Japan’s Metronome Crisis

The Ichigo 100% ending sequence might seem ok if you don’t have any rhythm. Otherwise it’s painfully off-beat. The strawberries are off, the marching is off, and the marching doesn’t even sync up with the strawberries. Did they think we wouldn’t notice? Did they think we wouldn’t care? I don’t know anything about hand-drawn graphics, but there’s no excuse for the computer graphics to be off. All you have to do is plug the right number into the computer. Boy, I really hope somebody got fired for that blunder.

Chiyo’s penguin metronoming was too slow for Sakaki but just right for Kagura.

Saber’s dress is slightly off. Her hair and ribbon are way off. This must be some kind of irregular regular wind to blow different parts of her body at inconsistent consistent intervals.

Everything in Quadrant IV should be burned.

Surprise, the nail polish song screwed up.

This one doesn’t bother me because they’re clearly not trying.

At least they try to cover this one up, literally.

Another cover-up. They conveniently walk behind other characters just when you begin to suspect they’re off.

In 61 beats, Ami takes 62 steps, and Taiga and Minori each take 63 steps. I didn’t even bother counting the tiger.

I could go on, but this is a filler post.

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  1. I’ll see the Xam’d foot-tapping and raise it with Shuurei’s, er, running (from 0:37+)

    Though, in terms of overall image to beat match-up (as well as overall awesomeness), the first OP of Durarara!! is one of the slickest I’ve seen in ages:

    (BTW I can’t really comment on Chiyo’s penguin metronoming etc. due to severe bloodloss from my ears 9 seconds into that one *shudders*.)

    • That’s some fine sissy-running. Almost makes me want to watch the show.

      The Azumanga Daioh OP song is terrible. It’s something you suck up and get used to over the course of 26 episodes.

      • You should check it out, if you like rom-coms with supernatural, dramatic and political undercurrents, that is. Plus, it has more bishies and bishoujos than you can shake a stick at. And, as if all that wasn’t enough, it’s also the series over which a certain green haired trap met his Mrs – the power of ani-blogging eh!

  2. I can only salute your noble dino-eyes for the pain that this in-depth visual study must have caused them.

  3. I’m glad I usually open up other windows when the ending song is playing. Unless that ending song is from Soul Eater. And especially if it’s from Soul Eater episodes 1-13.

  4. I’m pretty certain the best anime opening of all time aka: Xam’d has foot-tapping that lines up with the beat. Let me check…

    Not quite what you’re looking for, but that’s the best I can come up with. Plus it’s an awesome song so deserves listening to as many times as possible


    • You mean this song?

      I’ve argued with digitalboy about this song before. He loves it; I say there are too many consecutive Run Aways in the middle of the song. Otherwise it’s catchy.

      The tapping is fine. The walking is off, but it’s short enough to ignore.

      • The TV version is good, but the long version gets annoying with its echoing Runaway!-requests and the utterly pointless noise after it. Kind of like the four (!!) “DAM-dumdeDAM-dumdeDAMdumdedumdum” at the end of the long version of Mister Raindrop.

        Some songs work better in TV size, making you feel like the long version was some kind of bad afterthought forced onto it by the industry standard of releasing longer CD versions. Others outright warp and twist the impact of the TV version by adding weird or downright scary stuff like the Azumanga Daioh Opening does. Most songs just get a second loop with different lyrics, which I’m indifferent to.

        One of the few songs I can think of with the long version actually being a nice diversion is the Overman King Gainer Opening.

        But this is a totally different topic worthy of its own blog entry.

        • I actually do have a long-ignored draft on this topic. 10% chance it’ll never happen, 30% chance it’ll get its own filler post, 60% chance I’ll merge it into another post.

  5. Hmm…I never realized that its common to try to match the ending animations with the songs rhythm.
    Never paid attention to this and honestly how could I notice when Im not paying attention to the ED/OP doing something else or skipping it completley.
    I do know now why so many EDs have people walking around because its easy to time it to the beat….or atleast i thought so until you proved the opposite

    • I used to pay little attention to ending animation until I saw the Ichigo 100% ending. After that I’ve been unable to not pay attention. It’s reached the level of paranoia. There’s no ending that isn’t trying to offend my rhythmic sensibilities.

      Opening themes might be just as guilty but they usually don’t have the constant looping that inevitably exposes itself.

  6. Usually I’m not watching the OP/ED more than once or twice, if its more I doing other stuff while the song plays.

    • I watch it for the first few episodes, just to see if anything interesting happens. If it’s boring I’ll fire up the browser and check my website for comments or something.

    • To me it’s important to get me into the right mood again after a long break or heavy diversions. But that doesn’t prevent me from skipping it to save time for more anime when I’m watching whole blocks. If OP, ED and Preview added up to three saved minutes for each episode watched, skipping would reward me with an extra episode every seven episodes!
      So I often end up doing a mixture like this:

      Day one:
      Day two:
      and so on.

      But then again, some OPs or EDs are just too good to be skipped.

      • Some fansubbing groups last year were experimenting with separating the OP, ED, and meat of the show. You put them all in the same folder with some special file and the OP and ED are automatically attached. It’d work well for your setup, but I ended up skipping the OP and ED entirely. Too lazy to click and drag.

  7. I think they need some black people with rhythm to manage anime openings/endings so these atrocities never see the light of day. Or just get Baka-raptor.

  8. I already realized all of this, I just didn’t think it was important enough to actually make a post about. Time for bed at 11 oclock.

  9. The opening of that Ichigo Mashimaro song always reminded me of that terrible Vengaboys song. I rarely skip themes, but I sure as hell skipped this one.

    I can’t believe you counted their steps…

    • 20 years ago I trained under Count von Count. Now there’s nothing I can’t count, even the uncountable set.

      >>The opening ending of that Ichigo Mashimaro 100% song always reminded me of that terrible Vengaboys song. I rarely skip themes, but I sure as hell skipped this one.

      Somehow I believe you skipped it.

    • Reading comments is resting. Writing comments is not.
      That’s because black text on white background strains the eyes more than white text on black (or brown) background. Browsing black websites with white text even uses less energy than vice versa since the display needs less illumination. Laptop fetishists (and salesmen) keen on overstretching their battery charge know this trick.

      White text on black background and a Baka-Raptor: This site reminds me of that online game in which players play the life of a Deinonychus in Pangaea. Unable to speak or wear clothes, all they do is hunt and mate. Okay, they form packs as well, explore the deathly continent and there has to be some kind of nonverbal social interaction too. Other dinosaurs are prey or deathly enemy to them. Females can also learn a skill called “Layeggs” once they come of age, so that once they have to face the inevitable death by protoceratops or ankylosaurus, they can start life anew in their offspring. Anyways, the thought of humans playing this game seems weird. If games are usually about doing lots of things you can’t do in real life, this game is all about not doing lots of stuff you can do in real life. Like a psychological regression into more primitive ways of life. But then again, thinking of it as an online game, it’s competitors aren’t much more civilized if you look close enough: Trashing monsters and collecting shiny objects, finally comparing your level and property with that of other trashers and collectors, then repeating the cycle because there is always someone with more loot. At least the fact that death is fatal (oh my) breaks the never-ending progress (which isn’t real progress if you think about it). Each life is a new adventure. In that way, the elements it removes from usual game concepts do not simplify the game at all, but in fact serve to DEEPEN it! It has to be the same with the social interaction: If phrases such as “hi”, “heal plz” and “lvl83paladin S>party for GHEXstage3” cannot be uttered, interaction may actually become more deep and involved.

      Maybe I should play that game one day to find out. Sorry for being totally off-topic. But this is a dinosaur blog as well, right?
      Japan should do more dinosaur anime. Didn’t Dinosaur King DS get a TV series?

      • All dinosaur discussion falls within the scope of this site. Unfortunately, my online gaming experience barely reaches beyond Yahoo Pool, so I can’t tell if that game sounds awesome or terrible.

        Dinosaur King has a TV series:

        The future is bright for 3D dinosaurs.

  10. I doubt they intended Saber’s hair and dress to move in sync with the song…but who knows, maybe they did and they did a bad job.

    • Anything cyclical in an ending sequence is presumptively supposed to match the beat. I could confirm this by calling the studio, but hey, this is a filler post.

  11. I can count the number of openings and endings that were actually directed to be synced with the music in question on my left hand. Plus a couple other hands, if I’m honest. But the point stands that most animation directors have lacking knowledge of rhythm, let alone tempo.
    Truly though, that’s probably not such a bad thing, because most OP’s/ED’s written around the music become disgustingly popular despite lack of any other merits.

    • I thought to myself, “Surely, this can’t be right. There has to be at least one popular, metronomically correct ED with other merits.” Just gave my anime list a quick run-through. Came up empty.

  12. Huh, I just read this off a youtube comment

    Did anyone notice that how each character’s “walks/steps” represents a certain beat in the song itself? Taiga’s steps represents the “main” beat, Ami’s steps represents the “bass”, Minorin’s cheerful steps represents the upbeat “treble”, and the little tiger’s centipede-like steps represents the very quick trickling beat ^_^.

    I’m a musical pleb so I wouldn’t be able to tell that for myself but there ya go. There’s some sort of answer to Japan’s Metronome crisis

  13. I HATE *anything* that is synched to music or a beat, thus so called ‘inconsistencies’ don’t bug me at all lol.
    Just yesterday I saw a man walking through the street, footsteps matching the bassline of some random piece of music that was playing throughout the street. I did the right, noble thing and went out of my way to call him a freakin’ faggot loser for letting god-awful music domineer his walking pace. God knows he’s never gonna submit to it again. I’m truly a saint.

    • So which do you hate more: stuff that’s synched to music or stuff that tries to be synched and fails? Even if you hate synching, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to hate failed synching even more. The same principle applies generally. I hate people who dance in public, and I hate them even more if they suck at it.

  14. Kind of odd that up until now, I haven’t seen Ike Ike accompanying the outro sequence. Yeah, that does look pretty off-rhythm and I’m not sure how that passed muster.

    Anyhow, of the outro sequences that come to mind, I *think* Full Metal Panic fumoffu’s syncs up well with the beat.

    Also, I remember an AMV I saw awhile back where this was done on purpose just to screw around with the audience’s mind. It would look like the screen action was going too fast at times, too slow at others, but it was done so well that you were never completely sure.

    • Something about the footwork in the FMP:F ending is suspicious. Overall it seems to stay on beat, but some of the steps appear faster than others. I can’t quite put my finger on it. Can’t trust YouTube quality.

  15. That’s some detailed watching. I don’t ever pay attention to stuff like this.

    Anyways, for a country that popularized techno, you’d think they would have the beats down pretty well.

  16. Oh in the “Fate stay night ED” anyone notice that the grass isn’t moving despite the fact that it’s very windy! Also the wind is represented by a white moving marker against the extremely stiff grass.

  17. what the heck…

    just when did you start look at the world’s inconsistencies…asides I think it’s what they called a leap second…or a leap beat.

  18. the clapping from the Hidamari Sketch OP is really bad for this, but they also do a part where they’re all running and that only kind of syncs up if at all.

  19. I think we voted less comments response and more post, didn’t we buddies?
    Why does he then still answer comments?

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