I’ll update if you fix my laptop

As you can imagine, this pink line has destroyed my will to write. There has to be at least one computer geek among you who can figure something out. A few notes:

– I hooked my laptop up to an external monitor. The pink line doesn’t show up on the external monitor.

– I’ve tried UDPixel. I don’t see any dead/stuck pixels, just a continuous pink line from top to bottom.

– The line shows up as soon as I start/restart my computer and never goes away.

– Whoever figures out how to fix my laptop will get cake.

– This post will self-destruct in one week.

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  1. This happened to me twice now this year with my current (2 year old) laptop. In both cases the line just disappeared after a time. Everything I’ve read in terms of troubleshooting told me it was good as fucked though. I did nothing but wait/restart and it left me (last time it happened was February).

  2. I think I may have found the problem: Your screen appears to be haunted by a camera-weilding Baka Raptor ghost. Your only solution will be to exorcise it by breaking your vow and trashing the latest season – good luck.

  3. My screen has a line, but it is not pink (more like yellow), and it runs horizontal (not vertical). I’m convinced that the only thing to do is give up on it, but I don’t have the money for new computer gear. I would recommend saving yer money.

    • first time i saw his reflection i thought he was drinking something…

      but after further analysis (the pink line distracted me as well) i realised he had a camera in his hands, not a coffee mug.

      dumb of me.

  4. Try updating your bios (in the manufacturer homepage you can find how to do that)… if that doesn’t work, maybe you shouldn’t see if there’s a problem with the communication between the laptop screen and laptop board (perhaps a broken cable or something around those lines?)

  5. Since you hook up an external monitor and don’t see the line, it rules out that there is a GPU failure… Most likely the wire to the monitor or the LCD if faulty and replacing it will probably cost $200 or more if you have someone else repair it…

    Also, update your graphics card drivers to see if that solves the problem.

  6. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with your laptop; I think there’s something wrong with your eyes. Have you gone to see the eye doctor? Maybe your poor vision is a manifestation of your internal urges to stop writing completely.

    In other tag-related news, I’m seriously considering Portal too – even though I’ve no idea what it’s actually about.


  8. Pinch the top of the screen between your index finger and thumb where the line is. If it changes or disappears, there’s a bad connection between the circuit board on the back of the screen and the screen itself. Need a new LCD panel in that case. Could also be the cable from the motherboard to the screen, but it’s far more likely you’ll need a new screen in there. Shouldn’t cost you much more than $300 installed. Anyone who charges significantly more than that is ripping you off (I’ve heard of places that ask for upwards of $500). You could also try it yourself, but screen bezels on laptops can be fragile, so you have to be careful.

  9. Replace the LCD, as mentioned above. It’s not as hard as one may think – my 15-year old cousin managed to do it. And he’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

    Also, I wouldn’t bother updating the BIOS. That’s a risky operation and my result in bricking your machine.

    • Sometimes this happens because of a broken firmware/bios, I had a similar problem only that it had a giant red area and restoring the bios fixed the problem. It’s not that risky if your laptop have batteries and you use the tools provided by the manufacturer, usually is a program that you could run on windows. I said to try updating the bios because Baka-Raptor said the line appears as soon he turn on his laptop so I discard the possibility of a driver failure. Don’t try update the bios if the manufacturer doesn’t provide such a tool for your specific laptop model. The connection problem is very possible, but something tells me if that were the case you will have more problems that a pink line.

      • On a second thought, Better not to bother updating the bios, if it were the problem, you will have more problems on your laptop, and not only video. It’s more likely you’ll need to buy a new LCD or, if you can, buy a better laptop and avoid the headache to replace the LCD yourself or searching for a trustful person who can do that.

  10. Most likely cause:

    1) your laptop battery isn’t perfectly inserted (re-insert the battery, ensure the lock is on).

    2) your laptop battery is busted.

    These sort of things are nearly always caused by battery issues.

  11. In my humble opinion, it is NOT a problem with the screen. Rather, the ribbon cable that connects the mobo and the screen together(because it’s in a single line all the way down the screen, as apposed to being random or being in a big waaaave). It could very well be the screen though.

    I think M1kurubeam has the right idea and you should listen to his protips. Coaxen too. Dismantlement is not hard, ground yourself and don’t lick anything. Easy.


    Don’t touch your battery or your bios or drivers – those options can not be the cause of this.

    There is a small chance the GPU could cause this problem(as chikorita157 said), but it is a higher probability that this is not the case.

  12. Aren’t you a computer science graduate yourself ? what would your boss say if you couldn’t fix and compile a single program that he uses that isn’t connecting to the production database anymore ? wasn’t that the real reason for him to have hired you ? two for the price of one ? you’re shame in all free legal software community.

  13. Your screen is fucked. It happens all the time. Well, not ALL the time, but it’s not uncommon. Deal with it or get a new screen off eBay if you feel confident about working with tiny, fragile parts.

  14. I think Baka-Raptor already knows what the problem is… Being the Computer Science graduate he is, it’s most likely he has found answer on internet already… perhaps what Baka-Raptor wants is an option where he can fix the LCD screen so he doesn’t have to buy a new one… maybe he was hoping somebody of his readers would know the inner workings of a LCD screen and tell him how to fix it and save some bucks.

  15. Lol I only wondered why anybody would care whether you updated or not.

    Stupid problem to try to get fixed really. I’m sure you already know that you shouldn’t even bother.

  16. How old is your laptop? Is there a warrantee? Considering how obnoxiously loud it was in the last video you did, I’d say that you should just get a new one. If mine was that loud I’ve never watch anime, or use my compute in general. I’ve have mine of about 5 or six years and it still works fine (after getting a new screen, new hard drive, and completely reinstalling windows a total of three times).

    I’d say you’re screen is fucked. Go see the China man in Southington, he fixed my screen for a low fee….oh wait he went out of business…..yeah you’re fucked.

  17. Yup, that’s what older hp laptops tend to do. Pretty sure you can’t fix it with software but I have a good piece of advice for you – get a pink desktop, dye your blog pink and you won’t see a thing =D

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