The Raptormobile gets an Upgrade

I’d been looking for a way to hook up my mp3 player to my car radio ever since I found out that listening to headphones while driving is relatively illegal. At first I tried an FM transmitter, which worked great the 10% of the time it didn’t produce a static-garbled mess. Then I came across this YouTube video:

The installation didn’t seem beyond my capabilities, but I’d never done anything like it before, and I’m lazy, so I figured I’d see if a local professional could handle it for a few extra bucks.

While I’m all for supporting local businesses, I don’t operate under the naive assumption that they’re any less greedy than their multinational counterparts. If they try to rip you off, blow them off.

I did everything the video told me to do. Unfortunately, the port I need to use was in the back of the radio, not the bottom, so I couldn’t reach it. Alas, I had to find another YouTube video.

That was a pain in the ass, but everything ended up hooking up just fine. All I had to do now was drill a hole and slip a wire therethrough.

My drill bit wasn’t wide enough to accommodate the cable, so I whipped out my compass and geometrically proved that I’d need a minimum of three holes to move on.

I ended up with an extra screw after I put everything back together. Oh well. The connection works well for the most part, but it’s occasionally not recognized unless I restart the car. I also seem to have created a time paradox by moving too quickly relative to the car.

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    • ROFL fucking COPTER that music is terrible. Crawl down a hole and die pl0x. Alternatively, get a real fucking job.

        • “Go climb a wall of dicks.”

          I remember that insult being one of the best of all time.

          Also, the music wouldn’t load for me. I’ll try again later.

          On Topic; Car mods are the sex. As I am a chump who is really just using his brother’s car, I can’t really make any modifications to it. But if I had an older vehicle, I’d totally tear that shit apart. As for the music itself, Detroit Metal City is always a good pick, especially if it has Krauser’s Famous Rape X times a second in it.

        • Wait, are you that greasy kid who runs My Sword is Unbelievably Dull? Doesn’t your mom have cancer? WTF are you doing recording shitty music on garage band?

          BTW your “band” will never accomplish anything significant, and after so long on the Internet you should be aware of that. Go back to school you parasite.

          • Oh my god are you actually the same troll whose comments I’ve been deleting on my own site?

            Also, you are retarded if you think anyone recording a song called “Pube Pneumonia” on an album called “Phantasmagoria of Improv Bullshit” has any desire to amount to anything.

            Additionally, fuck you, fuck your weak-ass username, fuck your pathetic insults, fuck your bad advice, fuck your opinion, fuck your mom, and fuck the time stamp on your post.

            • u mad bro?

              Write more posts about your little girl/moe fetish pl0x. I did so enjoy reading about the deep adolescent psychology themes of that manga with the ten-year-old drinking semen.


              QFT bitch.

              Additionally, I think it’s ironic that someone who is so pathetic as to write about how Usagi Drop taught them that “kindness is real” ( and to even more recently brag about being a NEET is dishing out insults.

              • 1. Nothing in that comment offends digitalboy in any way. Most people don’t want the world to think they’re parasitic pedophiles who perform shitty music. Digitalboy doesn’t care.

                2. Digitalboy is right. If you’re going to try so hard to defend your name, you should at least get a real one.

                  • I want to know more about this Anon, and what his stake is in all of this is. It must be quite something to A.) keep bringing him back to the table yet continue to post anonymously, B.) have him read through posts that he apparently is in disagreement with, and C.) have him get to know his verbal opponent to this degree.

                    This is a personal rule, however, when I run into someone online that I feel the urge to utterly disrespect, I generally stop dealing with them, unless they arouse my curiosity to a significant degree, though even in those instances I pursue some other venue instead of blatant rage, since it’s so telling. I believe this is the byproduct of having a life that requires the kind of real effort that limits one’s ability to constantly become absorbed in an empty argument on the internet. I will say that a few years back though, I didn’t have that kind of privilege and was from time to time engaged in these sorts of actions. Life sure is a wonderful thing.

                    • I’m actually enjoying that right now is the first time in years I’ve had the time, willingness, and lack of ability to take myself seriously to engage in such encounters once more. And it’s a no-risk situation because dissing some random anon won’t result in future drama (which is the plague).

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                  BTW I lol’d at the fact that you don’t know how to use ‘nor’. Another great reason to get off your lazy ass and go back to school.

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                      As it happens, I’m the happiest person I know. I’m living the fucking American Dream: doing absolutely what I want and nothing else. You people talk about bullshit like “lol you have no job and no girlfriend you’re doing it wrong,” but my way of thinking is entirely different. I believe in taking advantage of what you can and living in the best way you know how. I *can* have no job right now, and I *can* do whatever I want right now, so I’m doing it. If you don’t like that, you can shove it as far up your ass as you want, because I just don’t give a fuck about you.

                    • In this situation, I think he would have no choice but to ignore me or any other third party, given the enormous amount of research he normally does before attempting to make personal attacks. Attacking someone else, about whom he knows virtually nothing, and would be unable to even make educated guesses about any significant data, would not be to his benefit. I’m saying that as objectively as possible, as it’s no real taunt on my part, merely observation. Were I to be put in his shoes, I personally would be unable to separate the individual from his/her remarks, and thus leave a lot of remarks unaddressed because I considered the person making the remark tangenital to the argument itself. Never mind if those comments were by some small sliver of a chance valid in and of themselves.

                      Which basically translates to this; If you want him to address any points that someone else makes, digital boy, you’re going to have to restate them yourself, otherwise, chances are, he’s not going to read them unless he very specifically feels like he’s being talked about, but not talked to.

                      Hmm our timing seems to match as far as posting goes. I wonder if he’s near the same part of the world that I am now, or if he’s a morning poster?

                      Regardless, my local dining facility closes in little over an hour, so I’ll yield the floor to someone else. Perhaps I’ll see some interesting outcomes from all of this tomorrow morning, or for all of you, later tonight.

                    • Show me how little you give a fuck by posting another two paragraph reply.

                      Straight from your tumblr: “Never: Consumed alcohol, so much as touched or flirted with a woman, done anything risky at all.”


                      You can’t be spending that much time talking to women (PROTIP: your family members don’t count).

                      Nice picture btw. It perfectly complements your disgusting inner state. It really is convenient when god takes the time to physically distinguish pedophilic scum so we know who to ostracize and keep away from children.

                      I don’t doubt that you are the happiest person you know. It would be difficult for anything else to be the case considering the fact that you probably have no friends outside the Internet and all your family members must be worried about your mother’s illness.

                      So you’re facing reality by spending all your time immersed in an imaginary cartoon world? ROFL

                      BTW, I have taken baka-raptor’s advice and revealed my identity. I never really liked you anyway. I can’t believe I let you touch my kid.

                    • You don’t want to face the truth of what I’m saying so you abandon the conversation. Pathetic. So much for not running away.

                      FOREVER ALONE

                      P.S. Don’t ever comment on my blog again.

                      I love you digital boy~ Let’s be friends forever <3

  1. I gotta do this to my shitty saturn. That stupid machine refuses to play any cds I burn unless the music was bought legally, which means no music. Such a piece of shit. I can’t wait to uncork that thing and tear the cd player out, then go office space on it’s ass.

  2. Don’t worry about the extra screw. They put those in the box to mess with the head of n00bs. If you don’t end up with some extra parts, you aren’t doing it right.

  3. Fuck your eyes fuck your car fuck DMC (scratch that DMC is amazing but still) and go watch Kaiji S2. Epic levels of ZAWA.

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