Hunter x Hunter 335: Why?

Spoiler warning: In certain rare instances, it may honestly be more exciting to get spoiled by a blog post than to read the manga itself.

To call this scene/chapter/arc anticlimactic would be an understatement. Merely seeing Ging’s unobscured face early in the arc was enough of a letdown. Then we find out he has at least 11 peers at his approximate power level instead of being the supremely overpowered ultrahunter of mystery he was built up to be. I don’t like it, but I can forgive screwing up a character. I can’t forgive screwing up a plot.

Finding Ging was supposed to be Gon’s ultimate hunt. After the way Gon got deliciously trolled by Greed Island, how are we supposed to accept that Gon finds Ging:

  • accidentally
  • a mere two arcs later
  • right after he’s released from the hospital
  • in an auditorium
  • where Ging was stuck voting

This is stupid. I keep waiting for the part where Gon wakes up in his hospital bed and discovers it was all a dream. Because that would be more climactic.

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  1. Trollgashi at work. Still not sure how to feel about this chapter, but hey– Kaito’s a little girl now. Anything’s possible!

  2. You say a ‘mere two arcs later’ but in real life terms it’s actually been much much longer. According to Wikipedia the volume containing the end of the ‘Greed Island’ arc was released on October 3, 2003. It is currently February 12, 2012. Do the math.

    I don’t really get the expectations you have of Ging. I could understand if you had problems with his character but in terms of his actual abilities I don’t see an issue. His ‘peers’ clearly have a large respect for both his strength and intellect despite how much they dislike his character.

    I find it weird that anyone reading Hunter x Hunter could still feel ‘betrayed’ by anything that happens after the ‘Ant’ arc. Did you pick up Hunter x Hunter in the last year or so? That would explain your problem. You probably missed the constant hiatuses as well as the terrible, terrible drawings.

    • It’s 150 chapters. For a manga written without interruption that would be three years. Regardless, two arcs is two arcs. He gets trolled to NGL and finds Ging in the next arc. It’s too soon by the story’s internal timeline.

      My problem with Ging is that he’d previously been shown only in shadowy flashbacks or random scenes flying on a dragon or something. He was built up to be superhuman. The manga presents him now as strong, certainly, but a far cry from “epic”.

      I started reading in 2007. The hiatuses sucked. Terrible art never ever bothers me.

      • Real life years affects things when it’s such a huge amount of time. Plus he probably wants to end it sometime this decade.

        Ging could be “epic” in that he’s an “epic troll”, perhaps he’s an expy of the author or something.

        I dunno what art you saw but.. the art I’m talking about was little more then ‘chicken scratches’ at times. It got super cleaned up when the volumes were released.

  3. I haven’t even read Hunter x Hunter but people are saying this so I’ll say this too: Hunter x Hunter is, was, and always has been trolling you, from the very start to the extremely middle to the final end.

  4. Togashi has kind of been addicted to anticlimaxes since the end of Yu Yu Hakusho. That’s why I dropped it after the first two story arcs.

    • The subs I watched for the end of Yu Yu Hakusho were so bad that I couldn’t tell if it was anticlimactic or just poorly translated.

      Everything’s good through Greed Island. It’s hard to evaluate the NGL arc as a whole due to all the hiatuses. We’ll find out how it turns out in anime form soon enough.

  5. I get what you are getting at and I had not really thought about it that way. I guess, the author is a bit of a troll, though to be fair, meeting his dad like this, is a bit more realistic than encountering him close to the end of a fight with some overpowered villain. I wonder what Gon will do from now on, most likely, it will involve Killua. Also, you have to admit you enjoyed Pariston, that guy is a Master Troll.

    • Judging by the latest manga chapter, it looks like the hunt is still on, so maybe it’ll happen that way regardless.

      Pariston’s a crafty dude. I look forward to seeing his talents in an actual battle.

  6. I agree with everything moridin84 has said.

    Besides,you’re coming to conclusions too soon.I have a feeling Togashi has something great up his sleeve.

  7. I have never read HunterXHunter before; it seemed boring. Now I can say, it sounds even MORE boring then it previously did. Thanks for opening my eyes, o gracious raptor.

  8. This manga started out so strong. Then somewhere (probably starting with the ants arc), it all turned to shit. And it’s still shit.

    The ants thing was totally way more serious than the impression they gave at the beginning. I honestly thought the ants were a filler-arc up until like 2 chapters before the old guy died… Then now after that whole ordeal, everything else feels so anticlimatic…

  9. And I’m still waiting for episode 340… Everything at first is great and after Ants-arc it started to decline. The only reason why I’m following it is because I’m a big fan of the show. I hope the new Hunter X Hunter series will not show the Ants Arc and start working on something more interesting

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