Candy Boy is actually about Lesbians

Candy Boy is the most misleading title I’ve seen since Bible Black. Any of the following titles would’ve been more fitting:

Candy Boy has only four characters: the lesbian twins, their lesbian stalker, and their little sister, who also happens to be a lesbian. No boys. Any possibility of the title being an innocent Engrish mistake flew out the window when I saw the subtitle:

Contrary to the stupid title, Candy Boy is the second best lesbian anime I’ve seen (Simoun being #1), which sadly doesn’t say much. Unlike all those fake lesbian shows (Maria+Holic, Maria-sama ga Miteru, etc…), Candy Boy features girls who actually want to have sex with other girls. Other than Sei, none of the girls of Maria-sama ga Miteru care about sex. Neither does Maria+Holic’s Kanako. Sure, she exhibits unprecedented levels of perversion, but where’s the lust? She’s satisfied just looking at girls. She has yet to express any desire to fondle a girl, let alone have sex with one.

I must warn you, there’s no explicit lesbian contact in Candy Boy. One could argue that the twins are non-lesbians who love each other deeply yet platonically and only share their bed because all women are gay like that. I assure you however, they are definitely lesbians. My lesbian mangekyou sharingan sees underneath the underneath. It has determined that, unlike Kanako, the girls of Candy Boy exhibit physical lust, not mere psychological perversion. The difference:

  • Perversion: “I want to sniff her underwear”; “I want to spy on her taking a bath”; etc…
  • Lust: “I want her”

The girls are crazy about each other. It’s beautiful. But what kind of lesbian anime would be complete without the comical tomfoolery of a lesbian pervert? That’s why there’s a stalker. She’s everything Kanako should’ve been.

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