More crappy fanart

Some of you thought I wouldn’t notice/care if you handed in your forms late. Not a chance.

Forgiveness is divine, but never pay full price for late pizza.” – Michaelangelo

In order to uphold the righteous order of this website, 10 points will be taken off for every day late – no exceptions.


Best color scheme ever. A+ B+


Lonely yanderes are almost as hot as that flame. B F

A Day Without Me:

No up-sucking? Over the word limit? And the artwork somehow makes Eli look less stupid. D+ F


BR? Who might that be? F F-

LJ/Detective Dipshit:

Ranka who? S A+


I’m not Australian. C F


-Yes there is…^^ D F

ID Sojourner:

9 days late. What comes after F-? F- -F

Rizzle Razzle:

Wrong, you were short. Otherwise, great job! A- -F

In other news, remember that hiatus I took a while back? You know, the one when I only updated 7 times in 21 days? It paid off. My writing/editing/citing skills were finally recognized. I was recruited by my school’s Journal of Transnational Law, which is great news, because now I’ll have even less time to update. Expect a badass article on international copyright law in a year or two.

31 people love sucking up to me

  1. @A Day Without Me: Me? Mean? Nah…

    @Mike: Of course I can write! Here’s a sample:

    “He was definitely invading my personal space, as I had learned in Human Evolution class last summer, and I instinctively backed up till my legs hit the chair I had been sitting in. That just made him move in closer, until the grommets in the leather embossed the backs of my knees, and he finally tilted the book toward me.”

    @IcyStorm: That’s because you handed it in on time. I reward those who follow the rules. It sends the right message. Next time I put up a form, people are going to think, “I would’ve beaten IcyStorm’s crappy form if only I’d filled it out on time.”

    @shirokiryuu: That hasn’t stopped blissmo…

    @lolikitsune: I think I’ve already squandered all my luck. I might not have met the minimum word limit, which is comically ironic because at the time I was calling everyone a dumbass who can’t follow the rules. The 2100 word limit wasn’t supposed to include footnotes. I knew that, but unlike Microsoft Word, OpenOffice’s word count function doesn’t have an option for ignoring the footnotes, so I couldn’t check directly. I estimated I’d be safe around 2500 total words. I never actually word-counted my footnotes, and I doubt they did either.

    @Ina: Anything is greater than Eli Manning.

    @blissmo: Come on blissmo, no need for profanity.


    Oh, and congratulations on getting recruited or whatnot.

  3. Why do people want to suck up to Baka-Raptor anyway? Perhaps it’s you that should be sucking up to them. After all, you should already be extinct. I also noticed on the form the female category is (18+), but there’s no minimum age for males. Very suspicious… I henceforth call you Pedo-Raptor.

  4. @biankata: Your elegant gothic loli-raptor made me run off and cry.

    @C.I.: That’s a shirt? I thought it was a muumuu.

    @Omisyth: But if I plagiarize a plagiarist, doesn’t all the plagiarism cancel out and make me original?

    @Yamcha: Extinction is a state of mind. I’m not extinct if you believe in me!

    @Ina: PedeRaptor? NAMBLA-Raptor? I wonder what kind of hat he’d wear…

  5. @ Ina – Rainbows are gay.

    @ Baka-Raptor – PedeRaptor would wear a priest’s frock… >_>

    It’s ok, I’m ethnically Catholic.

    Man, are you immune to the ‘uguu~’ or something, by the way? God, a self-proclaimed loli can’t get any slack these days…

  6. For the record, after a certain threshold of testosterone (somewhere around .0005 centiKogarashi), uguu~ begins to have an inverse effect, inciting feelings of aggression rather than of moé.

  7. bainkata’s loliraptor is great. How can you overlook that? I’d fill out one of these is I was going to whatever it is you’re going to. Ok, so I wouldn’t because I’m lazy.

    And add me on gtalk or msn or something already.

  8. @ Baka-Raptor – Wait… so, all those moe-loli girls in h-games get their lights banged out and are still somehow able to be childlike, but I review two hentai OVA’s and I get disqualified? Laaaame.

  9. @Riex: The loliraptor was well-drawn (though pedophilic). She mainly lost points for the essay and the unexplained pinkness.

    @Laguna: There’s a big difference. It’s your own fault for fearing the -F. It’s not my fault for receiving mail-mail whenever I try to breathe fire.

    @A Day Without Me: I dunno, I’ve never played an h-game. And I’ve only seen three full episodes of hentai ever (two at Persacon and episode 1 of Resort Boin after your review). I’m so sheltered…

  10. @ Baka-Raptor – Yeah, I’ve never played an h-game, admittedly, although I did download by accident once. But I do know that the trend is toward ultra-loli girls in those (which, honestly, disturbs me a lot).

    As for the hentai… geez, you’re making me feel like a mega-perv. I’m a slight perv. And can’t I be both loli and a pervert? =D?

  11. an freaking D F??? pfft… on the pinkness and the essay. the pinkness is my gayness and the essay is my laziness.

    i was supposed to draw pedobear but i couldn’t so i just place in loli-raptor. and oi, i’m not turning you into amn eroperv with a lolicon. jeez… it’s just because you don’t have that one in your RAPTORS list. would it be loli-er if you did a (ノゝ∀・)~キラ☆?

  12. @A Day Without Me: Ok, you’re both a loli and a perv. Happy?

    @biankita: The D is my compassion and the F is my responsibility. I said I’d take off points for being late, didn’t I? And did you really think you could beat blissmo?

  13. @baka-raptor: alright, i suck -_- oh well… i was never really good with questionnaires. and no, i never thought of beating blissmo – she still draws you best in my books.

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