Double Overtime: Finishing Eyeshield 21 and Slam Dunk

Slam Dunk

Originally aired: 1993-96

Began watching: 2004

Ran out of subs: 2004

Number of Episodes: 101

Episodes missed: 89-101 (training for the national tournament)


  • Too many crappy jokes. At times it’s worse than Lucky Star, no exaggeration. Picking up the series during a filler stretch was painful.
  • The game is portrayed fairly realistically. It’s refreshing to see a sports anime without shonen-style moves and power-ups. The downside is that progress is slow. Hanamichi’s super-duper ultimate technique is a mid-range jumper.
  • It’s fun to pull off basketball techniques one after the other like Hanamichi!
  • Lots of manly haircuts, except Rukawa’s.
  • Proof I’m getting better at Japanese: I picked up on Rukawa’s catch phrase for the first time.
  • Representative of how I watched anime back in 2004: I ignored every OP/ED except Anata Dake Mitsumeteru.

  • Best ad ever:

Final Grade: +

Eyeshield 21

Originally aired: 2005-08

Began watching: 2005

Ran out of subs: 2007

Number of Episodes: 145

Episodes missed: 127-137 (prelude to and first half of the game against Oujou)


  • Hiruma is the single greatest anime character of all time. There’s no contest. He’s like Krauser, except the badassery is intentional. If Hiruma were on K-ON!!, I would watch every single episode, including the specials.
  • Mamori is the second best character on the show, which is saying a lot. Although she’s annoying early in the show, by the end she’s the best “fucking manager” a team could have. Plus she’s tsundere for Hiruma.
  • The shonen influence gets ridiculous towards the end. If they kept it more realistic, the show would definitely get a +++.
  • Proof I’m getting better at Japanese: I picked up on a catch phrase not listed on TV Tropes.
  • While most of the omake scenes are pretty lame, some are pretty damn funny.

Final Grade: ++

In other news, Jubbz started a fantasy football league for anime bloggers, but there are currently only three teams because nobody likes him. Want to get in on it? More info here.

34 Replies to “Double Overtime: Finishing Eyeshield 21 and Slam Dunk”

    • It’s great from the sports side. From what some would call the “slice of life” side, it’s pretty bad.

      Yesterday I marathoned the end of the manga. All sports all the time, they way it should be.

  1. Unfortunately I grew out of the sports manga/anime thing since Captain Tsubasa in my childhood. God that thing was Dragonball in football form.

  2. Which do u think is better…Slam Dunk or Dear Boys?
    I havent seen both (just a little idea of both)…Slam Dunk’s graphics suck…but considering that its an old anime…cant blame it..but hey Yu Yu Hakusho is in the same league…but thats way better and cooler than even most of the recent animes!!
    Among sports anime…the all time best is Prince of Tennis!!I’m surprised that none of the anime blogs have posts about it πŸ™
    Next comes Captain Tsubasa!!If u feel Prince of Tennis is unrealistic…Captain Tsubasa is very realistic!!Even that’s not seen in anime blogs >_<.

    I’ve got no idea about Eyeshield 21 though…

  3. Slam Dunk was okay. I watched it for the sake of watching it. As for Eyeshield 21, I have never get any inclination to watch the show. That is until I read this post.

    I wasn’t aware of the tourney either and when I first read your post, I thought you mean football, as in real football (you fags called it soccer). Now I can’t enter the tourney because I know shit about American football.

    • Slam Dunk was okay. I watched it for the sake of watching it.

      Same here. The manga ending was really good though.

      By the way, soccer is a term originating in England for asSOCiation football. Way to call all Englishmen fags.

  4. Hey Baka Raptor!
    I’ve become an avid fan of your blog!! πŸ™‚
    I’ve been reading all your previous posts since past 2 days…I’m recommending this site to my friends too!!
    Actually I hadn’t read much of your posts during the Aniblog Tourney….else I definitely would have voted for you!!

    I am looking forward to more of your awesome posts!!
    I found your review of Claymore very impressive!
    I’m gonna see that anime now πŸ™‚
    I’m also gonna see AIR TV

    • Welcome to the club.

      My Claymore review is (probably) my second favorite positive review I’ve written. Eventually I’m going to make a post hall of fame for myself and stick it in my sidebar. Claymore should make the cut.

      Air was brilliant at times and snore-inducing the rest of the way. A lot of people seem to like it, but if you don’t, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

      I am SHOCKED that the Air OP video in that post still works.

    • Varies from day to day. I spent most of the summer studying, and now I have a month off before I start working. Basically, I have one month to fix my eyes or my life is going to suck for a very long time.

  5. “Too many crappy jokes. At times it’s worse than Lucky Star” – i think you misspelled it, you’d rather have said – “Too many crappy jokes. At times no joke can be better than Lucky Star’s” πŸ˜‰

    Krauser-Sama should be in E-V-E-R-Y show, this way i’d have to watch’em all. guaranteed. πŸ˜›

    • I guess I was wrong. The Slam Dunk jokes couldn’t have been worse than Lucky Star jokes. After all, the director of Slam Dunk wasn’t fired after four episodes.

      Krauser was on the first episode of K-ON. Unbelievably, he couldn’t save the show.

  6. Hey Baka Raptor!
    Your site has become my most favorite site from now!!
    I cant get enough of it…I’m sure I’ll run out of contents by another week (or maybe earlier)
    I read your Monster anime post now…and I’m gonna start seeing it right away πŸ™‚

    As I read in some of your posts and like “A Day Without Me” said…hope you’re taking care of your eyes!

    Really hats off to you!!

  7. Perfect timing, I just finished Touch and wanted to watch another sports anime, and since Eyeshield 21 sounds awesome I’ll start watching it right now.
    You know, I really should start paying more attention to what you say. One year ago I found out you liked Touch and told people to watch it, but since it had 101 episodes I didn’t watch it out of laziness. Now I just finished watching and I have another favorite anime. So from now on, whenever you tell people to watch something I will put whatever I’m watching on hold and do what you say.

  8. I hate sports anime in general, but for some reason I enjoyed Eyeshield 21 the most, especially considering I find American Handegg to be a boring sport w

  9. Is that a guy riding a dinosaur piercing a jock with a sword? That’s freaking awesome!

    Slam Dunk is pretty good. It’s one of the few anime with ugly gar characters I actually enjoyed. And BBall is the best sport ever.

    • I’ve only used that picture about five times. Guess it’s not enough.

      Basketball is my second favorite sport, but in anime form it doesn’t really matter what the sport is. I could see myself watching a curling anime and loving every second.

  10. hah?!

    the thought counts…

    anyways, I haven’t finished slamdunk for some definite reasons and didn’t finished eyeshield because I was at school at that time… darn how long do I wait for my copy of that?(why would you care anyway?)

    best thing is… i think hiruma just turn himself into a god-like person so that he could command anyone[like that?]

    but anyways, I like them both.

  11. Ah yes, I remember the drought of Eyeshield 21 subs. Still it was worth scrounging for, while it got kinda silly in the end it’s about the only thing that I ever got me interested in football. I actually joined an intramural flag-football team as result when I learned there wasn’t too big a leap from track to playing running back.

    • As the star tight end of an 0-12 flag football team in college, I can assure you that the game values speed a lot more than skill. Only when athletic talent is similar does skill actually matter.

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