Gantz: Manliest Anime Manga Ever?

As you can infer from this kickass manga shot, I’m not trying to bullshit you about manliness like all those feminine hygiene commercials.

If you buy anything that’s marketed as  “_______ for men,” you’re a tool. It’s just like X-treme marketing. Putting the same shit in a different container doesn’t make it suck less.

I have no reason to lie about Gantz being manly. First of all, I don’t need to sell you; the most convincing review ever written should’ve already done it.

….What a deep, psychological anime with so many thought-provoking philosophies. What a substantial story that realistically portrays human reactions in extremely desperate situations. What a cerebral anime that is omnipresent of multi-dimensional characters and their tragic destinies, tits and asses, moronic aliens, and a pussy-licking dog…

…pussy-licking dog? O_o

Err… sorry people. I was quite drunk when I was writing the first paragraph. Forget everything I said above except tits and asses, moronic aliens, and a pussy-licking dog. In actuality, Gantz is supposed to be a psychological anime. However, there are more than enough hints just in the first episode alone to tell its viewers that this anime is anything but deep and cerebral. In the first minute of the first episode, Kurono (the main male lead) was having an erection. Then there appeared a naked girl with big tits who made one horny dog run to lick her pussy. Then there’s a black ball that sings, “Wake up to the new day of hope. Fill your hearts with happiness etc.” before sending these morons to get killed by aliens. Yeah, hope my foot. Happiness my ass.

Yup, that’s right. Gantz is not meant to be taken seriously. This anime is something which would entertain its viewers for the completely wrong reasons. Many things in Gantz are so out of place and contradictory that viewers would just crack up at how stupid everything is. Anything can happen in Gantz for no reason. For example, before the fourth mission started, there is one dude who was supposed to die so that he can join the ‘game of death’… but…he was still alive. Hence, the author made him die by having a giant log flowing out of nowhere to crush him dead when he was swimming (and I must add that he was swimming in a very shallow stream in central Tokyo. Yeah, giant log flowing into a shallow city canal. [sarcasm] That’s convincing as hell, [end sarcasm] ain’t it?).

The characters in Gantz made me laugh even harder. These dumbasses are the most idiotic bunches of morons I have come across. When the aliens or the villains were charging at them, they would either 1) stand still, discussing with one another very calmly and casually whether they should, or should not shoot, or 2) babble some bullcrap morals and philosophies, encouraging everyone to ‘talk it over peacefully’ with the villains. But although their interactions are idiotically unrealistic, they are not without good points. For one, it’s stupidly entertaining. Secondly, these idiots’ interactions would annoy the hell out of me to the extent that I would wish many of them dead…and my wishes were always fulfilled. The best part of Gantz is to watch these idiots getting killed one after another in the most horrible ways imaginable. I want to talk about who got killed by what as those scenes are extremely amusing. But they will become spoilers…so I’ll stop talking about those for now 🙂

The fanservice is also a hilarious addition. Kurono, the main male lead, is an ultra horny dude. Throughout the series, he’d be reading porno magazines, staring at girls’ tits, or having wild sexual fantasies before jerking off. Let’s go back to the fifth episode when Kurono was being beaten up by one badass delinquent. Instead of thinking about how he would fight back, he was fantasizing Kei naked and getting an erection. Moreover, he is extremely shameless when it comes to asking girls for sex. Had anyone done what he did in the real world, they would have gotten slapped; nevertheless, this is Gantz, my friend. Anything can happen. The creators knew that their viewers want fanservice; consequently, it’s no surprise that the chicks in Gantz would be happy and willing to allow Kurono to screw their yolks. Let’s take that scene between Kurono and Sakuraoka before the third mission, for example. Here, this dialogue:

Kurono: (sob, sob)
Sakuraoka: You look so down. Think of me as your big sister. Is there anything I can do to make you feel better?
Kurono: Can I have sex with you?
Sakuraoka: Baka!…right now?
Kurono: Yeah, can I?
Sakuraoka: Okay.

Mwahahahahahaha…I like this shit. It’s stupidly hilarious XD

So there you have it, folks. Gantz is one pervert, crazy, and insanely amusing ride. Of course, I can’t write this off as something ‘good’. As a psychological anime, Gantz failed miserably. Fortunately, I have a very twisted sense of humor that I will laugh when I see something stupidly contradictory. As a result, I was laughing like mad throughout the series. In fact, I have not laughed so hard from watching this kind of violent (and retarded) story since Battle Royal Live Action Movie I. If you are expecting Gantz to be a deep, psychological story, this will turn out to be the dumbest anime you will ever see. On the other hand, if you turn off your rationality and expect nothing but hilarious ecchi fanservice, amusingly retarded characters, and a stupidly contradictory story, this is gonna be one of the funniest anime you will ever find…. ….and yeah, I will be watching this shit again XD

Still not convinced?

Gantz has some of the most badass characters you’ll ever see, including a poor man’s Golgo 13 and this huge ass dude called Muscle Rider, who has clearly been training in the mountains.

Gantz pays tribute to its manly predecessors, including Golgo 13, Fist of the North Star, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze.

Not to be lost among Gantz’s accomplishments is its masterful objectification women.

Most manga chapters are introduced with a provocative shot of a real woman (i.e., no DFC and yes pubic hair). The women are so masterfully objectified that initially you don’t even realize they’re characters in the series.

  • Typical manga cover shot: “Hey, that’s Character X! She looks hot!”
  • Gantz manga cover shots: “She looks hot! Hey, that’s Character X!”

That, ladies and gentlemen, is the true meaning of objectification.

Well developed minor characters
Simultaneous subplots
Unforeseeable plot twists
Comical victimization
Regular victimization
Random cat
Random dog
Random panda
Badass mid-episode transitions
Soundtrack by Yuki Kajiura
Fade into intro/ending
Catchy dance sequence
Themes of Hatred/Suffering/Revenge
Enterprising use of nudity
Stylish visual effects
Giant Robots
Robot Suits
Tournament Competition
Non-tournament based competitive activity
Graphic violence
Non-pedophilic character design
Failed confessions
Pimp in a white suit
Soft-spoken girl voiced by Mamiko Noto
Time Travel
Supernatural Power
Poetic dubbing
Public Rape
Obligatory hot springs episode
Guy who never says anything
Trademark Infrigement
Objectification of Women

Gantz is excellent, but it’s not perfect.

  • Too much talking on the battlefield
  • Too many half-assed attempts at depth (ideally there would be none, depth is usually bullshit regardless of how hard you try)
  • Too many characters seem to be introduced for the sole purpose of “tragically” dying off 20 chapters later
  • They could’ve killed off the old woman a little faster
  • The anime ending was useless
  • Muscle Rider gets stuck babysitting a little kid

No final grade yet. The manga is still running and appears to be heading into its final series of battles. Give it another year or two.

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  1. So good manga aren’t quite all dead yet. That’s quite refreshing to hear especially since this one has both manly bastards and hot women, something many manga now forgot to balance out.

  2. Well, considering my opinion of this series is only based on the Japanese volume my mum brought back from Japan when she was there for a day, this manga series certainly has a lot going for it. I wouldn’t read it on the bus though.

  3. lol, I was introduced to Gantz by a video of Muscle Rider fighting a big golem thing in the manga, but put to a video set to Eye of the Tiger. Was pretty badass, but not enough that I ever read the manga. If it had lesbians, maybe.

  4. I think that Gantz is better than any anime I’ve seen. Maybe. Probably. Gantz kicks serious, unbelievable, ass.

    All huge, bad ass characters now come equipped with small children these days. I think you were the one who made this point.

  5. There was a giant robot. Maybe you just haven’t got to that part of the manga yet.

    New chapter should be back in about a week. Let the carnage continue!

  6. I thought the manliest manga prize would go to something like Detroit Metal City, but then again, there were no dinosaurs in DMC, which effectively nullifies my thought completely.

  7. I remember that the Anime was running late night on MTV over here.
    Ive seen the pussy licking sequence and those veggie aliens.Weeks later I saw something with Alien Buddhas or something the like.Never bothered to actively follow the series though.
    So even Gantz teams up the badass dude with some child to show his gentle side? *sigh*

  8. Yes, muscle rider is protecting this goddamn kid. But hey, even this kid turn badass, kicking aliens with its bare hands!

  9. Holy fucking shit. I just realized that there was a panda in the second picture with the dinosaur. Please, please, PLEASE tell me that there is a fucking Panda/Dino showdown.

  10. @Zantetsu: That’s because it started running in 2000. If it came out today, it’d need “lolis” with “DFC” to be popular.

    @LJ: Gantz is beautiful in the eyes of beautiful people.

    @SNAG: I wouldn’t read any manga in public.

    @digitalboy: You saw Muscle Rider but didn’t want to read Gantz? You have no soul.

    @Glo: You think correctly. I even linked to it.

    @RP: Yes. Now Lucky Star owes me a commission.

    @TJ: It was a robot alright, but it didn’t appear giant. I characterized it as a robot suit and left it at that.

    @zzeroparticle: DMC doesn’t have lesbians either.

    @Blowfish: MTV in America sucks. Instead of anime we get crappy reality shows.

    @Etsilihin: True, the kid picks up the slack when he puts down the pudding and starts training with Muscle Rider.

    @Snark: There isn’t. I could lie about it, but that would be panda-ing to the audience.

    @n3wgrass: Kurono is a fucked up guy who amuses me to no end.

  11. Finaaaaaly, a review after thousand and thousand of filler posts. I’ve heard good things about gantz before, but i reaaaaaaly didn’t care because it was from an unreliable otaku who likes Clannad After Story. As a pre-historic fan of your site, i remember reading that post about crappy reviews…But for you using x-treme maketing now, it must be reaaaaaly that good.
    I’ll put everything i’m watching on hold (except legend of galactic heroes) , to watch this.

    lol. you should also add a new category in your posts: “for man” 😀

  12. Wow you did. I’ve been overlooking/missing a lot of shit lately. I’ve really fallen off. I think I need to take a break from ISSSing for a few weeks. Fuck it, I’m going to bed.

  13. “Final”? So there’s actually going to be an end to this? I call [citation needed]. This guy seems like he’s been playing it by ear… I don’t know anymore.

  14. I am here today to make an important announcement; I just got a hate comment for my K-On review! Did your K-On post get you hate comments? No? Exactly! BOOYAH!

  15. @Yi: I blame Rumiko Takahashi.

    @Laguna: I’d put off watching Gantz for so long that I had to make it a resolution. Conveniently though, I caught up to Gantz at the clear end of an arc. Fights in this manga can last a LONG time.

    @Glo: Yes, give in to sleep. Turn to the dark side.

    @Owen: I see your call and raise you an [opinion of the author requires no citation].

    @digitalboy: The beginning isn’t all the slow. The show begins with Kurono visualizing his teacher and classmates naked. Then he gets called out for popping a boner. Not too long afterwards, he gets hit by a train. Then the pussy-licking dog shows up, though if I remember correctly, you’ll have to wait until at least episode 2 for some pussy licking.

    @Snark: Of course I wouldn’t get hate comments. My K-ON review brings people together.

  16. There was a giant robot controlled by the robo-suit guy during the Nura-alien battle (ch 269). The robot got knocked out pretty quickly though by a giant alien.

  17. Gangs was definitely really interesting, but I got really tired of the only people surviving being the main 2 characters. The badass in the beginning was legit, but he fucking died. Stupid. Just fucking stupid. Anways, I thought the end could be better and maybe a couple more pimp characters, but besides that, I think the show was pretty good. Nice post 🙂

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