Three Strikes for One Piece

At least the English intro is bad enough to be good

I want to like everything I watch. You might not get that impression from all the bashing I do on this site, but really, I give every show a fair chance. In fact, I probably try a lot harder than you (otherwise I wouldn’t like Akikan or Queen’s Blade). I hate enough things in life; I feel no need to hate anything else. With that said, One Piece sucks.

There are several things I could complain about:

  • Lousy talk/fight ratio
  • Lousy flashblack/fight ratio
  • Too many retarded enemies
  • Zoro’s failure to fight anyone remotely interesting (except Mihawk, which was awesome)
  • Luffy’s rubber powers somehow include increased hand-eye coordination
  • Somebody’s always crying for some stupid reason (often a random kid thrown in for the sole purpose of giving the target audience someone they’re supposed to relate to, as if the scrawny, light-skinned, dark-haired protagonist wasn’t enough for Japanese kids)

But those are all relatively minor problems. Since dropping One Piece three years ago, I’ve leveled up like a Shonen hero, watching shitty anime like Lucky Star and K-ON until I developed a tolerance for low-grade bullshit. If I could finish all those crappy shows, wouldn’t watching One Piece be a piece of cake? Not at all. I was arrogant to think I could stomach the idiocy of Monkey D. Luffy for a third time.

Oddly, One Piece sucks for the exact same reason Kurenai sucks. I can enjoy a light & fluffy anime. I’m fine with a dramatic anime. I’m perfectly willing to accept both in the same show (e.g., Higurashi). Unfortunately, unlike good shows, Kure-nai and One Piece can’t reconcile the fluff with the serious stuff.

In every arc, Luffy is guaranteed to do something utterly retarded that directly jeopardizes the well-being of those he supposedly cares about. Then he’ll invariably spout a few tear-jerking lines about fighting with everything he’s got to protect them. Sorry Luffy, fuck you. Where were your themes of friendship when you:

  • Got hypnotized as Usopp repeatedly yelled at you not to stare at the guy who was obviously trying to hypnotize you
  • Embedded your feet in concrete, thereby rendering yourself helpless in battle and allowing yourself to be conveniently sunk to the bottom of the ocean
  • Got stuck between two walls for a week when all it took to break free was a little willpower

Why can’t Monkey D. Luffy be more like Gon Freecs?

The similarities are subtle, but many:

  • They both have stupid names
  • Their character designs are both meant to appeal to Japanese kids
  • They were both ditched by their father figures
  • They’re both persistent about picking allies to the point of stalking them
  • They both have an unquenchable thirst for fun and adventure

There’s one key difference: even though they both love the screw around, Gon doesn’t do it when it’s clearly a dumb idea that contradicts everything he believes in. Lucky Star and K-ON taught me how to tolerate bullshit. They didn’t teach me how to tolerate hypocrisy.

In all fairness, Luffy does a few things right. He’s got some sick moves when he’s fighting seriously. His destruction of Nami’s map room was reminiscent of Onizuka’s sledgehammer scene. He also…give me a minute…oh well, I guess those are the only remotely nice things I have to say about Luffy. What a shitty character.

Conclusion: I can’t put up with Luffy’s stupidity for 400+ episodes.

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  1. I find it very disturbing that whenever people cry in this show, its that really sloppy crying – snot streaming out of the nose, eyes bursting out rivers, etc. I mean, seriously, folks, this is anime, I want it to look good.

  2. Tried watching it years ago, I couldn’t get into it. Yeah I couldn’t get behind Luffy either, that’s got to have something to do with it. I wouldn’t want to watch all those episodes just to validate my dislike for something. But I wouldn’t justifiably be able to say it’s shitty either.

  3. To be able to finish Lucky Star AND K-On, when the latter alone sapped nigh all my will to exist…truly you are a greater man then I.

  4. Luffy is one of my alltime favorite anime characters, and I think that it’s silly to call him a hypocrite when he’s just an idiot. That’s like giving too much meaning to a stupid kids show. If you want to hate those elements, hate them for being stupid kids show elements, not hypocracy.

  5. I’ve been reading the manga as of late and I must say Luffy isn’t really stupid as much as he is reckless. Certain moments of dumbassery would take huge balls of steel for anyone to attempt like taking on Enies Lobby and its over 9,000 troops headfirst, go to the impenetrable prison of Impel Down alone and erm… You have a point, I don’t really like Luffy all that much. The more notable characters of the series make the show awesome like Bartholomew Kuma who literally disbanded the Strawhats effortlessly and Franky who’s arguably the manliest main character of Onepiece albeit being a cyborg.

    Honestly the best moment Luffy ever had was to tell his crewmates to run away from their enemies. Boy’s not as stupid as to send his friends to death against someone who IS lasers.

  6. What’s with the author’s bizarre fixation upon cartoony, idiotic/ugly looking characters with no appeal?
    By drawing every newly introduced character like that, he’s basically resigning them to always and forever be useless pieces of shit, doomed to a short, gimmicky life. Eventually, with that kind of shitty treatment, the reader begins picking out who’s really important to the plot by which bad dudes look kind of serious, and if not, appears dangerous if dropped on one’s foot.
    To hell with that. That’s telling the audience what to think. Nobody appreciates being bossed around by a damned kid’s show (Nobody who matters, anyways.)
    Maybe these eyes are too discriminating. They immediately began protesting at the horrendously off-model characters in Higurashi, and their judgment proved incorrect there.
    However, that appears highly unlikely in this case.

  7. The 400+ episode wall is just too big for some people to conquer and see the awesome that is One Piece. BakaRaptor, you suck are awesome.

    • I’ve always dreaded watching One Piece. It was an odd feeling, like an ulcer would appear if I did. After years of watching other anime I said, “Well darn, let’s watch One Piece.”

      I am proud to say I got to around episode 250. Around cause I don’t want to go look and truly find out. After the first 10 episodes I created a strategy for One Piece, I understood how it would progress. Slow … very slow … retarded slow.
      This is the strategy, follow it closely:
      STRATEGY 1
      1. Jump the 3+ minutes of bullshit introduction and see the first minute or two of an episode. If the story has moved a little, or if it resembles anything close to interesting anime, watch.
      2. If the “1 or 2 minutes” of judgement don’t reveal anything interesting, jump to the MIDDLE of the episode, check if anything interesting has developed then.
      3. If STILL the episode doesn’t have anything interesting. Jump to THE END of the episode, just before the bullshit closing credits that eat up another 3 minutes of a 25 minute episode and watch 1 or 2 minutes so you know more or less what is going on.
      4. Repeat steps 1 to 3.

      I managed to see 250+ episodes in 2 days and, get this, I DID NOT MISS ANYTHING. That is just sad! How could I understand the gist of the plot from watching a MAX of 6 minutes per episode? Holy gods!

      After episode 100, I followed THIS strategy:
      1. Skip 5 episodes
      2. Follow STRATEGY 1 STEPS.
      3. Rince and repeat.

      I guarantee, you will NOT miss anything but worthless fluff or a ridiculous battle with the Foxy Pirates, or the Priest of Balls up in Skypeia.

      The only fights I enjoyed were the ones with Enel and Crocodile. Truly fearsome opponents that didn’t look completely ridiculous.

      In conclusion, ONE PIECE SUCKS DUNKEY NUTS. It’s so bad so worthless so slow and so moronic, that I can’t recommend it to anyone.

      Perhaps the Manga is better, but the anime is disgustingly bad.

      • I think one piece is not for you. it’s not about history progress (lol the story is almos non linear) but is about the character personalities, possibility exploring, and the many feels it have (sometimes feels like a comedy, sometimes almost like a seinen and things like that) if you don’t find all the things interesting, you’ll obviously say it’s no progress. i don’t care if the protagonist is stupid and idiot, one piece is not all about fight and protagonism and art like most animes

  8. As for me, I have two major compaints about One Piece:

    1. I hate the animation. Stinks like shit.

    2. Intolerable-retarded characters. Stinks like shit.

    So it’s One Piece of shit.

    Now I’m off to watch Black Lagoon– they’re kinda like pirates but 1000x better. Levi’s one of the few non-loli characters that got my dick up.

  9. This ‘retarded’ thing always seems to be the most divisive element of One Piece, as if you’re looking for logic or explanation where there is none. You have to be a fairly passive viewer to get into it, I mean you’re complaining about things here I never even bothered to question; it’s supposed to be fun and weird and blood boiling, but if you’re not feeling that, I’m not surprised you dropped it.

    It’s a shame because One Piece is probably my favourite anime bar none, but I often see people bomb out on it like this.

  10. Isn’t One Piece a kid’s show? Like really, are you expecting much from a show that is targeted at 9 year olds?

    I remember watching an episode of Transformers on YouTube a few weeks ago… man did I ever love that show as a kid but now it’s absolutely retarded.

    • You probably heard of the kids version. That one is superrr gay. But if the other one was targeted at 9 year olds, than wtf would this world be? I dont know if parents want there 9 year olds watching a show that swears at the LEAST 10 times per episode. Even if it is the episodes where luffy sabo and ace are all 10 years old/ 7 year old and they’re still swearing all the time. P.S One Piece is one of my favorite animes EVER.

  11. @Epi: One Piece is targeted at the same audience as Naruto and Bleach. And I have love Naruto ( Bleach is a different story).

    I can’t stand One Piece either and I’ve read the manga and seen the anime. Here are the reasons
    1)Luffy is a terrible, terrible attempt at a Goku clone. To put it bluntly, he’s fucking retarded. Goku had a excuse for his stupidy and that’s because he practically had to raise himself in the woods so when he came out into the world he was oblivious to alot of stuff. Luffy grew up around people in civilization. 2)Zoro sucks too. The three sword style is stupid and yes he never gets any good fights. When he does, he gets his ass handed to him.
    3)The villains are lame. I dropped the show after the fight with the guy who had giant um…cat claws with swords on the end? yea…

    I will go out on a limb and say that I’ve always admired the art style though.

  12. @Day: Agreed, it’s unnecessarily ugly, but to me, ugly crying makes more sense than the moe crying I’m so used to seeing in anime.

    @ghostlightning: You may want to keep watching until you can take a hard stance. Wouldn’t One Piece be an excellent show to like? 400+ episodes of something you like, imagine how awesome that would be.

    @double, Asperger’s & Omisyth: If the manga is basically the same thing as the anime, no thanks. If Luffy is any less idiotic in the manga, I might give it a shot.

    @Snark: Watching all that hyped up crap is the duty of blogger. Would you have watched K=ON if you weren’t a blogger? Neither would I.

    @digitalboy: Fine, on behalf of all One Piece fans, you have chosen that Luffy is an idiot, not a hypocrite. From now on, you and all One Piece fans are estopped from ever asserting that Luffy’s actions are motivated by a shred of intelligence.

    @Zantetsu: Real men wear speedos. End of story.

    @LJ: Perhaps the artist has no talent. No, that would be too simple an explanation. Perhaps the artist is just lazy. Nobody can tell when ugly, unappealing characters are drawn incorrectly so he gets away with it.

    @Miha: I don’t mind watching a crappy show for 13-26 episodes. Any more than that isn’t worth my time when there are so many non-crappy shows I haven’t seen. Like Gantz.

    @Rakuen: Good call, perhaps it’s about time I watched Black Lagoon in all its non-pedophilic glory.

    @bateszi: I haven’t committed to dropping yet. I think I’ll just be extremely selective about the episodes I watch. There’s a lot about the show that’s likeable. Unfortunately, the main character isn’t one of them.

    @Epi: I’d agree with you, but many people in my general age group are of the opinion that One Piece is better than sex.

    @thekungfukid: I kinda liked the claw-dude, mainly because he was the first boss in the show who wasn’t clearly retarded. Powers sucked though.

  13. Given how much random fighting bollocks I watch and enjoy, I can follow your opening paragraph. It would be great if I could obtain the kind of pure joy some people get from watching Luffy dick around. And, indeed, I agree that Gon, despite his rubbish design, is miles better. In particular, I like how Gon’s singlemindedness is shown as potentially terrifying and ruthless as well as being naive.

    And I’m sure you’d like Black Lagoon, because it is fairly brilliant. Oh, and the first arc of season 2… should not be spoiled.

  14. Hmm, I don’t recall Gon ever stalking anyone to become friends. Probably one of the reasons why Gon also isn’t as bad is because he has Killua to smack him in the head whenever he’s being too retarded.

    Oh and he probably makes One Piece ugly to make a point of some kinda. Down with Bishie characters or something.

  15. >>Fine, on behalf of all One Piece fans, you have chosen that Luffy is an idiot, not a hypocrite. From now on, you and all One Piece fans are estopped from ever asserting that Luffy’s actions are motivated by a shred of intelligence.

    I don’t mind that of course, but I doubt other One Piece fans will share my outlook :p

  16. Oh C’Mon Baka-raptor !!! You manage to watch countless “pieces” of Naruto Filler episodes, there’s no way you cannot pass through at least one season of One Piece 😉

    Now the only thing that is missing on your site, is a major post about how crappy BLEACH is.

  17. “At least the English intro is bad enough to be good” What does that even mean?
    I think the song is just bad. It’s kind of like Luffy. He can’t maintain a train of thought for long, perhaps to the point where he has ADD or ADHD, whichever is more appropriate. That song has a new tune every few seconds and sounds like a complete mishmash of jumbled ideas.

    • Luffy is mos definitely ADHD, if you were wondering. If what you say is true and he cant focus, then that covers ADD, but he’s obviously stuffed with energy. If he’ almost always full of energy and ready for FUN FUN FUN! Then there’s no doubt in my mind that he’s ADHD. ADHD people have excess energy and often do and say things without thinking or really evaluating the situation properly, which I think may be why Luffy is considered ‘Stupid’ only to have strange, random dashes of intelligence. It’s because he doesn’t think things true, an issue many ADD and ADHD people have. Also, don’t think I’m judging randomly. My brother, father, and two of my friends have ADD or ADHD.

  18. One Piece is better at switching moods than Higurashi. The light-hearted scenes in Higurashi just felt completely out of place and it would have been at least 50% better without them.

  19. Searching for Black Lagoon on Danbooru seems to be the ultimate pedo-test these days.
    You too, should try it. See what your subconsciousness thinks about grown women.

  20. @Glo the Legend & coburn: Black Lagoon is now on the list, after Gantz.

    @moridin84: Gon stalked Leorio early in the series. The kid has a great eye for talent

    @Laguna: 43 consecutive episodes of One Piece is more than enough to say I gave the show a fair chance. Bleach will never get a total bash-post like One Piece or Naruto. I prefer to tackle Bleach issues one at a time.

    @jcpenguin: Take a line like “Yo-ho-ho took a bite of Gum-Gum!”. It is a terrible pun and therefore allowed to be amusing. Ok, the song sucks. Perhaps I’m just impressed with the Naruto version:

    @Gunstray: That’s isn’t quite accurate. I dropped Naruto Filler a long time ago.

    @Kyoin: Anyone’s a mediocre character compared to Luffy. What do you want me to do, compare him to Raki?

    @Praz: Gotta gooooooooooo, gotta go gotta gooooooooooooo, uh-ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    @thekungfukid & Ikki: Danbooru says it’s serving too many files. The kungfukid is right: I blew up the internet.

    @Merk: Seeing total chaos develop from total tranquility is one of the beauties of Higurashi, though perhaps our disagreement has more to do with how the peaceful episodes were done than whether they were necessary/valuable.

  21. Well,One piece is a pretty good anime.I just don’t like the crying scenes and Luffy being helpless for a period of time because of stupidity(feet embedded in a concrete by himself in Arlong arc). Crying scenes are the most stupid things in the anime,I mean, everybody can cry without a snot flowing in your nose.That’s disgusting.Even female characters are like that,for example,Nami.I think it’s a turn off for most of the viewers.

  22. can you explain me why One Piece is still rank number 1 in japan even you say it suck?
    Also why some people still watching One Piece?
    It also surpass Dragon Ball and rape Naruto in the ranking of Japan.
    I respect your opinion to One Piece but did you watch all the series before you make a crappy review of it.
    I think your just saying this because your favorite series gone downhill

  23. How many episodes did you watch before you dropped it?
    The first half is bad, but it gets better after episode 200 or so…

  24. >Lucky Star and K-ON taught me how to tolerate bullshit. They didn’t teach me how to tolerate hypocrisy.

    Simply wow. 2/10 for bad troll, but 6/10 for a hilarious read.

  25. “can you explain me why One Piece is still rank number 1 in japan even you say it suck?” Well I don’t know, he’s maybe capable of having his own opinions. Seriously, that was a lame argument. Plus, a large portion of One Piece-viewers in Japan are probably children with lower expectaions. I don’t feel like writing anymore, but please do argument why YOU think it deserves a better review instead of throwing out some lame ass thing about rating.

  26. I agree luffy is a bad character though i still enjoy the show, the man has an opinion and everyone is going insane.What i DO hate is the retarded fanbase one piece has people like different things simple as that.

  27. This wasn’t really a good assessment of the series. You’re taking it too seriously when One Piece doesn’t take itself seriously. A lot of things Luffy does is for comedy. He’s still a capable captain and it doesn’t detract from the story.

    When you truly cry, it’s nasty and ugly. Your eyes get puffy and red and you get snot all over the place. It’s not supposed to look cute.

    One Piece is indeed made for children. However, it’s a series that even those who started reading it 10 years ago can still enjoy it.

  28. One Piece’s plot gets better as the series progresses. I think that’s why I still watch and read it. I agree, though, that Luffy’s an idiot. Heehee. I don’t dislike him tho. I just like the other characters better (like Robin. woo)

    I don’t mind the crying scenes. I think it looks better than scenes where the tears somehow manage to flow individually and straight to the ground… Nobody looks pretty when they’re crying.

  29. You guys are blind. This guy presents clear evidence of how one piece sucks. If you need more

    *You get powers from eating a fruit and then you cant swim. How the hell does that happen.
    *Some characters are way too OPed(Overpowered. Like shanks, monkey D. Garp, Especially blackbeard.)
    *Luffy tries to find a treasure. Yet hes constantly showing stupidity.
    *The Grand Line makes no sense at all. Yes the place has One Piece. How the hell did people with wings and giant monsters get over there???
    *The characters look like some kid drew them learning art classes.
    *The plot is completely uninteresting and the ending is really predictable. Pirates trying to find a treasure?? Isn’t that a little cliche?
    *All characters get equal screen time is obvious bullshit. THERES ONLY 8 STRAWHAT PIRATES. BLEACH theres over 30 MAIN PLOT SHIMIGAMI. In Naruto Theres over 30 MAIN PLOT NINJAS.

    I can say way more about how one piece sucks but obviously one piece fans dont realize how stupid and overrated the anime is.

    • Most of what you said makes no sense and shows complete lack of understanding of what you’re trying to critique rather than individual taste.

      You can accept a teenage boy having shinigami powers, a stuffed toy brought to life, a ninja boy with a demon sealed in him as a baby, chakra that gives people equally fantastic and impossible-in-reality abilities but you can’t accept a mythical fruit that gives people powers at a price? That is insane.

      One Piece is set in a fantasy world, magic, fictional creatures and races make sense in the story if that is how it’s set up. Naruto and Bleach has it’s own share of fantastic beasts, races, and artifacts too. You don’t seem to have a problem wondering where the giant frogs, giant fox demon, and giant ghost monsters got to their respective setting (assuming my assumption from your nonsensical ravings in caps at the end comparing it to those two shows is correct). That basically boils down to you saying you hate it because it has fantasy elements that don’t exist in the real world. If you have a problem with that you should hate ALL stories with any fantasy elements, Bleach and Naruto included. It’s fiction, it’s only needs to make sense in context. You can make things up as long as you’re consistent and stick to the rules you set up.

      How do those characters’ immense power worsen the story? Blackbeard’s powers has been a big driving force in the conflict and is building to something big in the story. The power of the Yonkou and the Navy higher-ups, which includes Shanks and Garp, is part of the dynamics of the main powers ruling the seas. And it’s just plain, shonen-style awesome. Having insanely strong characters are not inherently bad, it’s how the characters and their powers are handled. Great stories have been written featuring far more powerful characters.

      What does having a dream have to do with intelligence? Your reasoning that because Luffy wants to find a treasure he can’t act stupid is poorly presented. I agree Luffy’s an idiot, but I don’t agree Luffy is completely dumb. The story shows there’s more to his character than that, he’s competent enough when it matters, but that’s a whole other debate.

      Pirates wanting to find a treasure is the premise, not the entire plot, neither does that sum up what the whole story is about. Simple premises aren’t inherently bad, it’s what the writer does with it. Saying it’s dumb because it’s about pirates looking for a treasure is vague.

      I can’t fully make sense of your last point. All characters get equal screen time? You mean the main characters? Yea, they do. Each crew member is treated with equal attention from Oda and contribute to the story. None are left to feel like a 3rd wheel. What does this have to do with the number of characters from other shows?

      One Piece does have flaws, as someone who watches and reads it as much as me I’m quite familiar with them, your reasons though make no sense.

  30. agreed with IPM7, its the most disgustingly animated series of this era, its really for the immature minded folks who watch this, i get tired of my kid brother watching this wasting time in my PC,quite bluntly the story plot or whatever is for simple minded kids, “i wan’t to be a pirate king”, “i wan’ t to be go to the all blue”, i wan’t to be whatever”, the only thats worth watching are the ladies, like nami robin and hancock but the rest is mediocre, especially the art and animation it really sucks my goodness the world is really insane and full of stupid people if this what you called the greatest anime ever?shit, this isn’t even pass average, i wish my parents would buy my brother his own PC i can’t bare watching and hearing one piece in my room

    • Your opinion of the show doesn’t sound objective, it seems like part of why you think it’s bad comes from your own annoyance at your brother taking up you computer time and making you watch to something you’re not interested in seeing. Centering the story on having dreams doesn’t make it simple-minded. You admitting that your idea of what makes something worth watching are boobs and lady curves doesn’t make your assessment very convincing. If anything, that combined with your childish anger at something backed by a vague understanding of it makes you look like a simpleton.

  31. During the the end of my high school, the shonen-jump era came to play around 2001, and One Piece was mentioned around school, I checked it out the style was unique and the story was quite interesting, but during the course of it being shallow, boring, and a little over the top I couldn’t get into it. It really tries to differ itself from other japanese comics too hard. I questioned about the logic in the show but as usual, the “fans” act like royalty and hate it when people bring in logic to the anime. I kinda gave up on that and other japanese-driven enthuisastic mainstream media.

  32. Wanna cry?

    It really doesnÂŽt matter if one person among the millions of anime fans doesnÂŽt like One Piece. For your information, let me tell you some real facts:

    – One Piece has sold more manga volumes than Naruto and Bleach together (Yeah, not even together they could match One piece).
    – One Piece has the Guiness Record for the most selled graphic novel over the world (look for it)
    – Japaneses (the only people whose opinion matters), thinks that One Piece is the most interesting animation in Japan, as said in Oricon interview.
    – I think you canÂŽt stand One Piece character design because you are looking for some animation with hot woman just to shake your dick… You need to learn to appreciate different styles, and One Piece is the most original of them, because is not the usual kid with big eyes and spiky hear that kills everyone.
    – One Piece is pretty equal if we talk about comedy and seriousness. The fact that OP can’t reconcile the fluff with the serious stuff is a lie. Same thing with 75% of the shit you just posted.

    Conclusion: One Piece is one of the best mangas in the history. ItÂŽs ok if you donÂŽt like it, but keep that to yourself, because saying that it sucks is the most ignorant and most stupid thing ever.

    Conclusion 2: You suck as a critic.

    By the way, since there is always retarded people who answers posts like this one, then I decided to disappear from here. Anyways, I canÂŽt reason with idiots, so why to stay?

    • -Quantity doesn’t always mean quality(Common sense…supposedly).
      -Yes instead of big-boobed girls and spiky-haired big-eyed hero, we get big boobed girls with a straw-hat wearing hero with BIG eyes and a STUPID grin.

  33. One Piece fucking sucks…

    OOOO… now if you dont like OP you suck?… fucking brilliant from a fucking retard like Jink

  34. I came upon this today and I just wanted to say that most of you must be some closeminded individuals. One, I would like to point out that this is not a show for 9 year olds. I blame the stupid mother fucking dubs for that mistake. (I personally hate dubs) Ok now on to my list of reasons why One Piece is in fact awesome. If you guys don’t want to listen to me, fine. If I can deal with that shit in the real world, I can deal with it here.

    -They have a lot of forms of idiocy in American shows today and you can’t stand Luffy?! WHAT ABOUT NARUTO?! I think he is the dumbest thing on the planet! (No offense to Naruto fans….) At least Luffy gets better over time and shows improvement in his fighting abilities!
    -If you watched the dub NO WONDER!!!!!! Yea One Piece Dub sucks big time *sage nods*
    -One Piece is a story about romance, not the lovey dovey kind but the one where you follow your dreams! If you think dreams are stupid, I can understand why you don’t like this anime too.
    -If you think that you don’t like the sub or manga, I suggest you read some SBS. Not only will they make you laugh but maybe they could help you stay reading it through the supposed “idiocy” you guys claim it has.
    -In truth, the One Piece world has a lot of “logic” if you ignore the powers and such. The only time I have to agree is when Zoro is fighting Mr. 1 in Alabastia arc. That was actually confusing on how Zoro was not sliced. Yet, most everything else are more metaphors than anything. How is it that Nami can beat Luffy up when no one else really can? “Answer: When the crew beats up on each other, it’s always in admonishment with a strong sense of purpose, which is why it works so well!! It works on his HEART!! I bet Nami is thinking, “It’s MY heart that hurts deep down!!” …right? I guess not.” Straight out of Oda. There are a few other instances where metaphor come into play and if you can distinguish between those and everything else, everything can be logically explained in a way.
    – I would also like to add that most girls like guys with stupid grins. If we didn’t we would get raped all the time.

    I would like to add that I didn’t necessarily respond to all of your comments here so like yea whatever. However I hope this would if anything convince most of you that has dropped the manga to start it again or something. If it doesn’t I guess I can deal with that. We can’t get angry for not liking the same foods so why do it for not liking the same shows. Same ideals apply, different taste buds different thought processes.

  35. It looks like many of you haven’t gave the show an actual chance. And as said above, it’s probably because you watched the dubbed version, or possibly the 4kids version? Anyway, if you do, just watch the japanese version subbed. Ugh, I don’t even know why, it’s a million times better. So, towards all the people saying how ridiculous their devil fruit powers are.. Every show has a twist to it. I mean, can you really be a ninja? No. Can you have a special power from eating a fruit? No. It’s not a freaking reality show.

    Yes, Luffy and part of his crew are idiots. And the stupid things they do and say that screw everything up is the comedy part of the show.

    One Piece is actually not so much a kid’s show. There’s a 4kids version for kids. And some of the editing they do is really retarded. So if you’re watching that, it’s no wonder you don’t like it. Read the manga or as I said, watch the japanese one with subs.

  36. @wolfy I’m agreeing with wolfy 100% most of you said you stopped at ep 30 HA thats nothing, that is absolute bullshit, you cant review a series of 400+ eps off of watching only around 1-40. It seriously gets better and better every episode. When he gathers the foundation of his crew i’d say after gaining chopper than the show gets amazing from there on out. Hell if you cant stand to watch the fucking eps, then you can watch the movies 8 and 9 which is a summary of two major arcs the arc about chopper and Alabasta (of course if you do that it’ll only give you a sliver at how amazing one piece is) holy fuck just the Enies lobby arc is freaken amazing. If you don’t like this show it comes down to the fact you didn’t give it a chance at all. And someone said something about “how can you get powers from a fruit/ where did the monsters come from” your a fucking retard its an anime do you really watch a anime and go “hmmm he just made a wish on dragon balls that shit is not real and therefore this show sucks” or another example”he just put his hands together made a clone of himself not buying it that shits gay”

    All I can say is holy fuck people dont judge this show on the 1st 30eps. If you dont at least give this show a chance you’ll regret not watching this amazing series.

  37. Anon3295829IDK: luffy is not better than naruto, he is retarded and far more pathetic than any character shonen! if you did not like the facts then go cry somewhere else, and one piece is yes you happen to children is delayed or not seen the interview asshole Oda say that anime is for your children?

    • 100% grammars in this post. Anyway, seeing as I couldn’t understand the second half of your post at all, I will just address the first half. Calling Luffy the worst shonen protagonist ever is a long shot. While I do agree that he has his flaws, the only reason I could stand Naruto was his similarities with Luffy and Goku. Also, seeing as Oda is a far more interesting, involved, and hilarious mangaka than Masashi Kishimoto and Tite Kubo combined, calling him an asshole is just stupid and uninformed. Have you seen the SBS? That’s what I thought.

  38. If U don’t Like One Piece, why do u fucking care about it then? I don’t care About Naruto, because I fuckin hate it! Even thought Luffy and the others can be stupid sometimes, I still love this show, it’s a part of my childhood (yeah, I started to watch One Piece Early..) And I can also say that the One Piece Manga is a year older than me, not many.. AND I’M SOON thirteen, think about that! the Naruto manga was drawed in 1997, BUT NOT MADE before 1998 or 1999.. But anyways; Naruto suck balls, it’s about a fuckin blone guy who has a ugly bestfriend and a pink freaking fangirl!! (and many others..) AND THE DRAWING SUCKS MORE THAN THE PLOT. The Manga is better, but it still suck.

    Why OP is awesome;
    -They are NOT overpowered like Naruto and Dragonball(Not that I hate DB) (even sometimes they are awesome overpowered..)
    -The Plot has a meaning, and they are setting sail for the goal… (In Naruto they give up and start, and give up.. -.-)
    -The drawings are really amazing, Oda-sensei did a good job on that one..
    -Luffy are a awesome Main person, MUCH better than Naruto.

    Ownage :333333

    From; Me and My brother

    • just another one piece zealot.

      -They are NOT overpowered like Naruto and Dragonball(Not that I hate DB) (even sometimes they are awesome overpowered..)
      one piece fighting scenes are my nightmare. too messy, brainless , mugiwara crews always win with a plot shield. No tactical move no brain, just fist and stamina.

      -The Plot has a meaning, and they are setting sail for the goal
 (In Naruto they give up and start, and give up.. -.-)
      ok, i agree, but looking at one piece with constructivism , this series is done. everything has been repeated in the same pattern. Just change the island and villain , again and again.
      But I have to admit that the sub-plots about world gov and lost history are interesting.

      -The drawings are really amazing, Oda-sensei did a good job on that one..
      too messy. and too idiotic image.

      -Luffy are a awesome Main person, MUCH better than Naruto.
      ok, naruto is main my most hatred main charac in big 3, but it does not mean luffy is good.
      Seriously, Luffy is totally annoying n failed rib-off main hero from goku.
      His IQ is zero. too idiot to be adored, at least for me.

    • Yes, Naruto is “about a fuckin blone guy who has a ugly bestfriend and a pink freaking fangirl!!”
      It’s about a “blone” guy.
      A “blone” guy.
      A “blone”. I can’t even. I’m dying over here.
      Sorry, I just had to do that.
      First of all, Sakura aka “pink freaking fangirl” what you mean is pink-HAIRED fangirl.She is only Sasuke’s fangirl. From the context of this sentence, you’re implying that she’s Naruto’s fangirl which is completely false. Okay, now for the actual reply.
      -They are NOT overpowered like Naruto and Dragonball(Not that I hate DB) (even sometimes they are awesome overpowered..)
      I agree on this one. Naruto feels too overpowered but so is One Piece. If you do recall, Luffy, Ace, and Sabo had insane strength for a whole bunch of little kids. They beat up a group of grown men who were ten times their size.
      -The Plot has a meaning, and they are setting sail for the goal
 (In Naruto they give up and start, and give up.. -.-)
      So does Naruto. Naruto wants to become Hokage, Sasuke wants to “purify” his clan, and Jiraiya wants to bring peace to the ninja world. One of the main themes of Naruto is never give up. Yes, his goal of becoming Hokage is set aside for now but there’s a fucking war going on over there. I think it would be a good time to focus on the issues at hand rather than trying to become Hokage.
      -The drawings are really amazing, Oda-sensei did a good job on that one..
      …..Did you notice that Nami’s boobs have been getting bigger and bigger and her waist getting smaller and smaller as the series go on? She looks like she can snap in half anytime. She’s also been wearing less and less clothes as the series go on. The art style really irks me though. But each one is entitled to his own opinion.
      -Luffy are a awesome Main person, MUCH better than Naruto.
      I feel that Naruto is a better main character than Luffy. Luffy lacks in character development (yes, he grew after Ace died but it took his brother’s death to make him mature up and five hundred chapters). If you compare the Naruto that was at the beginning of the series to the Naruto that is now, he has grown up and matured A LOT. That moment where he met his father and mother once again, that was heartbreaking.
      Ownage :333333
      lol. No.

  39. ive gotten up to episode 23 lol i dont understand how this show can get much better.. i mean did anyone stop to think that in the course of finding a ship… and again luffy having to work in that restaurant ship that they have a treasure worth what was it like 500000 gold w.e they have.. couldnt they just buy a ship… or couldnt he of just paid for the restaurants damages lol… whats even the point in having treasure if your not gonna buy anything? i give up lol @.@

    • “whats even the point in having treasure if your not gonna buy anything?” Bragging rights, and respect, and the kind that will have until they’re bums again.

  40. Since this has become already such a bid debate, I won’t say much, but I totally LOVE one piece!

    I just wanted to share some surprising facts (that I found on mangafox)of the popularity of One Piece in Japan:

    ” 2009…apan-by-series


    FIRST HALF OF 2011…011-first-half

    for those who says one piece is for childs…ers-are-adults “

  41. Hey Dude,

    I can see where you are coming from for not liking One Piece, because you only watched probably the first 40 episodes. I’d just like to comment that it’s really sad that you gave up on it so early, because it really does get a lot better later, as many one piece fans will (sometimes over-zealously) attest to. The villains become a LOT more badass, and the story becomes a lot more epic than just “let’s look for treasure!”. The story literally evolves to one involving a global scale crisis.

    If you’re concerned that Luffy will constantly be a retard if you continue watch it, then i will safely assure you that his one-mindedness eventually becomes a great addition to the crew’s battle prowess, instead of being a liability.

    I think the difference in perception of One piece is not a cultural one (oh Japanese love this sort of stuff; no), but really a just a difference in opportunity. Because, when Japanese buy and read Weekly Shonen Jump, they are exposed to every single manga that is published in the book, whereas in every other country, you have to first buy/download the manga to be exposed to it. That’s why there are a lot more Japanese who love One Piece; because they are able to contrast and compare them. And with the recent development in the One Piece storyline, it is no wonder so many more Japs have converted to a One Piece fan.

  42. I forgot to say on my last comment that Naruto,Bleach and all those lame ass cartoons are gay, One Piece is the best series on earth no other serie can replace ONE PIECE!!!

    • i hate people like you one piece has it flaws it isn’t just god of anime ( don’t get me wrong i like one piece it is my favorite) but naruto is good to i only watch 5 episode of bleach can’t say yet

  43. Stop being a bunch of pussies OPfags… the manga, the anime and every single thing about One Piece is utter shit… even the current arc is fucking shit

  44. MY OPINION One Piece does not not a troll..i just like that anime :P….i dont hate Naruto ..i just hate their fags they call narutards…well i dont know about your opinions..

  45. I concur– One Piece totally sucks.

    The art is ugly and distracting, the characters are irritating and sort of creepy, and the story is….. weird. I don’t hate light, comedic stories or anything, but OP went way too far in that direction, so much that it was just dumb and immature. I don’t care if other people like the series (yes, I’m aware of how huge it is; that obviously means it does have a following,) but I thought it was pretty bad.

    Also, my two cents to the peeps who have been arguing over OP vs. Naruto:

    I do like Naruto a lot and agree that it definitely pwns One Piece. However, Bleach completely surpasses both of them as far as art, story, character design, and general appeal/awesomeness. Yes, it does have its moments of suckage as well– no series is perfect– but it’s by far the best of the SJ big Three.

  46. I am a die hard op fan.
    Are you not understanding this?!
    1)they dont pronouce the names right.
    2) they kinda ruin the story in dub because of false introduction
    3)if you only saw dub and like the first 50 episodes your going be like ah one piece is an ok anime.
    You have to watch it dubbed or read the manga.
    for those Bleach and Naruto fans.
    For Bleach you have to wait like 100 episodes till it gets interesting.
    For Naruto you have to wait like 200 episode till it gets interesting.
    For One piece you have to watch 50 episode and your addicted. you cant stop watching.
    once you past episode 130 you should watch episode 151 and go straight to 227 and thats when you are hooked. you cant stop.
    i used to watch like 25 episodes a day at that point. it was awesome.
    reach sobody and then you you realize the actual plot of one piece.
    not a stupid crew of people fighting then getting treasure. now its getiing ready for the new world. you have the worlg governtment being jackasses. supernovas. haki.and then then new world thats where the sireis realyy starts with really badass enemys. not faggot buggy but Smoker after the timeskip and aukianu.
    Im not hating but really you shouldnt go around judging mangas by the first 40 episode. if you did that you would hate naruto, not understand bleach, but db/dbz/dbgt you would love……
    Just saying actually know what your talking about first then start ranting.

  47. Okay my main issue is that with Naruto they simply just increasing powers for no reason and no one even acts like a ninja anymore. I liked everything before shippuden much better, now it’s become a who can reveal the more surprise over powered jutsu contest. The character development is kinda there but not enough to distract me from how stale that part of the story is, plus whenever someone makes a smart leader decision everyone goes “no i’mma do what I want, cause i’m not a tool.” Which would logically save a lot of effort and lives but fuck logic. Anime is cool though.

    Bleach lol theres just so many plot holes and inconsistencies that it’s ridiculous plus the arcs kinda repeat themselves over and over. Like there is absolutely no logic at all in how the Bleach world, timeline, or characters think. Plus Ichigo is really stereotypical of the average shonen hero. Another issue is Kubo even admitted he can’t really come up with ideas that well so in order to create a new arc he simply creates new characters. I give credit to the anime and art style though as thats where it beats all. But yeah it’s pretty obvious that I dislike bleach the most of these 3 at least in terms of story.

    OP alright if you can discount the whole “how the hell didn’t they die?” moments as Oda doesn’t really like to kill off characters which I personally feel is a fault then there is absolutely not plot holes or anything at all to it’s story which is pretty well written, it’s logic given how things work in the op world fits all the time and everything is explained. Now some people may have issues with the plot as they keep pretty much doing the same thing with a few differences and the occasionally shocker moment like where Kuma raped the entire crew, but thats the thing the plot is suppose to remain the same as Luffy’s goals and everything have never changed it’s the subplots that draw you in and really make this manga interesting. The anime though… jesus its just god awful I didn’t really start watching the anime until recently and i’m glad I didn’t. I like to forget everything about the anime until around the cp9 arc. As I don’t really watch anime as i’m more a fan of manga you can imagine this anime factor doesn’t bother me as much as issues like plot and story.

  48. I’ve often thought Oda is quite a genius, he thinks up a crazy good story, deals with some interesting social points and manages to create this while having the huge mass appeal that comes with the shounen genre. If you think about, some of the randomness, like the ridiculous bad guys and the way the characters (good and bad) can stick to such absolute convictions in the face of each others views. If you consider the traps of making a series that has so many similarities with others of the genre, then to me it’s just Oda telling the story and not taking himself too seriously.

    I don’t know of any other manga of this type that at least encounters things like slavery and racism. And the Idea of a world government, that made me think alot, I used to think that would be a good idea, but it could be so corrupt with absolute power.

    Theres other cool things One Piece does though, the time skip thing was the first time the series was overt about “training” I used to hate the way that’s so obvious in shows like db naruto bleach.

    And you don’t get why he makes the flaws of the main chars so painfully obvious? They’re tropes and I think it’s refreshing not trying to disguise them under a veneer of coolness. Luffy is basically a completely honest idiot who can’t handle being bored. Zoros sense of direction, Sanji being manipulated by the women, Robins dark mutters, it’s all OBVIOUS comic relief, I think that’s what’s so appealing about it, it’s such an honest series. And the stories never seem forced or tacked on. You can tell he Planned for this to be a long running series.

    Alot of this is stoned babble, but y’know, if you like shounen type stuff, how can you hate One Piece? It’s amazing! And if you don’t even like that sort of manga to begin with, how can you expect to get it? Also agree with anyone who said watch in Japanese, all dubs are just second-rate renditions, watch it how the people who made it meant it to be watched! Oh and when the pacing in the anime gets bad… Switch to the manga!

    One piece then Gintama then Fairy Tail, those are the only shows I follow anymore, Bleach felt really forced after the rescue arc, Naruto lost me after shippuden started, I never enjoyed it half as much as any of my top three.

  49. one piece is some fucking amazing shit,and honestly its probably the best anime i’ve ever come across, cause its different, and amazing, the fact its the most popular anime out at the moment proves that, and if your dont like it then honestly dont fucking waste your time complaining about it, jeeze move on and do something else with your spare time.

  50. I don’t really like OP, never quite understood all the noise around it. It’s a really basic shonen series like thousands of others. Luffy’s like the most plot-armored character ever and I hate how OP fans always gush over every single thing Oda writes. Don’t get me wrong, even though i’m not at all a fan, OP is an okay manga, but certainly not the great piece of art its fans think it is. That being said : Luffy is the most boring and uninteresting main character ever for a shonen series.
    And that’s sad when you see that Oda CAN make cool and charismatic characters (Crocodile, Aokiji, Arlong, Rayleigh, to name a few…)

  51. I’m sorry, but I can’t take someone’s review seriously that starts out with probing the 4kids opening. I know you didn’t give One Piece a fighting chance because it’s literally impossible to not AT LEAST respect it for it’s unique qualities or it’s easy to follow, yet very inspiring and strong plot. If you don’t like it because you never got into it, fine. But you don’t have the right to say “I hate the anime” if you don’t follow it. You don’t know what it’s about, so you have no grounds to which to back your opinion up.

  52. I really don’t like how alot of people judges an anime after a few episode (mostly up to 20-30) when this anime has 500+ episodes.There might be some people that still didn’t like one piece after watching the entire thing BUT most of them actually became one piece fans after watching the entire thing , and whats more shocking is that mst of them were usually naruto and bleach fans. The reason i was able to get pass one piece was because i started watching when i was 6 or 7 and i just watched it for the comedy , then i dropped it after episode 25 because i couldn’t find anymore dvds ( i had no internet back then). Then when i became 10 , i finally got internet and i started browsing and getting into anime , i found one piece and remember i use to enjoy it , i watched it and the art didn’t bother me at all , probably because i got use to it when i was 6. It was an enjoyable and decent show until i reached the enies lobby arc , man i was blown away and everything else after that was just amazing. The thing is , i think the beginning of one piece was just for luffy to gather most of his crew and get all the backgrounds done with , also to reveal some character meant for the future part.

  53. A definite disappointment, I have watched every episode until now and man does it suck. I actually prefer naruto to this because it is not repetitive, while one piece is the definition of repetitive. Everything after robin was captured seems so repetitive and the story seems to be forcefully dragged. The recent arc was also crap and really shit. Honestly, I can see why the naruto anime and franchise is much better then one piece. I do however, remember reading the manga and it actually seems much better then the anime lol, it actually gave me some excitement. Really strange…

  54. Oh well, that’s because you’ve watched only the first 40 episodes or something and can’t differ anime from reality, because the former should have unrealistic and funny moments. Prejudice is a bad thing, especially when you’re so arrogant that you don’t know how to enjoy a good show. Fights are pretty awesome, jokes are hilarious and sad scenes are as good as Naruto ones, maybe even more. Luffy is a typical shounen, and if you ask me, he’s way better than Ichigo from Bleach or Natsu from Fairy Tail, and he stands for his name Monkey, he goofs around, does sometimes stupid things but it all works pretty well, what cannot be said for some other shounens out there. As for the other characters, each one has a very good story and you take a liking to every, even Usopp who is a coward and has no special characteristics that people like generally.

    Most certainly one of the worst criticisms I’ve ever read, as Leokiko said up there. The English opening is abnormal, since 4KIDS almost never does anything good.
    If you watched that version and wrote all this, you should stop watching anime this very instant.

    And you know what? Holy shit! You suck!

    • Your making it sound like 40 episodes is nothing. Oh he only watched 40 episodes, you realize that a lot of animes dont even have 40 episodes and are enjoyable like i mentioned samurai X. If 40 episodes is not enough to hook someone in then how many is necessary? 300? Your most likely a easily humored idiot because i dont find any of their jokes amusing, which usually consists of them being goofy or idiotic. I dont mind the fact the fights are over exaggerated however when the characters become essentially immortal like clearly in the show esp when they get blasted a couple thousand times and walk it off within a minute or two it becomes another bleach except without the lazer beams flying around. Well im not here to make you stop watching this show since we are 2 different people i find shows like that 70 show funny and south park however im just gonna tell you that 40 episodes is way more than enough episodes for someone to form their own solid opinion of the show so that argument you made is stupid.

  55. “But those are all relatively minor problems. Since dropping One Piece three years ago, I’ve leveled up like a Shonen hero, watching shitty anime like Lucky Star and K-ON until I developed a tolerance for low-grade bullshit. If I could finish all those crappy shows, wouldn’t watching One Piece be a piece of cake? Not at all. I was arrogant to think I could stomach the idiocy of Monkey D. Luffy for a third time.”
    Its like you read my mind. One piece has got to be one of the worst cartoon shows i have ever watched, i dont even know how i sat through 80 episodes of terrible fights along with their shitty ideas of having a rubber guy and a pack of idiots fighting people that can cut a titanic sized boat in half with a sword that is about six feet long(hawkeye). Of course i wont deny that this show which i consider probably one of the worst shows i have watched to be extremely successful at pulling simple minded viewers in. To me those first 80 episodes were like watching a mentally disabled kid along with his fellow disabled buddies going on a trip trying to figure out were to find a place to take a shit(the grand line) facing obstacles such as getting lost or being attacked by bird poop. They fights in those 80 episodes that they had were too dull and predictable and one might argue that i only watched 80 episodes however 80 episodes out of like 500 is still a lot and by that time if it doesnt hook you in by the fifth episode that means it will be probably bad throughout the whole thing. Well thats my opinion anyways the show never hooked me in so i dropped it and thats the end of that, this is so that people will have a slight understanding of what they might be getting themselves into by watching it. You might enjoy this show if your like 8 like how i enjoyed Kenshin when i was like 6 but now looking back i cant believe i watched that either although the ova was nothing short of a masterpiece.

  56. I loved the first part of the story… but after the timeskip it sucked. The characters just look laughable, the story is crap, it’s very clichĂ© and not as imaginative as it used to be. I always thought One Piece was the best thing ever but I’ve got some tips like the korean online manhwa ‘Tower of God’ or ‘Sun-Ken Rock’ (both readable on The first is very clever and even gives the creator in medical problems. But with this hard work he puts into it it is very interesting and doesn’t get boring. I love when a new chapter is coming every week.
    But One Piece…. it’s just an overhyped, money-making piece of crap imo now. Just lame.

  57. I’ve been wanting to get this off my chest for a long time.

    You see its funny how one piece fanboys use so called *FACTS* to state how one piece is better than every single anime in the entire world. I also like how one piece fanboys constantly state opinion rather than fact of why One Piece is amazing when it can be flawed just like every other anime. So instead of saying why one piece has the most manga sales or why Luffy is so amazing. Why don’t we go dircectly into the psychology of why One Piece may NOT appeal to everyone.

    *Pirates are supposed to rape, pilage, steal, kill, and find treasure and explore the sea. One Piece covers the treasure part and sea. But, hardly covers the other elements. Lina Inverse did more role in her first 5 minutes of Slayers than Luffy did in the first 5 minutes of One Piece.

    *One Piece is anime. Anime is fantasy. One Piece covers that very well. HOWEVER, fails to explain how many of the plots creatures/abilites make any sense. For example, Arlong is a sharkman. So how was sharkmen born into One Piece? Never explained. Haki is an ability. Someone a simple stare can cause the equivalent to a Genjutsu or something to that effect. Bleach Zanpakto sword that has a spirit and can change form. Angel beats guns were made from elements. Is it that hard to explain how Gomu Gomu Fruit came to the world or how somehow a large broadsword can cut whole ships in half with sword skill alone?

    *Monkey D. Luffy. Many would find that name utterly ridiculous. Lets see the main characters names of several other animes. Lina Inverse(The Slayers), Kirito(SwordArtOnline), Naruto Uzumaki(Well Naruto), Natsu Dragneel(Fairy Tail), Lelouch(Code Geass), Tomoyo(Clannad), Kazuma(Scryed). Yeah I can see why some people are turned off by this.

    *The episode length. So far its 500+. Tell me for all you one piece fanboys. If some writers can make a great anime with only 13 to 50 episodes. Then why would EVERYONE waste their time watching ALL OF ONE PIECE. For example, Angel beats was only 13 episodes yet many found it to be a great anime. Sword Art Online took only 25 and although the fan base was half and half people still approved of it. Myself included. Gurren Laggan was 50 episodes and people freakin loved it. Not everyone has that kind of patience and it shouldnt take watching up to 200 for a storyline to appeal to everyone.

    *Manga Sales. I love how One Piece fanboys use this ammo. Okay. it has the most manga sales. So what? Why would I buy manga. When technology allows it so that I can download chapters instead of spending money? Plus lets take a look at the populous of Japan which is the most influenced of One Piece. Which according to google in 2011 127 MILLION. Online specs aren’t even included in that. So tell me if we can’t tell OVERALL which anime is the most popular. Then how can you possibly have a solid answer? Simply saying MANGA SALES isn’t a true justification of how an anime is so ungodly better than every other anime.

    *TV ratings. The golden nugget of how One Piece is not the most watched anime or the most popular for that matter. One Piece isn’t even in the Top 50. Naruto and Bleach even make this list. So there you have it.

    Arguments are won by fact not opinion. Stop saying One Piece is the best because it isn’t or that its the most popular anime. Which it is clearly not.

  58. I tried. I really, really tried. One Piece gives me a headache, either reading the manga or watching the horrible animation and yes I know that the animation gets better but I can’t wait 100 episodes for that. I can’t waste my time watching 50 episodes until I finally like the show. I should be able to like something based on the first couple of episodes. So yeah. One Piece… NO.

  59. Okay, this is going to be long.
    I keep.watching one piece. But I do not like it. What keeps me in is only my sense of duty to finish what I started. Dont get me wrong- the plot is great. The problem is that the execution of that plot sucks. There are lots of problems with op. One of those is the drama vacuum. They build up drama by forging it. They “kill”characters and make it seem so dramatic but those characters never really die(well sometimes they do but extremely rarely-1% or less of all deaths actually mean death. Although non main chars die a lot but they don’t really care about that… To the point that you mostly can’t even tell if they actually died or just got knocked out as they are not mentioned again). Some of them are “killed” repeatedly over a few episodes like (recent example- graybeard). That just makes the emotions dry and fake. The snot-crying – no. Not everyone has snot running when they cry, and even when they do, it takes time for it to happen. Another problem: they seem to think the audience is senile. 5-6 mins are spent on each ep start for the opening, the reminder that luffy wants to be the pirate king, where they are and what happened last time. On top of that each episode contains countless flashbacks on events that happened an episode or two ago, and sometimes even on the same episode! That’s just ridiculous. They switch between heros a lot and use that to fill the episodes with illustrations of where it is taking place to steal air time. On top of that they play the same scenes again when coming to the same characters stealing even more air time. Whats the point of a long anime if half of it is basically not there? Out of 25 minutes on each episode only 10 contain actual value. The rest is pretty much a time burning substance where you are waiting for something to happen. The animation. Its ok if it would be like 10 years ago but the visuals simply look outdated. Considering that there is only 10 mins of actual animation each episode and that animation advanced a lot visually, I think they could do a much better job. Unique art style or not, its time to upgrade. Especially the action scenes. Those are a mess. Too blury and slow. They show luffy about to hit someone in the face. They show his hand. Then his face. Then the enemies face. Then luffys face again(repeat) then he hits him. You can’t use that trick every time. That’s (again) just air time theft. The patterns are too predictable. Come to island>hear of bad guy>find bad guy>start to kick his ass>mess up>get nearly killed>deepen the story>get serious>get to bad guy>win>celebrate>next island. I guess you can’t really change the travel sequence, but you CAN change the fact that they lose every time and only then win. And every time they get to the verge of death. Why do it every time? Can’t they win faster sometimes? The anime is still long as hell. That brings us to the next problem -length. The anime is running for like 11 years. But so are the people watching it. Isn’t it kind of unfair to them? They don’t get to see how the story ends because the anime got too childish for them to watch. Or do you expect people.watching till they get 40? I was 17 when I started watching it, and even then it was kind of too childish for me to bare now im 22 and I feel like im frigging watching Teletubbies. Who is this even aimed at? The anime is based on a good story that can relate to a more adult audience, but the anime itself is childish as hell, although contains lots of violence. I don’t get it. Lots of.stuff is left out. Dont have much examples but seems they just forget the cool stuff that happened and keep the story boring. Like the dial pads. I expected ussop to use them (or at least the impact dial) to become a badass. Instead, the dial pads just disappeared. Zoro and sanji keep being left out. And other issues that slip my mind for now. In short – good story, but horrible execution. The story is the only thing that actually keeps this watchable. And still it feels more like I burn time with it rather than enjoy watching. There are lots of short anime that contain a lot more than op in the end. An anime should never cross 200episodes, any idea can be done in less than that, and more is unfair to the people watching it, and the idea, no matter how great just gets smeared after that.

    • … if you like naruto, you’re lost on your arguments, lol and one piece is meant to be seen on the tv, so…

  60. I stopped watching one piece at episode 72, and I’m not sure if i’ll continue or just skip some arcs. I mean its become BORING, the other characters don’t get to fight that much while Luffy just beats the villain, there’s hardly any action. I mean every arc so far seems to have like only 1 interesting action scene. And if the storyline just goes on completely random like this, I don’t think I’ll be able to finish it.

    • if by action, you mean fight, so one piece is not for you, some people see interesting action parts but they just don’t enjoy them too. if you’re on alabasta, so yes it’s boring as shit, but worth wathcing

  61. You got to be kidding me. This guy has no idea what he’s talking about. He believe that Naruto has a better plot while One Piece doesn’t. Really? We both must been reading a different Naruto,because the one I read lost the plot before the timeskip.

    One Piece may appear childish at first but that just because it start in most peaceful area of the One Piece World, East Blue.
    Later in the Grandline and New World, serious issues like racism and slavery. The recent arc centers around a former royal family that was famed, and people who turned into toys, and their family and closest friends forgot even existed. Oh, and the toys are being used for forced labor in an illegal port.

    All of the big three have flaws.Oh a please pardon some my languge and a few possible spelling mistakes here.

    One Piece- Slow Pacing, unusal art style some people can’t over, people survive situnation that should have killed them ,a very possible plothole with Blackbeard.
    1. What the Hell Oda? You told us that it was impossible for someone to have two devil fruits.
    Bleach- no plot, no background art.
    Naruto- Small to little character development, moments that are meant to be funny but aren’t, and a two very big plot holes.
    1. How the hell did no one in the Leaf Village relieze that Naruto the 4th’s son. They pratically clones.
    2. Who took cared of Naruto when it was still a infact? I highly doubt the fox did.

    Oh, and Baka-raptor all the series are aimed for same audince so if One Piece was made for little kids so where Bleach and Naruto.

  62. Just saying, but to those who are saying stuff like ‘Just sit through the first 50, 60 episodes then it gets AWESOME! Nobody wants to sit through craploads of crap episodes to get to the interesting stuff. Personally, I don’t even bother with the big 3 due to the amount of episodes. I don’t want to wait through 100, 200, or more episodes to get to the awesome it may currently be. Also, this is definitely just a personal opinion because I know that others like it, but a bit of my critique and overall dislike for it is it’s length. I don’t wanna watch a million episodes with the same battles and experiences. I need a little drama, death, marriage, anything to liven it up, and since they’re still technically kids and pirates i know lots of these elements cant be covered. Not to mention small casts make it difficult to watch all of it,due to memorizing each character’s personality, past, names, etc. and then having nothing left to analyze. Please be aware that most of the things im saying are just my personal issues, and they aren’t limited to One Piece. I know lots of these reason may even be why you watch it: Small cast, less confusion, long storyline, more anime, etc.

  63. OK YOU HAVE SUCCESSFULLY PISSED ME OFF! So, you said that One Piece doesn’t have enough serious stuff? Well… I’ll go ahead and spoil everything since you don’t care. How about the ENTIRE MARINEFORD WAR??? Um, Luffy’s only brother DIED when he was supposed to be saved. Luffy didn’t do anything to “jeopardize” anything since he was so desperate to save Ace. OK, getting hypnotized? That helped in the end. He got hypnotized into becoming stronger and beat the crap out of a lot of the small fries. He did land a good blow on Arlong when he got his feet stuck. And in the end, he didn’t jeopardize anything, since he has some strong friends. He wasn’t stuck between the walls for a week. He would have drowned. Aaand the “willpower” he needed wasn’t there, because he didn’t know that Robin sacrificed herself. Those kids don’t cry for no reason. There’s something worth crying over that happens. Like, their village is about to be destroyed. The enemies are not retarded. Lucci? Crocodile? Doflamingo? Magellan? Kuma? I would name more, but I still have more to say. You may not like who Zoro fights, but the fact that he fights SUUPER hard makes the fights worth watching. People are sometimes born with better than usual hand-eye coordination. That must be the case with Luffy. His last name being “Monkey” is there just for the ridiculousness of it. If you can’t stand ridiculous things, how do you watch anything funny? I guess you don’t. And don’t you ever dis Luffy when you haven’t even seen him torn. The only reason I cried when Ace died was that Luffy was desperate and Ace couldn’t be saved. Luffy was destroyed after that. Also, Luffy’s stupidity is what makes this anime funny. Most main characters are stupid. Do you just hate on all the good animes?
    The only thing you have going for you is you made it to the Water 7 saga. Yaay.
    Why did you even post this if you knew you would get a lot of people pissed off. Oh, wait, I guess you didn’t.

  64. I know this sounds extremely lame, but keep watching/reading OP and I guarantee you will change your mind. The mangaka obviously didn’t make the series more serious because he only planned on writing it for 5 years. If you look at any recent chapter then you know how serious OP has gotten. Swearing, semi-gore, and overall a theme filled with violence happens a lot. When I say this I mean scenes like a 10 year old boy hiding under a pile of corpses (his other 10 year old classmates) just to escape being murdered by the corrupt government. Huge war arcs have taken place and the character design has overall improved greatly. It’s plot is absolutely amazing, filled with mystery and beautiful designs. Oda (the mangaka) has set up arcs years ago that are about to take place. If that’s not brilliant foreshadowing and planning then idk. Luffy seems like a rather bland character at first but he grows to be lovable enough, even taking the place as my favorite character in OP.

  65. You son of a bitch you said shit about luffy, no one says shit about luffy and gets away with it. If you don’t like one piece it’s fine but stop blabbering crap and respect it for being number 1 most selling manga. Maybe a kid like you will not understand it. Come back when you’re mature enough.

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