Pizza-Raptor: We’ll Never Forget You

4/1/2008 – 4/30/2008

I’m sure I’m not the only one who remembers where he was when Pizza-Raptor first graced the Baka-Raptor homepage:

Pizza-Raptor’s month-long tenure left us with many unforgettable memories:

Alas, the month of April is now over. Pizza-Raptor has passed on to that big tar pit in the sky (unless your browser cached his banner [yes, Pizza-Raptor was male. No apologies if you got trapped]). We must move on with our lives; it’s what Pizza-Raptor would’ve wanted. I leave you only with this elegy:

Pizza-Raptor went to town,

Riding on a pony;

Stuck a Pizza in his Hat,

And called it baka-roni.

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