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  1. You’ve never heard anything bad about Princess Tutu? Didn’t Scamp do an extremely negative review of it back around 2010? Hehehe.

    Never got into the show myself. When it comes to magical girl anime, I prefer the director’s Magic User’s Club (or Mahou Tsukai Tai as Japan calls it). Not sure if you’ll like it personally, but it has a lot of different elements for an anime about a school club that practices magic.

  2. Hmm, so
    a) Bear with the first 22 episodes to enjoy the remaining whatever episodes
    b) Watch or rewatch a good 26 episode anime, e.g. Bodacious Space Pirates

        • Yup, after all there were people who think it’s actually a great anime. Something about tastes and opinions.

          • I’ve heard of the show and assumed it was your run-of-the-mill moĆ© action anime, but moridan84 has good credit around here these days, and if the main character is basically a less pornographic Liliana perhaps it’s worth checking out.

            • I don’t think there is any moe in that anime at all. I found it to be a very solid action anime. It was very refreshing to watch at the time, as it was standard pandering and shallow self-referential jokes that anime tends to be full of these days.

              As far as I’m concerned, Bodacious Space Pirates is a genuinely great show with almost universal appeal.
              (Also, not only is there lots of lesbian undertones between Marika and two separate girls, then is a completely open lesbian relationship in the show.)

              Marika is probably one of my favorite characters as well. A strong female character, who likeable and even manages to avoid being a perfect/mary sue character.

              If you watch it, be sure to watch it up until at least episode 5. This first major battle of the series and it really highlights Marikas tactical genuis.

            • It’s basically Starship Operators, but longer, more episodic, less serious and involving a high-school setting. By the way it has no action whatsoever.

  3. …I think you’re being a little harsh due to timing, but fair enough. I agree that it’s rather slow at first, but once the first half’s over–

    Oh God no. I’m turning into *that* guy. *That* guy who claims GaiGoGar is somehow better than Gurren Lagann and that I NEED TO WATCH IT MAN while also admitting that the first twenty-six episode season simultaneously sucks and is necessary viewing for the second one.

    It’s not *quite* a perfect equivalence, since Tutu’s got actual plot buildup mixed in with the filler and is much shorter, but preemptive critique stands. Saying “It gets better later!” makes you a jerk, and I am a half-jerk for almost making it.

    Screw it. Back to Fist of the North Star. At least it *starts* good and degenerates later.

    On a side note, I couldn’t get over how stupid all the characters were in Sword Art Online. I *thought* all the positives you mentioned might save the show for me, but right after someone died of a hole in the chest while holding a bottle of anti-hole-in-the-chest juice and slowly monologuing instead of taking it, *then* kicked off a *really* stupid “redirect everyone’s hatred at the hero!” moment that was there *just because* the writer wanted to have a broody misunderstood hero without putting any effort into actually making him one… bleh.

    Yes, I quit in episode 2. What of it? I don’t mind dumb writing, I mind *bad* writing. Gurren Lagann’s dumb, but it’s a fun functional kind of dumb.

    • I wouldn’t say Gurren Lagann is dumb, though it does ACT dumb.

      Kill la Kill on the other hand is a dumb show.

    • The first half and second half are repetitive in their own ways. The first half was repetitive in its shard collecting. The second half was repetitive in its failed heart stealing attempts. It reminds me of the duels in Utena. The first half had the same fights over and over again. The second half changed the fight and then repeated it over and over again.

      Don’t worry, you’re not THAT guy until you insist that if I don’t like it I’m watching it wrong.

      Hey, I’m the kind of guy who always dies against bosses with five mega-elixers left in my pocket. Anyway, that guy sucked, he deserved to die.

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