Anime Weekend Atlanta 2009

1. Atlanta

  • Holy shit, that is a WIDE highway

  • I stayed at the con hotel and saw nothing else of Atlanta

2. The Convention

  • Rained all weekend. Good thing I stayed at the con hotel.
  • My camera’s batteries died on me, so couldn’t take a picture in my Athena costume until  I got home.

I am such a dojikko.

  • There were no other Aria cosplayers. Also, nobody who took my picture knew who I was. These are the sorts of uncultured neanderthals that go to anime conventions.
  • After disappearing for the past two years, FMA cosplay is making a comeback. Perhaps I’ll do Scar again in the spring.
  • Before my batteries died, the only picture I got was this badass Taiko drumming.

  • Vic Mignogna’s “Fullmetal Fantasy” video may be the highest quality work of “amateur” filmmaking I’ve ever seen. (For various reasons, you can only watch it at cons.)
  • One of his other videos you can see online: The Legend of Middle Tennessee
  • AWA had some of the best AMVs I’ve ever seen in terms of both entertainment value and technical skill. A couple I tracked down:

  • I MUST watch Avenue Q
  • Few lines for a convention so large. Overall, excellent venue.
  • Several panels were dedicated to making fun of lame anime. Sometimes it was hilarious, other times it was tedious. A few times they even poked fun at non-Japanese animation. That’s about as hard as clubbing a baby seal.

“If you listen closely, there are people already jumping off the boat.”

  • Big surprise, I didn’t buy anything. My walls remain blank.
  • One of the guys I roomed with bought an $80 Hatsune Miku towel. I am still not sure who Miku is or what she has to do with anime.
  • Been there, done that—my reaction to most of the panels. Surprisingly, the most engaging panel was on traveling in Japan.

3. Stuff I watched

  • Rin: Daughters of Mnemosyne (English trailer): Rin is no longer voiced by Mamiko Noto. Thus, her voice is much more fitting and much less entertaining. (+++)
  • Detroit Metal City (Live Action Movie): Several minor variations from the anime make it worth watching. (+++)
  • Fist of the North Star (Movie): Several minor variations from the anime were pointless or for the worse. Also, some of the scenes were clearly not remastered. (~)
  • Canaan 1-2: Cool action, lesbian potential. May continue. (+)
  • Best Student Council 1-2: Mildly entertaining. Cyndi, the driver girl, is awesome. May continue. Comment if this show is any good. (+)
  • Otoboku 1-2: Boring, pedophilic. (~)
  • Macross: Do You Remember Love (Movie): Watched mainly for the educational/historic value. Not bad (except for the whole aliens-with-feelings thing), but I’m sure it’s better when spread out over an entire series. (+)
  • Spice & Wolf 1-2: Had me at currency speculation. Will continue. (++)
  • Blood: The Last Vampire (Live Action Movie): Crappy acting, crappy directing, crappy writing, cool fight scenes. (~)
  • Cruel Restaurant (Live Action Movie): Worst movie I’ve seen since Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. Its only redeeming features are that it’s occasionally pornographic and doesn’t take itself seriously.  (~~)
  • Erotic Comic Girl (Live Action Movie): Worst movie I’ve seen since Cruel Restaurant. Absolutely terrible, even for porn. (~~~)

In case you aren’t familiar with my grading system, read up. Some of you who’ve been reading my site for a long time are apparently still clueless.

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