Self-Help is no longer the Best Help

To propagate/leech off the continuous and systemic brilliance that is the KSK Football/Sex Advice Mailbag, I am now introducing the Baka-Raptor Anime/Life Advice Mailbag. Why not an Anime/Sex mailbag? I don’t expect any of you to have sex lives (and if you do, I probably wouldn’t want to hear about it). Here are the rules:

  1. All submissions must be e-mailed. Any questions submitted as a comment will be ignored and/or be censored and/or be deleted and/or preclude me from answering any of your future questions.
  2. Each submission must contain two questions: one about anime and one about your life.
  3. Avoid using real names wherever possible. Ideally, all real names will be replaced with the names of anime characters in similar situations.
  4. If I receive more questions than I’m willing to answer, I’ll make my picks based on any combination of the following factors: entertainment value, sincerity, uniqueness, proper grammar, up-sucking, my ability to the answer questions meaningfully/entertainingly, and promises to follow my advice to the letter.

Just read the KSK posts and you’ll get an idea of what I’m looking for.

More Administrative Filler

My latest administrative filler post registered 22 comments, including a trackback; meanwhile my legendary I Beat up Raki post went uncommented for months. You all desperately need my advice.

I finished making the first round of blogroll cuts. I said I’d email you before cutting you, but I got lazy and didn’t. If you were cut and don’t think you deserved it, contact me.

If you survived the first round of cut, I’ll add you to my RSS reader. If you write about anime and updated sometime in the past month, you probably made the list. At some point I’ll make a second round of cuts. Survivors will be websites that consistently put out high quality posts (or suck up to me a lot). Feelings will be hurt. If you don’t like it, get better at writing, or suck up to me more, like Mellow, except less gay, like this guy:

In other news, Scribblenauts is the best game in the universe:

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