Haruka Nogizaka’s Secret is the Cheesiest Thing I’ve Ever Seen


Haruka’s secret is that she likes anime. Yawn. I hate anime about people who like anime. I also hate people who like anime. And I hate people. That’s three strikes. HNS was bound to suck.

Or so I thought…

Facts are facts: this show has every cliché in the book (except stepping on twigs).

Slipping & falling into that position
Stalking someone around town with no juicy payoff
Misinterpreted double entendres
Presents being judged by sentimental rather than monetary value
Nth degree cockblocking
Spying from behind a bush

Get thee to a shrubbery

There are dozens of reasons to reject this show, but there’s one reason that makes it all worthwhile: the couple works. It’s a rarity in anime.

Haruka and Yuuto have something called mutual affection. I’ve never seen anything like this before. Teenage relationships in anime are typically one-sided and/or shallow. One side chases until the other side gives in. Either that or they just want to bang each other. There’s never any substance. Haruka and Yuuta actually care about other’s feelings. They have common interests. They enjoy spending time with each other. Shit, it makes me want to fall in love too…except I hate people.

HNS also benefits from the perfect amount of fanservice: some. And it’s never the show’s focal point.

Just look at those sugary delectables. I want to go to that restaurant, but I can’t remember whether it’s WenDonald’s or Cafe Nap Rabbit.

Final Grade: +

Haruka Nogizaka’s Secret may be cheesy, but you know what isn’t? Baka-Raptor fanart:

by soggywaffle

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