The 20,000 Hit/1,000 Comment/Otakon Form Results 3-in-1 Filler Spectacular!

2.5 years in existence

135 days since selling out (2/29/08, so I won’t have to celebrate it next year)

0 pre-sellout page rank

1 post-sellout page rank (still 0 by my original page rank checker)

40,000 pre-sellout hits

20,000 post-sellout hits

64 pre-sellout e-mails

63 post-sellout mail-mails

0 pre-sellout comments

1,000 post-sellout comments

258 spam comments (excluding lolikit)

212 comments from the top commenter (me)

65 comments in one post (high)

58 posts

12 posts tagged “ShizNat” (most common tag)

5 days between posts (high)

3 blogs on my pre-sellout blogroll

89 blogs on my post-sellout blogroll

348 hits in one day (high)

2520 hits for one post (high)

1 blog aggregator had the balls to list me (Anime Nano)

5 The Offical Suck Up to Baka-Raptor at Otakon Forms filled out

0 The Official Suck Up to Baka-Raptor at Otakon Forms filled out by females, pre-sellout fans, new fans, and real-life acquaintances combined (traitors)

And now for the contestants:


96 words too short. F


Excellent. A


DefinAtely? I don’t think so. B


Over the word limit. Did you think I wouldn’t count? C


Terrible. F

Nearly half a year after selling out, I can safely say that adding comments to the site has been a success. I have a great hit/comment ratio, which makes people think my site is a lot more popular than it actually is. I owe it all to my editing and moderating powers. Fans appreciate that I moderate all their comments. It means that I care enough to read every word they say. They also appreciate that I edit their comments, which protects them from looking stupid when they immortalize themselves on my site.

…but it’s ok to slack off once in a while. To celebrate my 1000 comment milestone, I will not moderate or edit any comments for 24 hours. Enjoy.

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