I’m not going on hiatus, I’m just resting my eyes

Enough is enough. Being half-assed about fixing my eyes hasn’t worked so far and clearly isn’t going to. I need to start taking things seriously if I’m going to have any hope of recovering. To this end, I’m neither writing any more posts nor watching any more anime until my eyes get better. In addition, I’m banning and/or restricting all other activities that strain my eyes.

Driving: Restricted to school/work/food.

Reading: Restricted to schoolwork, real work, and the following manga: Claymore, Naruto, Bleach, and Gantz.

Watching Sports: Severely Restricted. I’ll only watch highlights, only of playoff games, and only if the team I like wins.

Blogging: Severely Restricted. I’ll still approve comments and occasionally change polls.

Anime: Severely Restricted until FMA: Brotherhood ends, then Banned.

Movies: Banned, and they have been for a while. I’ve seen exactly two movies in the past 14 months: Death Note II (~~) and Ponyo (++). No, I haven’t seen Avatar in 3D. That would blind me.

Video Gaming: Banned. Just beat Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time (+). Having satisfied my annual three game quota, I can take the rest of the year off without regrets.

Pornography: Banned.

Sword Juggling: Banned.

That about covers it. For the record, this is not a hiatus, as only pussies go on hiatus. I’m not done with writing, and I’m certainly not done with anime. While I’m out, I’ll still be working on posts in my head, if for no other reason than to maintain my sanity while I have nothing to do. I have several other ideas for how to spend my time off, but it wouldn’t be fun to disclose any of them just yet. Just know this: when I’ll be back, I’ll be better than ever.

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  1. Do it. Make sure that the next time we read “it made my eyes bleed” we don’t immediately think “damn, Raptor really needs to get his eyes fixed”.

  2. Using the color red that strain my eyes against the black background: Obviously not banned.

    • Of course red isn’t banned. Red light is used to preserve night vision in low-light or night-time situations, as the rod cells in the human eye aren’t sensitive to red.

      • That being the case
        Consider your gauntlet thrown:
        Don’t think I’m playin’.

        Behind the HiMEs ep 4 –
        Orphan theft a ruse 
        By Shizuru, who prefers
        Natsuki sans pantsu.

        (Damn it all, I hoped
        You were kidding, hurry up
        And get yourself well).

  3. Haha millions of years have worn your eyes ruined. The meteor didn’t get you, but media did? What a dork of a dinosaur. Your parents must be turning in their crater of a mass grave.

  4. kinda of sad since i always looking forward you post.
    rest well and i hope your eyes will last another million years

  5. Haaaapy Aaaaaapril Fooooooools !

    Baka Raptor, why don’t you go back in time to the prehistory and rest your eyes in a few milion years hiatos so when you come back we’ll not even notice that you left ?

    Real work should also be banned, because it is the MAIN reason behind all types of problems that appear on us like backpain, eyestrain, CTD (Cumulative Trauma Disorder),musculoskeletal disorders, discomfort, headaches et cetera…

    • You know the story: I swore never to time travel for personal gain.

      Maybe once I start writing again, I’ll backdate all my posts so it’ll look like I never left…

  6. It’s obviously a joke since you said you’ll be reading Bleach. Who’d risk his eyes for such a shitty manga?

    Still, I hope you get better

    • It’s true, I cannot give up sword juggling, not even for a few seconds. I’m even juggling swords in my sleep, since I cannot give it up no matter what.

  7. Get better, Baka, we need your humor to lighten anime fandom worldwide! Also, I want to hear your comments on FMA: Brotherhood once it ends. Oh yes.

    • Get better, Baka, we need your humor to lighten anime fandom worldwide!

      That’s not true. While I’m out, you could always read the blog of…hmmm…I guess you’re right, the world does need me.

  8. Forgetting april’s joke or whatever aside, I wonder if you’ve also seen doctors other than an optimist. Often it’s not the eye that makes one’s eye look tired, it’s more to do with the amount of fat in your face, poor blood circulation, or poor liver etc.

    • The doctors were all optimists. Or at least they acted like they were.

      The optometrists/ophthalmologists can’t find anything significantly wrong. I’ve seen a neurologist to make sure it wasn’t a tumor or anything. Got an MRI done to confirm it. I’ll continue to explore other possibilities, but first I need to eliminate the possibility that this is all a case of computer-overuse-induced eye strain.

  9. hope next time we hear from you your eyes are those of a fearsome predator once again. and that you can resume sword juggling.

  10. Driving: Restricted to school/work/food.

    those are the only reasons I’m driving these days! (So, I’ve been restricting myself all this time?!)

  11. Considering the oft repeated mantra that masturbation makes one go blind, I’m surprised you didn’t list that… 🙂

    I can’t see why this would not be an April Fool’s. Physiologically, what your eyes look at won’t hurt your eyes at all. There’s no difference between reading/watching anime and opening your eyes to look at every day stuff (i.e. going to washroom, going outside). That and you can write posts with your eyes closed if you know how to type :p

    Nice try though!

    • The problem seems to be not so much what I’m looking at but how hard I’m focusing. If my eyes are irritated yet I’m forcing them to stay open to watch anime/read/drive/etc., I’m going to pay for it.

      The ban on pornography is effectively a ban on masturbation. I lack the imagination to jerk off without it.

  12. The fact pornography has been banned proves to me that you’re not fucking around.

    And yes, hiatuses are for pussies. I merely updated in invisible text for half a year, yeah. That’s what I did.

    • That’s a relief. For a while I thought you abandoned me in the fight against moeshit, leaving my eyes to burn out as you secretly indulged in K-ON doujinshi.

  13. >Restricted to schoolwork, real work
    Now THAT is good life, brother.

    >No, I haven’t seen Avatar in 3D. That would blind me.
    Not to mention that it’ll make you nauseous! If you know what I mean.

  14. Of all the things, you ban pornography… I have lost my faith in you as the manliest man alive. J/K
    Good luck! ^ ^

  15. Maybe it’s like the manga Emerging and you have some weirdass virus that people think is Ebola but isn’t.

    Needs some Ebola x Marburg slash.

  16. Let me know if limiting reading and the amount of time spent staring at glowing screens helps any. Anecdotal information: When I transitioned from my old mammoth CRT to an LCD I noticed my eyes became more easily strained. Perhaps it’s time to dust off the old behemoth.

  17. I thought this was an April Fool’s joke since it is a tradition of maddox but damn this raptor’s serious huh

    • I haven’t broken with tradition at all. Maddox hasn’t posted on April Fool’s Day in years. It would’ve been a true Maddox-style April Fool’s post if I posted sometime next week and backdated it to 4/1.

  18. Are you confident your eyes *can* recover?
    The regression my eyes have undergone is completely irreversible.

    Anywayz, lately there has been a strange new development. My entire vision in getting clouded with floaters ( I like to believe its the result of intense sugar consumption, studying and reclusion…
    that or I’m dying and this is my dying message.

    Anyway, a friend of mine has that Ray Charles-like disease. He’s inevitably going blind. Now that sucks. He’s a bit fatalistic I suppose. Drinking and smoking makes the disease progress faster…and it’s all he does.

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