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Mnemosyne: Holy shit, this show rules! R+++

My Otome Sifr: Wow, it actually doesn't suck. W...

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex: The robots have feelings, but they're also violent and sarcastic. X++

Hatenkou Yugi: Finally, a show that isn't afraid to kill children. I can't believe this is considered shoujo anime. W+

True Tears: The chicken girl has gotten a lot less annoying over the past few episodes. W++

Minami-ke: Okawari: I thought I liked the first season's animation studio better, but maybe I was just accustomed to them. W++

Zoku Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei: Several skits in the first few episodes have gotten a little carried away with themselves. Still good though. W++

Bamboo Blade: I keep waiting for Tamaki to say dekkai. Her resemblance to Alice is unmistakeable. W+

Aria the Origination: Season 3 of the laziest show ever. W++

H20 ~Footprints in the Sand~: H20 ROCKS YOUR SOUL (according to the trailer). I believe in Drastic my Soul. W+

(it's the announcer's last line)

Mokke: Mokke = xxxHoLiC - Watanuki and those dumb fake lesbian kids. Warning: It's yet another show with a disproportionately boring first episode. W+

Clannad: Once again, Kyoto Animation is walking the fine line between 'interesting' and 'boring with style'. Right now it's gravitating towards 'interesting'. W++

You're Under Arrest: Full Throttle: Miyuki and Natsumi are back...with Simoun eyes? Otherwise it's what you'd expect from the older versions of You're Under Arrest: a simple cop show, nothing exhilarating, but fun nonetheless. W+

Shakugan no Shana: I've lost a little respect for Shana ever since I found out that it wasn't based off a video game. W+

Naruto Shippuden: Back from over a year of bullshit filler, Naruto Shippuden started strong but quickly got watered down. W~

Bleach: Wait, the filler arc is over? I could hardly tell. At least they don't make the difference between progress and filler as obvious as Naruto does. W+

Cardcaptor Sakura: This is the original series that Tsubasa Chronicle spun off. I watched an episode just to check out the original versions of the crossover characters, but it has enough value to keep on watching. Ah, I still remember the ads on the WB network for "Cardcaptors"... X+

Eyeshield 21: Great sports anime, already reviewed it. R++


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+++ Monster
++ Blood+
+ Tsubasa Chronicle
... Undecided
~ Air TV
~~ Yakitate Japan
~~~ Naruto Filler

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