The Most Irresponsible Man in Space

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  1. So it’s a good thing I watched the TV series and not the OVA.

    Despite all the ingenious battles, the thing I remember most about the series is the bit where Tylor managed to reject several women over the course of an episode without seeming to.

    I haven’t seen the GTO anime, but I loved the manga. Heard the anime wasn’t as good.

    • Technically it was two women, two underage girls, an underage alien girl, and an android, but yes, that was an excellent episode.

      Never read the GTO manga. I can only assume it was at least as GREAT as the anime. Even without Teacher Forever:

      • Well, there is if nothing else, a lot more manga then there is anime. Though I’m guessing you don’t read too much manga these days, what with your eyes and all.

        Another thing you might consider is the GTO Live Action. I saw it years ago and thought it was pretty good. It was kind annoying to watch in some respects, but I’m pretty sure that it was because it was a Japanese drama and IRL drama annoys me to a certain extent.

        I remember it having a lot of cool stuff in it. For example he smashes those bedroom walls just like in the manga, and at point he stands in front of a stream roller (or something similar) in an order to stop it.

        Plus, according to this random person on the myanimelist forums, Onizuka was based on the person who actually played him in the live action.

        I would say the opposite about the live action – to skip 2011 and only watch the original live action adaptation. No matter how anyone feels about the overall quality – the actor in the original live action adaptation was the man Tohru Fujisawa BASED ONIZUKA ON, so he plays the role amazingly perfectly because he’s literally just playing himself.

        Err…damnit I’m actually convincing myself here. I think I’m actually going to watch it myself now.

        This is for the 1998 version, I haven’t seen any of the later stuff. It was at least 5 years ago that I saw it after all.

        • Okay, ended up watching the first 3 episodes. It’s awesome; I’d definitely recommend it.

          A lot of things come out better in the live action actually. For example, in the live action it takes a few minutes for him to break down the bedroom wall, compared to how quick it was in the anime/manga, that gives it a bigger impact. Also, the stuff about “taking responsibility” is more taken a lot more seriously in the live action, reflecting the actual situation in Japanese education. Fuyutsuki is a more complex character, having an antagonist relationship (kind of tsundere) with Onizuka, and having to deal with her own issues.

        • I saw the live action version way back in the day. First J-Drama I ever watched. I remember they made Onizuka kick the vice principal instead of suplex him. Live action can only do so much. Still good, but I liked the anime better.

    • Interesting thing about the adaption, according to TvTropes

      According to the box set liner notes, the producers weren’t keen on the light novels’ original depiction of the romance between Tylor and Azalyn — not when Tylor was close to 30 and Azalyn was 10. One of the demands by the producers was that Tylor’s age was to be reduced to 20, and Azalyn’s to be increased to 16.

      It explains the shock and disgust people had towards Tylor when she claimed she was carrying his child.

      • Oh, silly me, I thought in 1993 maybe Japan disapproved of relationships between 20-year-old guys and 16-year-old girls. Hah. Nowadays 30 and 10 would be just right.

  2. Okay, if you compare it to GTO I’m so there. Putting it near the top of my to-watch list 🙂

    So would you recommend watching it dubbed btw? I don’t usually watch dubs anymore but if you think it’s worth it I’ll make an exception.

    • I only watched it dubbed because that’s how it’s available on Hulu. The dubbing is acceptable, especially given its age, but the subs are probably better.

      (Back in the day I had a slight preference for dubs. Nowadays I have a strong preference subs since I’ve gotten serious about learning Japanese.)

  3. Been waiting for you to review this.
    Loved this show so much!
    The arc when he was captured and a PET was the best arc.

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