• I went to a Penguins game when they still sucked. Therefore I am not a bandwagon fan. (They actually won that game. I guess being a winner is contagious.)
  • Crosby may be a pussy, but so is Eli.
  • Dojikko goaltender Ippatsu KikimusuMarc-Andre Fleury managed to stay upright for more than five seconds.

In other news, I’m going to be trimming my blogroll this week. Generally, to make my blogroll:

  • You must write about anime


  • You comment on my site, or
  • You link to my site, or
  • I comment on your site, or
  • I approve of your site even if I don’t comment it, or
  • You suck up to me in a manner other than commenting


  • Your site is active, or
  • There are old posts I like enough to keep linking to

In other words, I’ll be removing most of the dead blogs from my blogroll. Before removing you, I’ll attempt to e-mail you to ask if you’re still writing. If not, and you don’t find some other way to convince me not to remove you, you’re cut.

If your blog survives the cut, I’ll make good on my resolution to subscribe to your RSS feed.

As this is not a real post, I’ll be deleting it when I’m done updating my blogroll (unless the comments are unusually interesting). Don’t worry, I’ll find another use for the picture.

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