10 Heterosexual Couples I Support

The most heterosexual picture on my hard drive

Despite my unwavering support of lesbianism in anime, I do occasionally approve of heterosexual relationships. The conditions are tough but fair:

  • The male cannot be a complete loser
  • The female cannot be a complete bitch
  • Generally, both characters must be at least 18 years old
  • If they’re both under 18, they must be similar in age
  • If only one character is over 18, it must be the female, and I must have been under 18 while watching the show

Here are 10 couples who meet the requirements. The list is not exclusive, nor is a top 10 list. These are simply the first 10 couples that came to mind.

Jouslain x Francia (Tytania)

They don’t even have to be a canon couple for me to pair them together—a perfect example of my perverted heterosexual mind at work. Impressed? I am. Not everyone has my heterosexual mangekyou sharingan byakugan shingan ryuugan eyes.

Natsuki x Touru (Ga-Rei Zero)

They were tragically killed by an evil lesbian. Perhaps lesbians aren’t so great after all.

Never mind.

Kenshiro x Yuria (Hokuto no Ken)

The perfect man. The perfect woman. The perfect couple.

Kurenai x Asuma (Naruto)

I haven’t watched Naruto since Shikamaru’s revenge arc. Somebody tell me if they’re back from filler yet.

Stein x Medusa (Soul Eater)

These two were meant for each other. Then stupid horny Stein had to ruin it all by picking Toilet Girl.

Hiruma x Mamori (Eyeshield 21)

Great heterosexual couple? Or the greatest heterosexual couple?

Ozma x Cathy (Macross Frontier)

Where’s the chili? Leave it to a woman to buy the wrong kind of hot dog. But it’s the thought that counts.

Ceres x Yuuhi (Ayashi no Ceres)

This pairing may appear to violate my anti-pedophilia rule because Yuuhi is only 16. However, I was 16 when I watched the show, so I don’t really care. What makes Ceres superior to Aya? In Yuuhi’s own words:

“Aya is more rude and annoying, and on top of that, has none of that grace or sex appeal.”

As for Touya, he’s an emo mess.

Takumi x Seira-tan (Chaos;Head)

Awwwwwwwwwwww, they’re so cute together. Makes me wish I had an imaginary girlfriend.

Amanda x Hermann (Blassreiter)

They each died like five times. And each time it broke my heart to think they wouldn’t end up together.

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