Soul Eater is pretty good when it doesn’t suck

Surely the Soul Eater manga couldn’t have the same shitty sense of humor as the anime. Surely the very first chapter I attempted to read wouldn’t have that stupid toilet bowl joke.

That was three years ago. Only recently had the emotional and psychological scars healed. I was ready to give Soul Eater another chance, if only for the prospect of more Medustein.

You know why that’s a screenshot from the anime? Because there is ZERO Medustein in the manga after it diverges from the anime. Is it too much to ask for just one more of Stein’s steamy hallucinations? Why is it so hard to find decent adult heterosexual foe yay these days?

Shitty jokes. No Medustein. At least the ending had to be better.

So it turns out Asura ran away to the moon. Some might think this is stupid. I think it’s awesome. Back when Naraku ran away in Inu Yasha, I guessed that he went to the moon. He’d better have gone to the moon if it took that much filler to find him. Instead he went mountain training. Not the worst idea in the world, but in the world nonetheless.

Does the vastly improved ending (thus far) make the manga’s other shortcomings worth overlooking? Sort of. It’s important to note that although the Soul Eater has some of the shittiest jokes I’ve ever seen, it’s very easy to skim past them in manga form.

Finally, since I don’t feel like writing a separate post about this, let’s have a quick discussion about sealing. Just because it’s commonplace in Japanese folklore doesn’t mean it’s a good idea. Sealing your enemy is a great way to ensure he’ll come back at full strength when you’re too old or dead to do anything about it. While my slacker side admires sealing as a form of procrastination, and my scientist side admires sealing as a form of time travel, my pragmatist side insists on finishing enemies off the first time around.

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  1. I love this franchise but man, gotta love the manga more even if just because the anime ends before a series of the manga’s best fights. Then it starts getting shitty all of a sudden.

  2. I was sort of under the impression that you sealed something that you COULDN’T finish off in the first place.

    Also, yay! Soul Eater! …I need to see how that whole “***n assault” thing’s going nowadays.

  3. And that is the reason why many in many shows the manga adaptation is “better”, not because is actually better but because you can skip the boring bits in a flash and still get the story.
    Moving on, is true we need more enemies/rivals lovers story… I only know a couple of manga (both shoujo) but is something interesting to read/watch.

    • Shojo is fine as long it’s not one of those series in which the main couple constantly blushes and looks downward and twiddles their tumbs and stutters and gets cockblocked at every turn. I imagine that wouldn’t happen if they’re enemies, though it might actually be kind of amusing if they were.

    • Hey, that’s a real song! I was only familiar with the Kingdom Hearts BGM version.

      That may very well be the best AMV I’ve ever seen in terms of clip selection and arrangement.

  4. Baka-raptor,
    Can I recommend you an anime?
    Its has a annoying whiny main character everyone hates and some kind of plot with predicting the future or something, mindfuck etc.
    But also the goddes of yandere as main love intrest.
    You admitted it yourself that yandere’s are the second best anime type characters.
    This anime is full of badass characters (except the main character) and also has some kind of foe yay.
    Well if the trope dating catwoman counts as foe yay….
    Sadly no lesbians, well maybe but theyre unimportant.

    the series is called Mirai nikki, or in english, Future dairy.
    Just watch it for the yandere.

  5. Idk looking back on soul eater, I was glad to have seen it, but the ending was fucking stupid (the show). I forget what it even was that beat him…determination? Either way I watched it a second time and understood it actually fit, but was still cliche & an easy way out. Someone should have died. I haven’t read the manga…and don’t know if I will…but who knows…

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