RaptorCon 2008

I was planning to report on Anime Weekend Atlanta, but Hoshi broke her sacred vow to suck up to me by not finding me a place to stay.

Luckily, I discovered another convention right in town! Best of all, it was conveniently located in my new apartment (not this overpriced dump). I hopped into my Strike Witches costume and headed to all the fantastic events! First up was Video Room #1:

They were showing some boring anime called Lucky Star. Even my camera couldn’t keep its focus. Struggling to maintain my consciousness, I stumbled over to Video Room #2 to watch a show that would cause slightly less brain-damage: Detroit Metal City!

Then I won a karaoke contest by singing Nano Desu, the catchiest song in the universe and the reason I haven’t updated all week.


I rushed off to spend my winnings at the Dealers Room:

What great bargains! I even had money left over to buy some Aria doujinshi at the Artists Alley!

Then I took on Sephiroth in the Game Room.

I could’ve beaten him easily, but I didn’t want anyone else to get jealous of my insane skills, so I lost on purpose. Besides, I didn’t want to be late for late-night adults-only special…

My main complaint about other conventions is they haven’t had Ribs & Cake. Would RaptorCon be more of the same? Hell no!

In conclusion, RaptorCon 2008 was the greatest anime convention of all time, and I’m totally not sore that I missed Anime Weekend Atlanta.

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