More anime I haven’t seen and can’t meaningfully critique

With my eyes currently out of commission, I’ve had to ignore a lot of anime I’d otherwise carefully and diligently research before ignoring.

Spice and Wolf II: She still has a tail – get over it.

Basquash: Stupid title

Revolutionary Girl Utena Movie: Why bother watching anything that’s open to interpretation?

Evangelion Movies: All I’ve heard is that Shinji masturbates

Arakawa under the Bridge: Stupid title

Sora no Woto: Exactly like K-ON

Durarara: Nothing like Baccano

Detroit Metal City II: Best Anime Ever

Otaku no Video: Don’t care

Black Rock Shooter: Don’t care

Angel Beats: Haruhi clone

Omamori Himari: Stupid title

Katanagatari: Too much gatari, not enough katana

Tatami Galaxy: Anagram for “A Gay Taxi Malt”

Rainbow: Title too ironic

Kaichou wa Maid-sama: Great, another maid anime. Maybe I’d care if they called it Kaichou wa Maid Guy.

Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou: Stupid title

Dinosaur King: Can’t possibly live up to the intro

Dinosaurs + The Bridge of Sighs? Holy shit!

Hanamaru Kindergarten: For pedophiles

Chu-Bra: For pedophiles

Princess Lover: For little girls

Fairy Tale: For little girls

Black Butler: Racist

Senko no Night Raid: Revisionist

House of Five Leaves: Stupid title

Eve no Jikan: Robots with feelings

Mai-Otome 0~S.ifr~: No ShizNat

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