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Black Cat and the Cloneasaurus

One of my earliest posts criticized the Black Cat anime for cramming too much material in to too few episodes, as exemplified by its superficial development of Flora-chan, a dinosaur brought to life by advanced cloning techniques. I finally got […]

Sunred outdoes its Premise

I’ve seen way too many comedies try to get by on premise alone. This kind of crap is all over Adult Swim. There’s no creativity to keep you interested once the novelty of the premise wears off. The shows either […]

Real Men have Sideburns

90% of all betesticled anime characters look like girls. Many have six-pack abs yet act like complete pussies. Only one part of the body never lies: sideburns. In this dark age of androgyny and pedophilia, sideburns are the only reliable […]

Gantz: Manliest Anime Manga Ever?

As you can infer from this kickass manga shot, I’m not trying to bullshit you about manliness like all those feminine hygiene commercials. If you buy anything that’s marketed as  “_______ for men,” you’re a tool. It’s just like X-treme […]

Five Reasons to Watch Ga-Rei Zero

1. A Natsuki look-alike named Natsuki 2. Fire-Breathing Dinosaurs 3. Evil Lesbians 4. Mr. Iron 5. In Medias Res In medias res, also medias in res (Latin for “into the middle of things”), is a literary and artistic technique where […]

Lelouch’s Last Lecture

Get over to OH and watch it. Notes: The video is based off Randy Pausch’s Last Lecture and Code Geass R2 It took approximately 8 hours to make (2AM-10AM) Windows Movie Maker crashed three times Lip-synching is a pain in […]