I Have an Arubaito

Arubaito is a gairaigo (foreign loanword) rather than a native Japanese term. It is derived from the German word for work, arbeit. Arubaito refers mostly to traditional part-time labor, but it can also refer to moonlighting, or even working as a ‘temp’ when more stable employment is not available.”Japanese 1-2-3

Press Release – I, Baka-Raptor, am now a member of Oi, Hayaku!, a newly formed team blog dedicated to kicking ass. For more on this shocking development, see my first post.

Many of you might think I’m a sellout. Good.

Rest assured, this does not mean I’m abandoning Obviously, I’ll be updating less here since I’m splitting time at OH, but with the increased exposure I’ll get from OH, the golden age of has yet to come. Over at OH I’m scheduled to write posts every other Wednesday, so my post rate here will only decrease by about two posts per month. And if you read all my posts at OH, it’ll be like nothing has changed (except for its pedophilic layout). Well, there may be some differences:

  • I’ll probably recycle/redo bits of my old posts for some OH posts.
  • I’ll be trendy. For example, I’ll consider use annoying memes such as “mai waifu” and “Over 9000!”
  • I’ll use GIMP instead of Paint.
  • My posts at OH will probably be editorial or observational in nature. Consequently, you’ll get a higher percentage of review posts here at
  • Comments there aren’t censored.
  • Expect more podcasts and Talk-A-Raptor episodes.

Why join OH? Because it sounded interesting. That’s all there is to it.

To celebrate the occasion, I bought myself a variety cake.

A variety cake is a lot like a team blog. One slice is inevitably better than the rest, and some loser gets stuck being the carrot cake. Fill in the rest of the metaphor yourselves.

Proof that I’m moving up in the world: everyone is copying my idea of posting cakes they bought for themselves.

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