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  1. Kirito is so overpowered because he has ginormous DUAL BLADES with which he can pierce two girls monsters at once and make them scream. Baka-Raptor now that you have seen the series you should read my SAO hentai fanfiction. Can’t wait for season two!

  2. I like your voice, I like the cadence of your speech, it was enjoyable listening to this.

    GGO and Mother Rosario, the upcoming material for SAO (anime), are probably the best part of it. The currently ongoing arc has actual sci-fi, but it’s long and still ongoing, so going to avoid talking about it too much.

    Yeah, I liked the romance a lot. I like romantic sub-plots, because if they’re the main plot they’re not allowed to progress. You can certainly feel that the LN was originally a one-book deal, and the first two episodes and everything from him re-uniting with Asuna was in that first LN. So it’s unsurprising it was allowed to happen, it was a one book deal, so it happened. Sometimes you win out, I guess.

    And yes, Sugou is such a terrible character. Not talking about him as a person, but a terribly written character. Sadly, in the future, we’ll see some more lazy sub-villains like that >.>

    As for Extra Edition, I do suggest trying to watch the original content, at least him with the agent. It might not be uber-important, but it’d be a bit of orientation to make sense when S2 begins, makes sense since in the LNs they explain what happens via inner monologues, and this will help with that.

    The 2nd arc in S1 had a lot more fan-service, and the promotional material for S2 seems to suggest it’s going to stick with us… but hey, Sawashiro Miyuki is going to play the female lead, nothing else matters <3

    • Girl wearing hot pants, wielding a gun. Girl wearing hot pants, wielding a gun. Girl wearing hot pants, wielding a gun.

      Not going to complain.

    • I was expecting Asuna to act tsundere the whole time, and then maybe they’d almost kiss at the end but get interrupted by the game shutting down. So glad that didn’t happen.

      When I watched Extra Edition, I kept skipping through the flashbacks to get to the stuff in the middle, but I was lazy about it and probably missed a few scenes. Not going to go back and watch it, but I’m assuming the point of meeting with the agent got across.

      Saeko has the same voice as Kurapika? Seiyuu resumes never fail to surprise me.

    • I feel like the only one…who actually liked the romance alot, even though it was cheesy and unrealistic(and I hate Twilight…ugh), and I loved the second arc, Yui’s stories, Suguha(the cousin, obviousily), ’cause she was a well-developed character, and she made the story and romance a bit more interesting, and dramatic in a good and unique way I have never seen, espically with combined with the video games, and Asuna’s problems in all that….also the reason why girls fall for him, is not ’cause he’s “perfect”, is because he actually saves them from a real life death…tbh, Asuna never really turned into “that” much of a Princess Peach, she got captured, not because she was weak, but because that stupid idiot badly writen character “Sugou”….I mean she also broke out, and she didn’t act pathetic when she was captured, still showing she was a strong character, and she’s not useless….plus think about it this way, the creator could remake the show…like Fullmetal Alchemist vs Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, I mean it’s popular enough for it to happen….

      So yeah, I feel like Kirito and Asuna had decent development, and liked Alfheim online, the romance, and the story, Yui’s stories, soundtrack, animation, drama, and Suguha (the girl)….snd thought it had good ideas, and was unique, however I’m not going to lie….the two villians were horribly written…and it was SO FREAKING STUPID HE FORGOT THE REASON HE MADE THE FREAKING GAME!!!!!!

      I guess I’m one of those super-rare fans…oh well…I also hate Twilight, btw…

  3. Kirito is awesome because he’s awesome. Well, he also did Kendo when he was younger, which probably helped. But still, probably one of the things people claim the most about. Also the Deux Ex Machina endings. Aaaaaand Sugou.

    The second half was kind of meh in general, it dragged too much. Next season will be awesome though.

    • First season was necessarily better because of the death implications and the inability to leave the game. In the second season, if Kirito failed in the game, he could always fuck the guy up in real life.

  4. Kirito is overpowered because he’s a fucking mary sue and your taste in anime are turning to shit.

  5. Eh I’ve always disliked harems since I got turned off by Love Hina back in the day so it was pretty disappointing to see SAO bait & switch into one fairly quickly. Asides from that my problems with the show are mostly standard stuff so I won’t bother you with em.

    Funny you should site your watch speed as proof of your enjoyment of the show since I got through this thing in 2 days (arc per day). I don’t know how though.

    • While I’ve seen a bunch of shows with secondary harem plots, I can’t recall watching a true harem anime in years. Asu no Yoichi was probably the last, and it’s my favorite, not for the harem but for the comedy.

      Impressive. Even if I weren’t blind I’d probably take at least 3 days.

  6. It didn’t suck, but it was pretty much what you’d expect from an actually-watchable shounen action/adventure series. I’ve seen this kind of thing done too many times to care about the few positives I saw (and that you and others have mentioned), and hearing how lame the second half was didn’t encourage me to finish it. If you’re an older codger like me then you’d probably only really want to watch it if you’re really jonesing for a decent shounen anime, and have seen all the good ones that came before it. Then again, I *did* suffer through that rather awful Maoyuu Maou Yuusha anime instead so what do I know, right?

    • Hey, I’m always in the market for a decent shounen anime, especially if it’s the death game variety. Where’s my second season of BTOOOM?

      Hunter x Hunter is the only shounen I’m watching right now, and it’ll end soon. Naruto and Bleach manga suck right now. I’m too lazy to keep reading One Piece after the time skip. I’ve been reluctant to jump into Fairy Tail after hearing it has filler. What’s a raptor to do?

      • Try reading less known shonen manga like Akame ga Kill or Hoshi no Samidare. Mainstream shonen is a bore anyway. There is a sort of “death game”- manga boom going on now but they mostly range from mediocre to ungodly bad. I’d hate to disappoint but the Btooom manga isn’t going really strong either.

  7. The main problem with this one for me is not that is has been done before (pretty much everything has been done before) or the generic over-plot-armored overpowered for no reason emo main character that every one seem to be complaining about, but the huge missed opportunity this whole anime is. The premise is great. There are tons psychological and virtual-reality issues this anime could use and tackle. They could use their virtual reality RPG setting in interesting ways, show how people exploit it and the flaws in the system, and they did (very very briefly, for example “murder in the area” was great) and when they did it was good… but then they dropped it completely to focus on harem antics, forced drama, rushed plot points and deus ex machina power-ups. and than… the second half happened. which is everything that is bad about the first half minus everything that is good about the first half plus double the plot holes. I expected it to be as you said a “death game” kind of story, much more serious, dramatic and character focused and use its premise and settings properly. And instead it went full shonen and emo almost right off the bat, and most of the angst making absolutely no sense didn’t help.

    Than again, I did enjoy it every week it was airing (mostly, the second half was really cringe worthy at times), the soundtrack was nice and the first half had high points and was generally fun and I guess it’s mine own fault having unreasonably high expectations from a web-novel adaption that as the writer himself has commented is badly written and should be redone (which he is doing now. he rewrote all the volumes from scratch), so a “+” is a rather fair grade.

    On another note, if you enjoyed SAO you should really try watching Log Horizon which is airing now. Very similar setting done with a completely different approach and I consider it way superior to SAO in almost every aspect. I went in with zero expectations, thinking its a plot to cash-in on the successes of SAO, and was very pleasantly surprised. The very first few episodes might make you skeptical, but give it a try it gets much much better.

    • I agree with the part-time warrior on this. SAO part 1 was very good to me. It had all the tension appropriate for the situation they were in. The settings were fantastic, the fight scenes were pretty good, and the character interactions were fun. I was willing to overlook the lolis, minor harem trenches, and the deus ex machina ending because the overall trip was great….then part 2 happened. I completely lost all remaining shreds respect when the main villain was literally drinking Asuna’s tears. Too far bro. Too far. So basically like Shakespeare said, “The evil men do live after them; the good is oft interred with their bones.” People remember SAO is crappy because the last thing they saw of it was really crappy in comparison to the first. Log Horizon has a similar premise, but the character interactions are way better, and actions tend to follow the internal logic of the world. It definitely picks up after a handful of episodes. I won’t say much more than that because I don’t want to spoil nor accidentally overhype it.

  8. I thought it was an amazing show…9/10…I’m probably going to get a lot of flak for this, but there are alot of writing flaws, but I don’t think it’s badly written…

    I loved the first part….sure, the pacing, and all that was a little forced, and bad, but I did like the story, animations, visuals, and all that….Kirito is kind of cool, I wish he had more character development, but I disagree his character devlepmont was terrible, and that he was “perfect”, his development was okay….Asuna was cool too, and TBH, many people complain about how she turns into Princess Peach, but who cares, she can’t do anything yet…it’s not her fault, plus she doesn’t even act pathetic and weak when she is captured, still showing that she’s a strong character…

    however the creators reasonings for making the game was horrible….”I forgot”, and the tentacle rape was disturbing, and the second game’s villian was stupid….lulz….

    I also enjoyed “The Fairy Dance Art”, as it had great ideas…IMO, and even though many will disagree, I actually liked Suguha, and thought she was the hottest character on the show, and thought she was a well-developed character, and thought her crush on her cousin made the story a bit more interesting, not grosser…and I felt kinda bad about her…the action, animation art, and visuals were great for both games…I actually thought the romance was really good, even though it was cheesy…and I thought the story with “Yui” was really really great…such a unique, creative story about an AI, and that made the story and romance more interesting…. I also like how they keep switching games, with newer problems, etc….I loved both arcs, but the first arc is amazing, and the second arc is great…there are a ton of flaws, I agree…but I see alot of positives even in those flaws….I also thought it was awesome how she made it into the second game, and turned into a pixie, and I love how Kirito is going to make her real….I also thought the music was amazing, and was heart-broken when Asuna didn’t get up after the game….

    These are not my entire thoughts of the show…but pretty close…I’m aware of the flaws, but I see a lot of positives that most fans and even haters don’t normally see….

  9. Clearly click bate title, yet a really good review that didn’t gush or bash, but looked at the pros and cons. My only problem is how you dismiss the horribly underdeveloped characters because it’s a shounen. If the characters are cardboard cut-outs, then it can be hard, or in my case impossible, to get invested in the action. The romance killed it for me, because it wasn’t believable. If the characters were well written, I might have enjoyed it, but when they are so unmemorable, it feel like a farce. I quit when they got a child, because people said it got worse, which was bad because I was already sick of the show at that point. As far as anime go, I would suggest .hack/Quantum, which does the video game trapping people plot better in three episodes than the entire 11 episodes I watched of SAO.

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