More crappy fanart

Some of you thought I wouldn’t notice/care if you handed in your forms late. Not a chance.

Forgiveness is divine, but never pay full price for late pizza.” – Michaelangelo

In order to uphold the righteous order of this website, 10 points will be taken off for every day late – no exceptions.


Best color scheme ever. A+ B+


Lonely yanderes are almost as hot as that flame. B F

A Day Without Me:

No up-sucking? Over the word limit? And the artwork somehow makes Eli look less stupid. D+ F


BR? Who might that be? F F-

LJ/Detective Dipshit:

Ranka who? S A+


I’m not Australian. C F


-Yes there is…^^ D F

ID Sojourner:

9 days late. What comes after F-? F- -F

Rizzle Razzle:

Wrong, you were short. Otherwise, great job! A- -F

In other news, remember that hiatus I took a while back? You know, the one when I only updated 7 times in 21 days? It paid off. My writing/editing/citing skills were finally recognized. I was recruited by my school’s Journal of Transnational Law, which is great news, because now I’ll have even less time to update. Expect a badass article on international copyright law in a year or two.

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