyoin says:

    It so sad to see you losing to Sea Slugs ):

  31. Duomaxwell02M says:

    Don’t feel bad about losing to SSAB, dude. There were 5 or so of them and it took about 120% of their power and a METEOR spell they ripped off of Sephiroth to take you down.
    That’s like Goku fighting off Perfect Cell and every other villain he’s fought before (no Naruto references for me. Naruto sucks!).
    And they’ve got their 12 year-old bitches too, like clinton for instance.

    No big deal.

  32. […] went over 100 the past two times. Barely made it this time. I even had to tap into my porn folder (post […]

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