Sunred outdoes its Premise

I’ve seen way too many comedies try to get by on premise alone. This kind of crap is all over Adult Swim. There’s no creativity to keep you interested once the novelty of the premise wears off. The shows either keep trying to milk the premise long after it’s been beaten to death or resort to pure randomness as an equally short-lived crutch. I didn’t expect Sunred to be any different. His un-role-model-like behavior is so subversive! It’s ironic that he battles an evil organization full of upstanding citizens! How metaphorical it is that Sunred wears only his mask! This show looked like it could keep me entertained for a whole five minutes.

The first few episodes only fed into my skepticism. Sunred would do something unbecoming of a children’s TV superhero, the bad guys would be huge pussies, and they’d call it an episode. I was tempted to drop the show, but much like Sunred’s attractive, laundry-doing girlfriend, I reluctantly stuck with Sunred no matter how justified I would’ve been in breaking things off.

Eventually I started to realize that the show was hitting the right balance between premise-clinging and randomness. Even though the general nature of the scenes rarely drifts far from the premise, there’s plenty of variation in the details to keep it from feeling like the same joke over and over again.

Don’t get me wrong. The show has its fair share of crappy premise humor. I couldn’t finish watching a single Cooking with Vamp segment. Oh that Vamp, teaching us how to cook even though he’s a bad guy. (What is Vamp anyway? He doesn’t look like a vamp or a vampire. If I had to guess, I’d say he’s a cross between Grimace and a Zulu warrior. ) The live-action cooking shots certainly didn’t help, as live action has absolutely no place in anime. The show also has some true slice-of-life scenes that are truly boring.

I can’t remember the last time I saw such a sexist anime. Where are all the female monsters? The show filled all its other quotas. There’s at least one gay monster. There’s even a dinosaur.

Finally, the show has some solid opening and ending songs, which I’d post if they weren’t constantly getting pulled from YouTube.

Final Grade: ++

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      • And she puts up with a guy like Sunred. That in and of itself puts her up quite a few ranks. Essentially, what they’re saying here is, to get a girl like that, you have to be that much of a bum.

    • Not at all. My understanding is that the low quality is intentional for comedic effect/saving lots of money. It was cheap enough to get a second season, so I’m not complaining.

  1. Did you watch Sunred for Sunred or for Kayoko? =D

    Sunred (the show and the character) is awesome. (Kayoko is awesome too). Cooking with Vamp is 100% NOT awesome. Who the hell wants to eat cabbage that much? Maybe that’s why all the Florshiem monsters are so weak.

  2. Randomness you say? Now this is something that I can get into!

    It’s sad though, I don’t think anything could ever be as awesome and random as Puni Puni Poemi. THAT SHOW WAS COMEDY GOLD!!!

    Note: The dub loses a lot of jokes in translation. Sub only.

  3. As a lazy anime blogger, I must support lazy anime characters on principle. In that picture of him in front of the TV, if you replace the TV with a laptop playing anime and the can with a beer bottle, you’ve got my entire agenda for today.

  4. This show is funny as hell.

    I’ve even used it as a backdrop/foil on my blog for my rants about NASCAR.

    “You’re in no position to talk to me about common sense!”

    “You punk bitch, look what you did!”

    The humour in this show, especially from the villains, reminds me a bit of FLAMING CARROT.

  5. >I couldn’t finish watching a single Cooking with Vamp segment.

    Hey, some of those segments are pretty practical if you’re living on a shoestring budget or have no idea what to do with assorted leftovers.

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