Adam Carolla Still Exists, Writes Awesome Books

Needs an AMV

Ever since the end of The Man Show (i.e., the beginning of the Rogan & Stanhope atrocity), my only exposure to Adam Carolla was a few crappy segments of Too Late with Adam Carolla. I was told he was much better at podcasts, but I was too lazy to ever check them out. Throw in some lame books by comedians I was much more into at the time, and I didn’t expect much from Carolla’s first book.

Did I say book? I meant audiobook, available from my local library. Best use of tax dollars ever. Especially since I listened to it twice.

The first segment of the book is the most unexpectedly inspirational story I’ve ever heard. You could go to the biography section of any bookstore with a blindfold on and easily find a book about someone who had a shittier upbringing or had to work harder to succeed, but this story hit the sweet spot between being inspiring and being relatable. No spoilers. Just read/listen to the book/audiobook.

The rest of the book is topical humor, only a small portion of which is dedicated to the estrogenization of society (not that volumes couldn’t be written about it). The variety of humor not only keeps the book fresh, it also covers a lot comedic territory I haven’t seen anywhere else, let alone the increasingly crowded “fratire” genre.

Final Grade: +++

I’m usually one to stick with the format of first impression, especially if it’s free, but I had to switch to paper this time to get an autograph.

Carolla’s second book, Not Taco Bell Material, is basically a bunch of anecdotes about him and his friends screwing around. It’s not as captivating as his first book, and is best viewed as a supplement thereto, but I still finished it in three days.

Final Grade: ++

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  1. So, what is the man show? Because I’ve never heard of it. Is it Golgo 13 levels of awesome? If so, I need to find some recording of it and watch immediately.

  2. Now that I’ve read the link, this just leaps out at me:

    “An older lady in line at Sephora just used the word ‘erotic’ in regards to a curling iron so Adam Carolla was soooo wrong about us!”

    I bet I’d think this was hilarious if I knew what the fuck it meant. I have so many questions. What the fuck is Sephora? Who cares about curling irons? Who is Emily Donahue? Does this woman know how to use the word “regards”? How many O’s does the word “so” have? What does this have to do with Adam Carolla? What?

    • It didn’t make any sense to me either, so rather than trying to research, analyze, and interpret it, I tried swapping words to see if its possible masculine equivalent was funny.

      An older man in line at The Home Depot just used the word ‘erotic’ in regard to a socket wrench so Gloria Allred is so wrong about us!


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