The Rape Fantasy: A Vestige of Natural Selection?

According to anime, there are worse things in life than lesbian rape

The All-Girls Round-Robin (and a dude) recently took on the topic of rape fantasies. I’ve already given my opinion on rape fantasies, but now I’d like to push the conversation in a new direction: why rape fantasies might exist in the first place. The rapist’s motivations are obvious, but what about the rapee? As with all sociological absurdities, there can only be one explanation: Natural Selection.

Why do girls love assholes? Natural Selection:

“Thousands of years ago, some women were attracted to nice guys. Unfortunately for the nice guys, food was scarce, and in order to provide for your family, you had to be a greedy aggressive asshole. The assholes pushed around the nice guys and took all their food. Women who were attracted assholes were always given food and thus survived to pass on the asshole-loving gene to the next generation. The nice guys and the women who refused to put up with assholes all died of starvation. That’s why in modern times, men are all assholes, and women who prefer nice guys no longer exist.”

Why does cuteness exist? Natural Selection:

Thousands of years ago when men hunted, women gathered, and children did jack shit, what reason was there to share your food with kids when you could eat them or abandon them in the wild? Cuteness. Thanks to the perception of cuteness, children were more likely to survive to adulthood and spread the cuteness perception gene. That’s all cuteness is: a primitive urge to put up with bullshit from useless children.”

Why would anyone fantasize about being raped? Natural Selection:

Thousands of years ago, some women had rape fantasies and some didn’t. The women who had rape fantasies were more likely to walk alone at night in bad neighborhoods. They got raped, impregnated, and gave birth to a new generation of rape-fantasizing children.

More Rape → More Pregnancy → More Offspring → Survival of the Species

Simple enough? Not quite. If rape were that convenient, wouldn’t everybody love it? The survival value of rape is curtailed by an antithetical vehicle of pregnancy: consensual sex. From a perspective of genetic fitness (definitely not societal morals):

Consensual sex > Rape > No sex

Thousands of years ago, some women hated sex, some women desired only consensual sex, and some women fantasized about rape. Women who hated sex contributed nothing to the species and died off. Women who had consensual sex chose the fittest, most attractive partners they could seduce, producing the most genetically fit children of the next generation. The women who were raped couldn’t choose their partners, so their children varied in genetic fitness. The children of genetically fit rapists survived, while the others died. Ultimately, the only genetically sustainable rape fantasies involved genetically fit rapists. In other words, modern women only fantasize about rapists so sexy that they would’ve consented in the first place. Rape is hot – if they want it.

Remember, this is only a theoretical examination of rape as a primitive urge. Like many primitive urges, rape has no place in a civilized society. If you like rape, go fuck around in the jungle.

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